LifeSpan Treadmill Desk Reviews

Ryan Fiorenzi - Updated on May 6th, 2023

LifeSpan has been known for years as a well known gym equipment manufacturer. They have since put an emphasis on workplace wellness which was recognized by Health magazine’s “America’s Healthiest Company” award. We set out to understand how their treadmill desks and bike desks stack up relative to their competition.

The treadmill desks are LifeSpan's most popular workplace furniture line. Their desks are considered by most in the industry to be light commercial so they have a strong longevity. They are the highest quality treadmill desks that we have tested within the budget to medium cost category.

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Key Considerations

  • Safety: Their safety features are industry leading. For example, their treadmills are programmed to stop if you walk away.
  • Price: For the light commercial category, their prices are very low relative to many competitors. 
  • Design: The treadmill and desk fit seamlessly together. (see image)
  • Assembly: Most of their products arrive assembled.
  • Customer Service: We tested their customer support and had a great experience.
  • Appearance: Some people don't like the simplicity of the design and lack of color choices.

Electric-Height Adjustable

The electric-height desks are typically the best option for shared workplace settings where there are different height needs for proper ergonomics. We were happy with the quality of the height adjustment mechanism's speed and sound level.

    • The platform is very sturdy in all positions.
    • Very high quality materials are used.
    • This is a great choice for a shared office setting.
    • The price may be higher than some would like.

Manual-Height Adjustable

The manual-height adjustment desks are more common in homes or businesses where height adjustments aren't frequent. Adjusting the height isn't too cumbersome, but some people may be frustrated by it if they had to manually adjust regularly.

    • The platform is very sturdy in all positions.
    • Very affordable compared to many competitors.
    • Durable and simple lowering and raising mechanics.
    • Some people may be frustrated with the two part lowering and raising.

Under-Desk Treadmills

The under-desk treadmill is a great option for people that already have a desk that they want to use. Just make sure that your desk is high enough. The treadmill itself will add roughly six inches in height to your desk height needs. All three treadmills are rated at a much higher usage and weight thresholds than others in the industry.

    • One of the highest quality standalone treadmills on the market today.
    • Great safety features at a low price
    • They can be used with almost any standing desk.
    • A few of our readers have mentioned that these treadmills are a little louder than they would like it to be.

Omni Hub Smart Console

The Omni Hub goes on your desk and is used to start, stop, and control the speed of the treadmill. It's included with the Omni models listed below, or can be purchased to pair with the TR1000, TR1200, TR5000-GlowUp, or the C3GlowUp.

Omni Hub

TR1000-Classic Treadmill Desk

LifeSpan Rating - 4.5 with 6 reviews

TR1200-Omni Treadmill Desk

LifeSpan Rating - 0 reviews

TR1200-Classic Treadmill Desk

Overall Rating - 4.6/5 with 156 reviews

TR5000-Classic Treadmill Desk

Overall Rating - O reviews

TR5000-OMNI Treadmill Desk

Overall Rating - 0 reviews


LifeSpan Feedback

We hope this review of the LifeSpan Workplace product line was helpful. If you have any questions or comments, please let us know below. Also, if you have any personal experience with any of the LifeSpan Treadmill Desks or Bike Desks whether it was positive or negative, let us know. Your feedback means a lot to us and our readers.


    1. Hey Lester, thank you for the question!

      I completely understand where you’re coming from. I was skeptical at first too when I first bought the tr1200-dt3. Luckily it’s been 3 years without any issue. We tested lifespan’s customer service as part of the review and between their responsiveness and the standard warranty, I think you should feel better about considering their products. They haven’t given us a reason to question their integrity yet.

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