Tim Sitt

Tim is the creator of the ThinkMOVE program. Initially, he developed ThinkMOVE in his efforts to heal his chronic back pain, and found after a month his back pain was gone never to return. He started to incorporate bits of exercise throughout his day and lost 20 lbs- his “office” fat- while he was at it. Not only did he find that ThinkMOVE improved his physical well- being, he also found significant improvements in his mood, energy, and focus. He is embarking on an adventurous journey to change the prominent sedentary culture to help businesses have happier and healthier employees.

Tim’s background as a Personal Trainer and Child and Family Therapist makes him well suited for creating the ThinkMOVE program that integrates physical and mental health. He's the author of "Move or Die: How the Sedentary Life is Killing Us and How Movement Not Exercise Can Save Us (Reference Series)."