Best Treadmill Desks


After intensive testing by our team of the top treadmill desks in the industry, we’ve come up with 3 winning treadmill desks, organized by budget:

  1. Top choice: Omega Olympus Treadmill Desk by iMovR, starting at $2,423
  2. Mid-Level: Jarvis Treadmill Desk by Fully, starting at $1530
  3. Low-cost: LifeSpan TR800-DT5 Treadmill Desk, starting at $1099

Why listen to us?

We’ve spent thousands of hours personally testing treadmill and standing desks, speaking with manufacturers, as well as directly with users, and we’ve read thousands of reviews. We’re ergonomics nerds.

We’ve spent thousands of hours researching treadmill and standing desks so you don’t have to.

Similar to how we rated the top standing desks, we’ve organized our top picks mainly by price, and we share what we like and didn’t like about each treadmill desk.

Our criteria for treadmill desks includes stability, shipping & delivery, warranty, noise, customer service, customizations and upgrades, max user weight, lift capacity of desk, top speed, console/controller, size, max height, ergonomics, quality, maintenance, and unique features.

Why treadmill desks?

Treadmill desks are an excellent way to get in shape while you work. I believe it’s actually one of the easiest habits you can develop to lose weight as you’re reducing your sitting time (which is a cause of weight gain for many people), and you’re burning more calories than standing.

Many standing desk users have added walking as an addition to standing and sitting (or using a leaning chair). Usually you won’t be walking more than 2 mph, so you won’t be sweating, and you avoid all of the dangers of extended periods of sitting (we’ve written a lot about the increased risk of certain cancers, heart diseasetype 2 diabetes, increased mortality).

If you’re wondering if a treadmill desk is good investment for you, read some of the reviews from verified purchase users on Amazon. It’s extremely common to read about users reporting weight loss, more energy, higher productivity, and better mood.

The problem with do-it-yourself treadmill desks

And if you’re thinking about going the DIY route, understand that if you use a standard fitness treadmill, you may burn out the motor. Walking treadmill are used at low speeds for many hours and require a high torque motor. Fitness treadmills have low torque motors.

LifeSpan TR800-DT5 Treadmill Desk Review


Before I bought a treadmill desk, I spent a TON of time researching. LifeSpan came up again and again as the top manufacturer, and I found competitors comparing themselves to LifeSpan. I bought a LifeSpan treadmill, and I’m a huge fan (you’ll notice that two of our three top picks have LifeSpan treadmills).

The TR800-DT5 is Lifespan’s entry level treadmill desk. Click on the arrows below for more information on the features, size, and warranty.

  • Manual adjustment
  • Max user weight of up to 300 lbs.
  • Speed is .4-4 MPH
  • 2 HP high-torque motor that’s designed to be used for many hours on end
  • Intelli-guard safety pause stops the treadmill when not in use.
  • Intelli-step counts your steps and displays it on the console.
  • Padded armrests
  • Wireless sync your walking data to your iPhone or Android smartphone just by hovering your phone over the console.
  • 2 front-mounted wheels to move the treadmill
  • Free shipping
  • Frame- Lifetime
  • Motor- 3 Years
  • Parts- 1 Year
  • Labor- 1 Year
  • Treadmill is 70″ deep and 38″ wide, or 70″ deep and 48″ wide if you upgrade the desktop to the larger size
  • 14″ of adjustable height range for multiple users or for switching to sitting, from 41″-55″
  • Large 18″ x 52″ treadmill belt

Check Prices on the LifeSpan TR800-DT5 Treadmill Desk

Note that if any of the users of your treadmill desk are over 300 lbs, the LifeSpan TR1200-DT5 accomodates users up to 350 lbs. In addition, the track is also 2″ wider at 20″, and the motor is slightly bigger at 2.25 HP.


One of the main selling points of this treadmill desk is the company. LifeSpan was rated as best in class by Consumer Reports, Treadmill Doctor, Runners World, Health Magazine and others.

We’ve heard a lot of stories about people that bought treadmill desks from newer companies, and there are often a lot of issues. The treadmill often has mechanical and electronic issues, and customer service can be terrible. This is a big investment for most people, so going with a company that’s been in the business for many years can save you a lot of time, money, and aggravation. Companies that have been around have had time to evolve their product and work the kinks out (this is why when software companies put out new software they will label it “2.0” even though it’s their first version; buyers are guinea pigs!)

