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Why lean?

The inspiration behind the leaning chair was based on the idea that there is less pressure on your back when your torso is at a 135 degree angle to your legs. Leaning chairs also involve your core, so you’re using a little bit of your muscles while sitting. The entire reason for using a standing desk, as opposed to sitting all of the time, is that when people sit for long periods of time, their metabolism slows down. When people sit for extended periods of time, the risk for 4 of the top 10 killers of Americans goes up (cancer, diabetes, cardiovasuclar disease, and obesity). So leaning solves this problem, but it still gives you a break from standing when you get tired.

It will take a little bit to get used to a leaning chair. In the mean time, if you really miss sitting, you can keep a chair next to your desk as you ween yourself off of it.

Mogo=leaning on a budget

The Mogo is made by Focal, the manufacturers of the Locus and the Sphere, so the design will match with their desks. If you want to see some other options, you can check out our separate review of the top standing desk chairs and stools.

At $99, the Mogo is an affordable way to start leaning on a budget.

This chair is mobile, so it’s useful for traveling to meetings, and can be used outdoors. We found that the seat could use a little more padding, and the shape is slightly uncomfortable. We found it useful, but not for long periods of leaning.

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