E7 Electric Desk Converter

Ryan Fiorenzi - Updated on May 27th, 2023

The UPLIFT E7: Highest Quality Converter On the Market

Uplift's E7 is the Rolls-Royce of standing desk converters. It rates high or the highest in ergonomics, stability, weight capacity, and warranty. It also comes in 2 different real wood tabletops, which is uncommon with converters.

The only drawback is that it's also the most expensive, but well worth it if it fits in your budget and you're not looking for a full-standing desk.

In this review, we're going to go into detail about why this is the best high-end standing desk converter on the market.

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The Best Ergonomics:

Separating the Screen From the Keyboard

The UPLIFT E7 has the best ergonomics of any converter available today (except for the Ergo Desktop Kangaroo Pro Junior, which has a similar design). The E7 was designed by an ergonomist and uses the post and keyboard tray design. This is one of the first standing desk converter designs, and ergonomically, is the best.

Ergonomics is the study of people's efficiency and comfort in their work environment. In regards to efficiency, we want the items used the most to be the closest. In regard to comfort, we're looking at preventing pain in the areas where most people who work in an office experience issues: neck, low back, upper back, knees, and wrists.

A properly designed standing desk converter ideally separates the screen from the keyboard, with two goals:

  1. The person looks straight forward at their screen, so their upper spine and neck are in a neutral position and the muscles aren't engaged to hold the head up. When the muscles are engaged for hours per day for months and years, the muscles become tight and fatigued.
  2. The worker isn't reaching for their keyboard, which can strain the back and shoulders.

The most famous converter that first did this is Ergo Desktop's Kangaroo Pro Junior (it became available on Amazon in June of 2013). We're not fans of this converter due to its' looks, price for the value, stability leg that you have to place under the keyboard tray, and that you have to remember to not place items under the keyboard tray. We have a theory that the designer of the E7 saw the ergonomic strengths of the post and keyboard design and made improvements so it didn't have the same weaknesses as the Kangaroo Pro Junior.

Less Strain with a Motor vs. Manual Lift

Cheaper converters almost always have to be manually lifted and dropped, and sometimes require a bit of strength to do it, especially if you have heavy items on your desktop. With an electric motor, there's no effort.

The desk adjusts very smoothly in 1" increments, starts and stops smoothly, and has a range of 21".

A Lower Keyboard Tray is Better for the Wrists

One of the most common complaints about standing desk converters is about the keyboard trays. It's common to read that users wish the tray was more stable or adjustable so it was more comfortable for the wrists.

The designer made a unique design choice where the keyboard comes below the top of the table that you put your E7 on, which lets the user type with their arms closer to their body. The E7's keyboard tray is attached to the underside of the tabletop, which is ergonomically superior to having to reach up to type.

Besides ergonomics, having a keyboard tray also frees up space on your desktop. If you don't want it, you don't have to attach it when you assemble it (it's held by a few screws).

The other problem this solves is what we mentioned earlier about the Kangaroo Pro Junior. Since the desktop is larger than the base, users may be tempted to put coffee mugs and other items under the desktop where they could get hit or crushed when the desk lowers. The E7 has a metal bracket that blocks most of the space underneath the desktop eliminating the temptation to put things underneath.

UPLIFT E& bamboo with black framed converter showing the great ergonomics of the low keyboard

Note how the keyboard drops below the desk it's sitting on; low keyboard is better ergonomics.

The E7 is the Only Converter with a Keypad and Presets

The ergonomic benefit of a keypad with memory presets is efficiency; most motorized converters only have an up and down button. The E7 has two presets so you don't have to approximate how high you need your desk when standing, or low when sitting, saving you time, and making sure you have the positions that won't cause you pain. We've never seen a converter with a control that has presets.

Another nice touch is embedding the controls in the desktop within reach. It might seem like a small detail, but our team has found that the more difficult it is to raise and lower your desk means that you'll ultimately end up sitting more, defeating the point of having a standing desk converter.

UPLIFT E7 controls separate from desk

Preset controls.


Preset controls are embedded in a white desktop with a black frame.

Highest Weight Capacity of Any Converter

The average weight capacity of a standing desk converter is 30-35 lbs. The E7's maximum weight capacity is 110 lbs, over triple the average!

Because you can order the E7 with one, two, or three VESA monitor mounts, it gives you the flexibility of having bigger monitors (up to 28"), a large laptop, and lots of other items on your desk.

High Height Range Can Accomodate Tall Users

The maximum height range is 21", which is higher than most of the converters that are available, accommodating taller users. Most converters average 17".

  • Assembly is a little time-consuming (similar to a full standing desk).
  • Wire management could be slightly improved.

The Longest Warranty in the Standing Desk Industry

Uplift offers a 30-day trial, a 15-year warranty, as well as free shipping, and free returns.

Delivery & Assembly

The desk is heavy. It arrives in 2 boxes that weigh a total of 92 lbs. If you're not very strong, you'll at least need help getting the boxes to where you'll assemble them. The weight of the desk will only be an issue when you bring it into your place and assemble it. For an electric converter that has a 110 lb lift capacity, it's unavoidable that the unit is going to be heavy.

Assembly took me just over 1.5 hours. The directions are a little confusing and this is something UPLIFT could improve. With most converters, you'll only need to connect the keyboard tray to the rest of the desk, which only takes a few minutes.

Wire Management

The wire management could be slightly improved. It's probably difficult as you have to have some slack in the wires because the desk will rise 21", and the wires sticking out of the metal housing case that covers most of the wires. You don't see the wires from the front, only from the back.

To be fair this is a criticism of almost all converters and can be remedied with zip ties or velcro strips to bunch the wires together, and attaching wire guides with sticky backing to the underside of the tabletop.

Large Desktop

The desktop measures 30" wide by 21.5" deep, which is above average for a converter.

Excellent Stability

The E7 is very heavy - 92 lbs - with a large base that gives it excellent stability.

Lots of Options for Desktop, Frame, and Up to Three Monitors

This is another area where the E7 shines and is unique. It has more desk/frame/monitor options than almost all converters available.

You can have actual wood desktops (not wood colored), where you can choose between bamboo and natural rubberwood. And you can choose between a black or white frame.

We have criticized the Kangaroo Pro Junior as ugly because there's a metal post and a black desktop. With the E7, UPLIFT gives you the option of mixing different desktops with any frames. We included a few examples below.

UPLIFT E7 standing desk converter bamboo with black frame

You don't have to use the VESA mounts to hold your monitor (though it's better for your neck and upper back).

UPLIFT E7 bamboo with black frame and 3 monitors

Another advantage of mounting your monitors is that it gives you a lot more desktop space for other items.

UPLIFT E7 black desktop and black frame

Matching the black desktop with the black frame.

UPLIFT E7 white desktop and black frame

White desktop with a black frame.

UPLIFT E7 bamboo with white frame

Bamboo desktop with a white frame.

The E7: Expensive But a Great Value

The E7's only cons are the slightly confusing assembly instructions, wire management that could be improved, and price.

It's more expensive than most converters but is a good value because it excels in ergonomics, weight capacity, stability, warranty, height range, controls, and desktop and frame options. This is why it's our "Best Luxury Converter" on our best standing desk converters review.

Some want to start standing but are limited by their budget, and therefore purchase a standing desk converter, as their average cost is lower than full-standing desks. If you're not limited by a budget, the UPLIFT E7 is the best converter you can buy.