LifeSpan’s product are all sturdy, and their customer service is above average.


The warranty is solid: lifetime on the frame, 3 years on the motor, 1 years parts and labor. You have the the option of an extended 3 year warranty for $149, or 5 years for $299.

Shipping & Delivery

Standard shipping is free, which means they’ll bring it to your curb or driveway. If you want them to bring it inside to the ground floor, it’s $49, or if you want them to bring it up or down 2 flights of stairs, it’s $99. They also offer white glove service for $199, where they will bring to wherever you want, take it out of the package and install it for you.

The treadmill will arrive in 2 boxes, one is the desk, which is around 85 lbs, and the other is the treadmill, which is around 120 lbs. So if you’re strong, just take standard delivery. If you can’t do it, or can’t find anyone to help, you might want to opt for the inside delivery, or room of choice if you need to bring it up or down stairs (we’ve read a few reviews where people aggravated their backs taking it up stairs-an ergonomic failure!)

One of the treadmills that was on our candidate list for budget treadmills was the Nordictrack treadmill desk (check prices by clicking this link). The concept is cool, because you can tilt the treadmill up and slide it behind the desktop so you can sit, but you have to wait for up to 2 months for delivery!

Walking Speed

Another feature that I like is the ability to walk a little faster-up to 4 mph on this treadmill. Some treadmill desks only go up to 2 mph.

Most treadmill users aren’t going to go much faster than 2 mph. If you go faster you may start to sweat and get tired. It can also be difficult to do many tasks going fast, such as typing, using your mouse, or anything that requires deep concentration. I do like the option of being able to go a little faster occasionally, especially if I’m watching a video.


This is a quiet treadmill where if you’re on the phone, whoever you’re talking to won’t be able to hear you, especially at the lower speeds.

If you read a lot of reviews, there are several users that mentioned that they wished they could silence the beeps when you change speed. LifeSpan has a video showing how to do that through the settings.


This treadmill desk works ergonomically. One treadmill I got really excited about was the Exerpeutic 2000 (check price by clicking this link). It has lot of cool features that LifeSpan products don’t have, such as the ability to walk or run on an incline, speeds up to 12 mph, and an outlet station. The drawback? It’s terrible ergonomically because you can’t raise or lower the desktop. Unless you’re the perfect height, you’ll have to reach up to type or write, or look down, so you may lose a bunch of weight using it, but you’re going to end up with back and/or neck pain. The TR1200 DT5 has a 16 inch range of adjustment for the desktop so you can adapt it to your height.


I like the sleek design and how easy it is to use (pictured below).


When you need to adjust the height of the desktop, you have to do it manually. If you’re the only one using the treadmill, and you only use it for walking, this shouldn’t be an issue. But if you plan on using the treadmill for sitting* or leaning as well, it’s a little annoying to adjust the height, and it’s easiest to have two people to do it. If not your stuff may fall off of the desktop.

On that note, if you plan on putting a chair or leaning stool on the treadmill, I’d recommend a chair or stool with a wide and flat base-a normal chair with legs or rollers may alter the treadmill belt over time (check out our top chairs and stools for standing desks). And you may want to look at an anti-fatigue mat, such as the Ergogo, or the Topo for standing on the treadmill.

Check prices on the Ergogo

Check pices on the Topo


The desktop is a laminate covered 1-inch composite board. Not the highest quality, but not bad, so you get what you pay for. If you want to upgrade to a different color, you can choose absolute acajou (see below, the grey top with stands of light grey), hardrock maple (the second image below), or wild cherry (third image). These are only availble with the 48″ desktop width, which is a $50 upgrade.


Maintenance is easy, as the LifeSpan video shows below. If you don’t see yourself doing any maintenance, you might want to look at the Jarvis Treadmill Desk, which uses the LifeSpan TR5000 base (which is their top model and is available with the DT3, DT5, and DT7 model).

Check prices on the TR5000-DT3

Check prices on the TR5000-DT5

Check prices on the TR5000-DT7

Is the TR800-DT5 right for you?

