Is Sitting the New Smoking?

Let the research decide.

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Health Risks of a Sedentary Lifestyle

When setting up an ergonomic desk space, consumers should find options that allow them to move comfortably between sitting, standing and moving. After hundreds of hours of research, we created comprehensive guides to help people make informed buying decisions.


Choosing a Chair or Stool

How to Use a Leaning Chair

About Kneeling Chairs


Adjustable Standing Desks

Standing Desk Converters

Desks on a Budget


Benefits of Using Treadmill Desks

Creating a Treadmill Desk

Buying Considerations

We are made to move.

We are firm believers that movement matters, and the research is backing us up. People that incorporate more movement into their daily life report higher energy levels, increased productivity, and a better mood. Most importantly, the science is beginning to prove that avoiding a sedentary lifestyle can help reduce the risk of many common diseases.


Proper Sitting & Standing Desk Ergonomics

Dr. RJ Burr details the proper ergonomics for sitting, standing, and talking on the phone that help avoid long term pain.


Calories Burned Calculator: Sitting vs. Standing

We created this calories burned sitting vs standing calculator to help show the difference in calories burned per hour to encourage more people to be active and give standing a try.


30 Days Challenge to Start Standing at Work

Research shows that the human body isn't designed to sit still all day. This 30 day challenge is structured to help people create a habit of switching from sitting to standing throughout the day.