Is Sitting the New Smoking?


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Move Throughout The Day


Standing Desks & Desk Converters

Adjustable height desks allow for sitting, standing and anything in between.
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Ergonomic Chairs & Stools

You shouldn't stand all day. Finding the right chair can make or break your posture.
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Treadmill & Bike Desks

Treadmill and bike desks were designed to help people that work long hours add more movement to their day.
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Kneeling At Work

Kneeling is a non-traditional way to maintain posture when standing isn't feasible.
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We Are Made To Move.

We are firm believers that movement matters, and the research is backing us up. People that incorporate more movement into their daily life report higher energy levels, increased productivity, and a better mood. Most importantly, the science is beginning to prove that avoiding a sedentary lifestyle can help reduce the risk of many common diseases.

Stand When You Can

Adding standing to your workday has proven to help back, neck, and joint pain as well as improve productivity and energy levels. There are many options depending on your goals, time and budget to give sitting a break. We created our resources to help you find the best standing desk for your needs.

Sit When You Need To

Finding the right chair for your home or work office can dramatically reduce the side effects of your extended sitting time, help you maintain better posture and generally increase comfort. Our guides help break through the noise and help you find the right fit.

Move Any Chance You Get

When most people think of not sitting all day, they often assume they must be standing. There are other options such as walking or biking at a slow speed at your desk. Our tools will help you decide if this is right for you.

Stay Aligned All Day

When it comes to causes of pain, staying out of line throughout the day is a top cause. Our resources help highlight many of the ways you can gain proper alignment and prevent common pain causes.

Meet Our Experts

RJ Burr, D.C.

As the founder of Reach Rehab + Chiropractic Performance Center in Plymouth, MI, RJ works according to his belief that for you to have a healthy, pain-free lifestyle, you must be responsible for your health by eating well, moving well, and moving often. He has accrued more than 700 hours of post-graduate work with an emphasis on manual therapy, rehabilitation, biomechanics, nutrition, and movement restoration.

Ryan Fiorenzi, B.S.

Ryan Fiorenzi is one of the founders of Start Standing. After suffering from constant back pain for 8 years, he began researching, consulting with experts, and experimenting with different therapies which ended up curing his pain. Ryan is a graduate of the University of Michigan, a published author, teaches at his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu school in Michigan, and has been interviewed by several podcasts for his experience getting rid of his back pain.

Brent Gostomski, B.S.

Brent is the owner of Crafted Fitness. He has a B.S. in Exercise and Health Services from Alma where he focused on dietetics, epidemiology, and exercise physiology. He has a passion for ergonomics and is passionate about educating anyone he encounters about the dangers of sitting all day.

Ryan Burke, D.C.

Dr. Ryan Burke specializes in using a "whole person" approach in order to identify underlying causes of patient's problems and develop long-term solutions. His goal is not only to alleviate an individual's symptoms but also to help them achieve maximum health and live a full and vibrant life.