Biking to work has extensive benefits. First and foremost, you’ll stay active each and every work day. You’ll also beat traffic, avoid parking headaches and dramatically reduce your environmental footprint. However, biking to work is a commitment and choosing the right bike can make a big difference in your experience and ability to keep the habit going.

When creating our list we looked for bikes that have something that differentiates them from the rest all while delivering an extremely practical and fun ride to work. We considered mainstream options from big manufacturers and also included options from smaller boutique builders.

Lekker Amsterdam Elite NuVinci – $1,298

lekker amsterdam elite nuvinci

The Dutch know a thing or two about bikes. Lekker happens to be a Dutch company making some of the most stylish and innovative bikes out there. The Lekker Amsterdam Elite makes our list due to its ultimate style and practicality. The Amsterdam Elite features a more recent innovation, the Gates Carbon Drive System, a belt drive drivetrain that simplifies your bike, reduces maintenance and ensures a silky smooth quiet ride. Belt drive systems require no oiling and this ensures your pants stay clean on your way to the office. Although this bike looks like a single speed, it isn’t. The Amsterdam features a Nuvinci hub transmission allowing for infinite speeds within its ratios.This bike is also oozing with style. It has the classic lines of a vintage road bike with endless modern design touches and components. We think this bike, even at it’s near $1,300 price point, offers amazing value and should be a top consideration if your budget allows.

Why you should consider it:

  • Innovative Gates belt drivetrain and hub transmission – no dirty pants
  • Perfect vintage inspired proportions and design
  • Easy to fit fenders and racks
  • Easy to dodge cars, people, sudden open doors, you name it

Breezer Doppler Cafe – $1,099

breezer doppler cafe

Joe Breeze, the founder of Breezer bikes has been building bikes for decades. He is credited with pioneering the modern mountain bike. Breezer also produces some of the finest commuting bikes. The Doppler Cafe is one our favorites due to its blend of design eras and components. The brushed fenders, skinwall tires, cork grips and throwback frame color set this bike off. Although this bike is pretty, no compromise was made with function. With fenders included, you can tackle all weather commuting right out of the box. The 11-speed drivetrain enables you to climb any hill with ease and hydraulic brakes give you endless power on the descent. Breezer commuting bikes can also be fitted to the 9s with additional racks for cargo, short adventures or just going to the grocery store.

Why you should consider it:

  • 1×11 drivetrain delivers great climbing ability while remaining simple
  • Crankset includes a chain guard to minimize dirty pant legs
  • Design that will set you apart
  • Relaxed seating and handlebar geometry for maximum comfort
  • Steel frame remains light and absorbs bumps better than aluminum.
  • Comes with fenders

Salsa Vaya Tiagra – $1,399

salsa vaya tiagra

Salsa focuses on making bikes for the true adventurer. They are well known for their steel frame touring bikes. Even if you’re not loading up for an overnight trip, Salsa bikes are excellent for commuting, especially if you have a long one. The Vaya Tiagra is one our favorites. It has the ingredients of a commuting bike with a near ability to match the speed of a true road bike. The drivetrain features an enormous 48T/32T chainring matched with a 10 speed 11T to 36T cassette. This gives you truly endless abilities for climbing and maintaining speed. Long distance commuters will also appreciate the drop bars. They enable a more optimal position on the bike to offer a variety of areas to grip and relieve any numbness.

Why you should consider it:

  • Well suited to long commutes
  • Versatile for touring, commuting or anything in between
  • Steel frame remains light and absorbs bumps better than aluminum

Felt York – $729

felt york

Few things go better together than classic design and German engineering. Felt, a German bicycle manufacturer has married the two so well with the York. There was a very focused vision with this bike and it can be observed in nearly every detail. From the rivets in the saddle to the throwback metal cable stays on to top tube this is a classic and timeless look. A number of the components on the bike are designed by Felt themselves ensuring consistent quality and craftsmanship. Also, practical the York comes out of the box with fenders and a useful front rack. While single speed bikes can be frustrating to some, the hub can be switched between fixed or free allowing you to choose your style of riding.

Why you should consider it:

  • Style style and more style
  • Minimalist approach to a bike that will require little maintenance or tuning
  • Ready for all weather and grocery getting right out of the box

Kona Sutra – $1,399

kona sutra

Kona makes some of the most extreme gravity mountain bikes but also known for their ultra supple steel-framed touring bikes. The Sutra is an icon and many swear by its frame and the ability to absorb the road. While the Sutra is a purpose-built touring bike, it is also great for commuting. It comes with fenders and rack, so no need to fiddle with aftermarket products and varying fitment. It has a versatile drivetrain that will enable good climbing and speed. Although many bikes at this price point feature hydraulic disc brakes, this mechanical cable driven setup is intentional. Many focused and higher end touring bikes have mechanical brakes to reduce the need for additional specialized maintenance on long trips. This logic also provides a good piece of mind for commuting as well.

Why you should consider it:

  • Iconic classic touring bike design
  • Great for longer commutes
  • Ready for all weather right out of the box
  • Supple steel frame ideal for absorption

Moustache Lundi – $3,500

moustache lundi

Moustache is a French firm making some of the world’s best electric bikes. The range of bikes they offer is quite impressive and the Lundi, although starting at $3,500 is only in the middle of the range. Moustache bikes are exquisitely made with a no compromise mentality and design. Their bikes are all about the details. So extreme that aluminum welds are sanded smooth before painting for an ultra-polished fit and finish. You can find only the best components and craftsmanship on these bikes. This is bike bought for maximum functionality and maximum budget.

Why you should consider it:

  • Extra power you don’t have to deliver
  • No compromise made at all, the best all around
  • Easy to mount and dismount due to frame design
  • Clean riding with fenders and chain cover
  • High quality and craftsmanship ready to last years

Trek District – $699

trek district

Trek is big for a reason. They can build some amazing bikes and we find they can produce some of the best value in bikes. The Trek District offers the best value on our list and strikes a sweet spot between a touring bike and a city bike. The belt drive keeps you clean, the hub transmission shifts, the disc brakes stop and the flat bars help you handle. This bike is the complete package for the city at a very compelling cost. This bike should be near the top of your list if you’re looking below a $1,000.

Why you should consider it:

  • Amazing value, formerly sold at $1,100, now available at $699
  • Delivers all the features needed in a city or commuting bike
  • Belt drive and belt cover keeps you clean
  • Did we mention the value?