Besides the science-fictiony name, this is a solid investment. It doesn’t have some of the fancier features of other treadmill desks, such as the ability to run up to 12 MPH on the ProForm Thinline Treadmill Desk (check prices here). But the ProForm has a console (the display and controls for the treadmill) that flips over to form a desktop, so if you want to change speed, turn it on or off, you have to take everything off of your desk. In my opinion, this makes the ProForm a treadmill with a labtop or tablet holder.

The LifeSpan does what you need it to do, and it does it really well.

If you’re looking for more features, you will have to spend more money, unless you can find a used model on Amazon.

Check used LifeSpan treadmill prices

Or you might get lucky looking at Craigs List and going to garage sales. The benefit of Craigs List or garage sales is that you can save a lot of money; the drawback is that it’s not easy to find treadmill desks. They’re a lot less common than regular treadmills.

Buying a regular fitness treadmill is risky because they’re not designed to be used for long periods of use at low speeds. Low speeds require a high torque motor, like the ones found in all LifeSpan treadmills. If you use a regular fitness treadmill at low speeds there’s a great chance that you’ll burn the motor out. Low speeds actually create a lot more work for the motor; at high speeds the user helps pull the treadmill belt along.

Check Prices on the LifeSpan TR800-DT5 Treadmill Desk

Jarvis Treadmill Desk from Fully

This combination of Jarvis desk and LifeSpan treadmill has a lot of great features. Click on the arrows to see the features, warranty, and size of the standing desk and treadmills.

Jarvis Adjustable Standing Desk:

  • Free shipping
  • The bamboo desktop with rounded edges is eco-friendly.
  • The powdercoat top core is made of 100% recycled material, scratch resistant, VOC and formaldehyde-free.
  • The laminate desktop core is 100% recycled material, and GREENGUARD indoor air quality certified.
  • Desk has a 350 lb lift capacity.
  • Electric height adjustment at 1.5″/second
  • 4 programmable memory presets for height
  • Desk is less than 50 db when adjusting (equivalent of light traffic noise).
  • Adjustable foot levelers for uneven floors

TR1200 Treadmill:

  • Console tracks distance traveled, calories burned, steps taken
  • USB charging port on console
  • Intelli-Guard safety feature stops the belt if you step off the deck
  • Speed: .4 – 4.0 mph
  • Rated for 6 hours average daily use
  • 350 lb weight capacity for users
  • 6 compression shocks suspension
  • 2.25 HP motor
  • 6″ Step Up height

TR5000 treadmill (available as an upgrade) has:

  • 2.5mm thick belt
  • Largest walking surface available in the series
  • Console tracks distance traveled, calories burned, steps taken
  • USB charging port on console
  • Intelli-Guard safety feature stops the belt if you step off the deck
  • Walking speed: .4 – 4.0 mph
  • 400 lb user weight capacity
  • 6 compression shocks suspension
  • 3 HP motor
  • 5″ step up height
  • Rated at 10 hours of use per day
  • 3 year motor warranty
  • On Jarvis standing desk: amazing 7 year warranty on the frame, mechanical, and electrical components
  • Warranty on LifeSpan TR1200 treadmill frame: lifetime; motor: 3-years; parts: 2-year; labor 1-year
  • Warranty on TR5000: 3 year motor warranty
Jarvis Standing Desk:

  • Height of desk ranges from 23.25″-48.75″
  • Desktops available in 48″x30″, 60″x30″, and 72″x30″

TR1200 treadmill:

  • Overall dimensions: 70″ x 29″
  • Belt dimensions: 56″ x 20″
  • 6″ step up height

TR5000 treadmill:

  • Overall dimensions: 74″ x 47″
  • Belt dimensions: 56″ x 20″
  • 5″ step up height

Check prices on the Jarvis Treadmill Desk


The Jarvis has been rated high by users for it’s stability, look, being eco-friendly, and the wide range of customizations available.

There is one issue for tall users who combine this desk with a treadmill. As a standing desk only, it can accommodate users up to 6 foot 6″. But the TR1200 treadmilll is 6 inches high, and the higher quality TR5000 is 5 inches high, so that will raise you up 5 or 6 inches, which takes away from the height of the desk. So users of the TR1200 must be 6 feet tall or shorter, unless you get the optional casters (an additional $29), which will add 2 inches to the height. The more expensive TR5000 is 5″ tall, so it will accommodate users who are 6 foot 1″ or shorter, and adding the 2″ casters will accommodate users up to 6 foot 3″.


Some standing desks become unstable at taller heights, but the Jarvis is stable, largely due to the weight in it’s legs being at the bottom of the legs. It’s a great feature especially when you’re walking on the treadmill and your monitor or monitors and tabletop aren’t shaking much.


There are 4 different tabletops available: bamboo, laminate ($25 upgrade), powdercoated, and hardwood ($445 upgrade).

You can choose a standard rectangle shape, or the contour, shown below.

Contour is a better ergonomic option because you are a little closer to everything on your desk. The general rule is that the further you have to reach, the more weight that you hold, and the longer you hold it, the more strain on your body. For more information, check out our article on proper workplace ergonomics.

There are 4 different tabletop sizes available:

  • 48″ x 30″ (standard)
  • 60″ x 30″ ($70 upgrade)
  • 72″ x 30″ ($120 upgrade)
  • 78″ x 30″ ($195 upgrade)

If you want to have your treadmill side by side so you can just step off of the treadmill and start working on your desk, you’ll need one of the larger tabletops.

There are 19 different tabletop colors available! 4 of the colors require a 3-4 week delivery (dove, fog, mist, and taupe). See the image below for colors available.

You have the option of black or white for your grommet (shown below) on the desk (the hole where you can feed your cords through).


Bamboo is a sustainable material, and we love that Jarvis is environmentally conscious.

If you opt for the powdercoat top or the laminate desktop, the core is made of 100% recycled materials. The powdercoat top is VOC and formaldehyde-free (healthier), and the laminate is GREENGUARD indoor air quality certified.


Assembly isn’t difficult, as deemonstrated in this video by Fully:


Besides the many desktop color and desktop size option, there are several other customizations that we like.

You can get wire management grommets (the hole in the back corner of the desk where you can feed your wires through), or you can get powered grommets, which has one AC outlet and two USB ports. We recommend upgrading to one wire management grommet and one power grommet.

Upgradable Handset

You have the option of upgrading from the standard up/down switch to the programmable memory handset that will remember 4 different settings, and it will auto-dark after 10 seconds. For a single user, you can program a standing height, a treadmill height (remember the treadmill height is either 5 or 6 inches depending on which treadmill you choose), and a sitting height. Or it can accomodate multiple users.

Wire Management Bundle

You can also upgrade to have a combination of several cable management tools to help keep your cords organized:

  • 15 foot surge protector (a longer surge protector is useful with standing desks as they need more room to move up and down)
  • Two wiretamer trays to hold all of the wires. If you order a black or white base you’ll receive a black wiretamer, grey bases will get a grey wiretamer.
  • 10 adhesive cable mounts
  • 20 zip ties
Monitor arms

If your budget allows it, this is a really nice ergonomic upgrade. You can order one or two Jarvis monitor arms in black or grey, or an optional laptop tray. They’re VESA compliant, which is the hole pattern on the back of the monitor for attaching them to a wall or monitor arm.

I have 2 monitor arms that I love. When I change the height of my desk I can change the height of the monitors, as well as the vertical and horizontal angle of the monitors. I don’t always do it (due to laziness), but it’s really convenient if there’s a glare from outside, or if I ever feel like I’m straining my neck to look up or down.

CPU holders

To reduce the amount of dust that can get into your computer, to free up space on the floor, and to make your workstation look better (so you don’t have cords hanging down), Jarvis offers two options.

The Buddy ($79 upgrade, pictured below) attaches to the underside of your desk will hold CPUs that are 2.25″-4.75″ wide and 9″-16.25″ tall. It will hold units up to 22 lbs, and swivels 360°.

The Fully CPU holder comes in black or grey (both are $59, black is pictured below), is made of steel and will adjust to the height and width of your CPU.

Pencil tray

This plastic tray ($29 upgrade) swivels 360° so it can stay hidden underneath your desk until you need it.

Topo mat

A lot of standing desk users found that using a mat reduced fatigue and enabled them to stand longer. The cool thing about the Topo ($99 upgrade), which I own and is the best standing mat I’ve ever tested, is that it’s contoured. The contours encourage you to move and stretch more. The whole basis of the standing desk movement is to not stay in a sedentary sitting position, and it’s not ideal to be standing and immobile for long periods of time.

For a treadmill desk the only drawback is that it’s thick and will take away over an inch of height from your standing desk as it will raise you up.

Lumen desk lamp

This sleek lamp has:

  • 5 different light temperatures
  • 7 levels of brightness
  • USB charging port
  • Non-flickering illumination
  • Rotating arm and lamp head
  • High-efficiency cooling properties


The warranty on the electric stand up is 7 years! This is the best in the industry. And of the users who have had their desks for several years, we have heard of very few issues.

Two treadmills to choose from

Your options for your treadmill are both LifeSpan models: the TR1200 and the TR5000. The TR5000 is slightly bigger, can handle up to a 400 lb user vs. 350 lbs, has a 3 HP motor vs. 2 HP, is rated for use 10 hours per day vs. 6, and has a 5″ step up height as opposed to 6″. And it’s $500 more than the TR1200.

If the TR1200 is too much treadmill for you, you could just order a Jarvis standing desk from Fully and order a LifeSpan’s TR800 treadmill directly from LifeSpan. It’s the treadmill part of our entry-level treadmill desk choice that we reviewed on this page-the LifeSpan TR800-DT5.

It has an 18″ track, as opposed to 20″ on the TR1200 and TR5000, can accommodate a 300 lb user, and is smaller than the other two-it’s only 66″ long and 25″ wide in total.

Check prices on the several models of Jarvis standing desks without the treadmill.

Check prices on the LifeSpan TR800 without a desk


As I mentioned before if you’re taller, the max height for this desk could be an issue for you. If you get the $29 casters, which add 2″ to the height, the Jarvis desk with the TR5000 treadmill will accommodate users up to 6 foot 3″, and if you get the TR1200 treadmill with the casters, users could be up to 6 foot 2″.

Is the Jarvis treadmill desk right for you?

If it fits in your budget, this desk has a lot of 5 star reviews from many users. Fully (formerly Ergo Depot) is a producer of many ergonomic products with great customer service and great warranties.

I think it was a genius idea to combine their Jarvis desk with one of the leaders of the walking treadmill industry, LifeSpan, to produce a superior treadmill desk with a lot of customizations and upgrades available.

Check prices on the Jarvis Treadmill Desk

iMovR Omega Olympus Treadmill Desk Review


The iMovR Omega Olympus is a beast of a standing desk treadmill combination. It’s features include:

  • Electric adjustment of desk height at 1.5″/second
  • Quiet desk height adjustment of 41 decibels (30 db is a whisper, 50 db is light traffic)
  • 360 lb lift capacity on the desk!
  • 5 tabletop sizes and 11 colors available
  • Maximum height of 51″
  • SteadyType™ keyboard
  • Desk: LED display with 3 height presets
  • Treadmill has touchscreen display
  • Maximum user weight of 400 lbs
  • 20″ x 50″ belt size
  • Top speed of 2.5 mph
  • 3 HP motor
  • Treadmill noise: 52 decibels (30 db is a whisper, 50 db is light traffic)
Warranty on desk:

  • Lifetime on steel frame
  • 5 years on moving parts
  • 5 years on tabletop
  • 5 years on electronics

Treadmill Warranty:

  • 3 years on motor
  • 2 years on parts
  • 1 years on labor
Olympus Adjustable Standing Desk:

Tabletop sizes:

  • 30″ x 42″
  • 30″ x 47″
  • 30″ x 59″
  • 30″ x 71″


  • 20″ x 50″ belt size
  • Overall size: 67.5″ x 28.35″ x 9.5″

Check prices on the iMovR Omega Olympus Treadmill Desk


The Omega Olympus isn’t the top of the line of iMovR treadmill desks, the Omega Everest is. The Everest is currently $250 more than the Olympus, and has 5 main advantages:

  1. Slightly longer warranty
  2. Has 4 presets available for height adjustment (there’s 3 with the Olympus).
  3. Maximum height is 55″ vs. the Olympus at 51″
  4. No leg extenders available for the Olympus.
  5. The Everest is made in the USA and the Olympus is made in China.

So if you’re 6 foot 5″ or taller, or you’ll have 4 people working at the desk, or if you’re American and you feel strongly about buying American, the Omega Everest may be a better choice for you. But otherwise with the Olympus you can save a little money and still get an incredible desk (and the Olympus desk has a 360 lb lift capacity, 95 lbs more than the Everest.)

Check prices on the iMovR Omega Everest Treadmill Desk

SteadyType™ Keyboard Tray

This is a great ergonomic feature as your arms are in a better position for typing, reducing the amount of strain your put on your back while working. And as the name implies, the keyboard is very stable, which is great when you’re walking. Check out the pineapple dropping demonstration video below:

You’re welcome for the video.

You may have noticed that the keyboard has 2 pegs that stick out, that’s because you can tilt the keyboard down so your fingers are lower than your wrists. This is another ergonomic benefit as there’s less strain on your wrists. Bravo iMovR!


iMovR offers more customizations on their desks than most other companies. You have a choice of black or grey for the table base colors, and there are 4 different tabletop sizes available:

  • 30″ x 42″
  • 30″ x 47″
  • 30″ x 59″
  • 30″ x 71″

If you get the largest tabletop, you can easily fit the treadmill under the desk as well as a chair or stool right next to it. On the 42”, 47”, and 59” desktops, the keyboard tray is centered. On the 71” version, you can choose if you want it on the left, right, or center. It’s very convenient as you can walk on the treadmill while you work, then sit or lean by stepping off the treadmill and moving your keyboard.

There are also a lot of colors available for the tabletops:

3D Lamination on the tabletop

A really nice feature that will preserve your desk is 3D lamination. The corners of the desk and grommet holes are rounded so you don’t get the wear and tear that you’ll get with standard laminate desktops. The video below explains 3D lamination.

Treadmill Desk Lift Capacity

This is great for people that put a lot of stuff on your desk. This desk can lift an amazing 360 lbs! If you have a laptop, multiple monitors, books, these can add up quickly.


The touch screen LED console is a nice standard feature as well. It’s future-proof in that new software can be downloaded from the internet.

The console allows you to set up preferences for several users. It will also record you sitting, walking, and standing time, which is another unique feature. If you’re into wearable technology data, you’ll love this feature. Many users look to increase the amount of time they spend standing and walking, and decrease their sitting time.

Check out this video from iMovR that gives more details about the console, as well as the ThermoTread GT office treadmill.

ThermoTread GT Office treadmill

At 50 db, it’s as loud as light traffic, so it’s not disturbing to others, and it can withstand up to a 400 lb user for use 24 hours a day.


This isn’t a strong criticism, as this treadmill has the ability to go 2.5 mph, but there are walking treadmills that go faster (such as LifeSpan, which goes up to 4 mph). For most people most of the time, 1-2 mph is great for working. You probably don’t want to start sweating while working, and going faster makes typing and mouse work more difficult. But if you like to occasionally pick the speed up, you’re slightly limited.

Shipping & Delivery

Here’s another criticism that isn’t very critical: your desk will arrive 6-10 days after you arrive it. This is the price of customization-with so many colors of desks and sizes to choose from, as well as being able to decide where the keyboard tray is on the 71″ desk, I can’t count this as a strong critique.

Should you buy the Omega Olympus treadmill desk?

If you’re wondering if an iMovR is a good choice for you, remember that many large corporations use standing desks and treadmill desks from iMovR, including State Farm, Amazon, Westin Hotels & Resorts, Microsoft, Princeton University, UC San Diego, Dun & Bradstreet, the FDA, and many more.

Here’s a short video from iMovR that shows one of their treadmill desks in action.

If you want a treadmill desk that you can also use as a standing desk that you will be raising and lowering, and you understand that having to manually adjust the desk is inconvenient and may result in you sitting more, this could be a good investment for you.

Check prices on the iMovR Omega Olympus Treadmill Desk


If you’re 6 foot 5″ or taller, you may want to look at the Omega Everest.

Check prices on the iMovR Omega Everest treadmill desk

If you like iMovR products and don’t need the desk to adjust by electric motor, the Omega Denali may be a good choice. The only issue with this treadmill desk is that it’s for users who are 5 foot 9″ or shorter.

Check prices on the iMovR Omega Denali treadmill desk is supported by it’s readers. If you purchase any products from this page, our educational website will receive a small commission from the and/or other affiliate programs, which will help cover our costs, and doesn’t affect your price.

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