FlexiSpot E5 Standing Desk Review

Ryan Fiorenzi - Updated on July 12th, 2023

FlexiSpot is taking the standing desk world by storm. They have an incredibly broad range of products, ranging from standing desks and converters to ergonomic mats and monitor arms. We are consistently impressed by the products Flexispot brings to market.

The Flexispot E5 standing desk is another solid entry. One of the most notable features is the digital handset. The digital handset enables users to program 3 height settings. Users can also set a timer on the handset which will serve as a reminder to change position. The E5 is brought to us by an innovative and cutting edge company. The frame is available for only $287, a competitive price.

And if you have a little room in your budget, the Flexispot E7 is similar but has a few upgrades: thicker leg columns, a 355 lb weight capacity (the E5 has a 287 lb limit), a 15-year warranty (the E5 has a 10-year warranty), and a premium keypad, which includes a USB charger.

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Delivery & Warranty

FlexiSpot ships to the lower 48 states in the US via FedEx for free. Shipping typically takes 2-4 days. The desk will arrive in two large boxes. Both boxes are rather heavy and large. One box will contain the desk top. The second box will have the desk frames and electrical components. The weight of the assembled desk is around 65 lbs. Due to the weight and size, we recommend that two people move the boxes.

FlexiSpot is big on customer satisfaction. They want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. FlexiSpot offers a limited warranty, which covers defects in material or workmanship in new products. All FlexiSpot height adjustable desk frames purchased on or after October 5, 2016 include a 5-year warranty for the frame. There is also a 3-year warranty for the motor, controller and switch, electronics and other mechanisms. Flexispot also has the following certifications: FCC, UL, BIFMA.


Assembly is not difficult. This was not our first desk assembly and it took about 15 minutes. If this is your first standing desk assembly it may take 20-30 minutes. We also recommend using two people during assembly. One of our partners was a little too ambitious and tried to do it by himself and he ended up scratching the surface with one of the metal components. Fortunately, it was the underside of the desk. If you have a power drill, it will help speed up the stand-up desk assembly process. At the very least, you will want a second person to help you flip the desk onto its feet once assembly is complete.


The general ergonomics on the FlexiSpot E5 Standing Desk are good. The FlexiSpot handset offers 3 programmable height settings. This feature makes it incredibly easy to transition between sitting, leaning, and standing. It's super easy to program the 3 settings. First, get the desk to the desired height. Next, press the "M" button. Then, press the "1" button. Repeat the same process to save the heights you want for the second and third programmable positions.

Another amazing feature on the handset is the "long-time sitting reminder". You can set a timer to go off after a period of time to remind you to change positions. This feature is also very easy to use. Press the "A" button to activate the function. Then press the up and down arrows to increase or decrease the number of minutes until the alarm will sound. We like that the display shows a countdown so that you know how long you have been in the same position. When the alarm is going off, any button will turn it off and reactivate the countdown again. We always just push one of the other height settings and change position from sitting to standing or leaning. We cannot exaggerate how much we LOVE this feature. We found ourselves changing positions much more frequently - every 30 minutes to be precise. We set the timer and stuck with it! However, we believe that the alarm is a bit loud. In an open floor plan co-workers may not appreciate your timer as much as you do. FlexiSpot may want to consider adding the option to decrease the volume, vibrate, or just have the screen flash.



The FlexiSpot is very straightforward in design. The desktop is very sturdy. This particular desk appears to be a veneer. The frame and lift mechanism are high quality. If anything, the design could be improved with the addition of wire management holes and in-desk power, which are design features we have grown to hold in high regard. If you want to kick the ergonomic options into the stratosphere, we recommend ordering a monitor arm, keyboard tray, and anti-fatigue mat.


Operation and Stability

The FlexiSpot E5 standing desk moves very quickly. The adjustment speed comes in at about 1.5 inches per second. The E5 also moves very quietly. The sound output when raising and lowering the desk is about 50 decibels. The sound is slightly higher pitch when lowering compared to raising. The desk is capable of supporting 220 lbs.

We were a little concerned about stability as we constructed the desk. There is no cross bar or a wedge for added stability. Once testing began we found that the stability was excellent even without cross-bracing. We pushed forcefully from all sides and felt that the stability was ample. During normal use the stability is top notch. The desk is more stable front to back than side-to-side.


Features and Options

The FlexiSpot E5 standing desk is height adjustable from 24.4 inches to 49.2 inches. The telescoping crossbar frame expands from 43.3 inches to 70.9 inches. The frame is suitable for desk table tops from 47.2" to 78.7" wide and 23.6" to 31.5" inches deep. Long story short, the frame can handle rather large desk table tops if you feel the need to upgrade down the line.

The FlexiSpot E5 standing desk comes in 3 different colors. The options include black, maple, and mahogany. We opted for mahogany and are very pleased with the look. The desktop is available in 3 different sizes. The sizes are 48", 55", and 60". The frame is available in black and grey. When ordering your desk on FlexiSpot.com you are given additional options to add an anti-fatigue mat, seat cushion, CPU holder, keyboard tray, modesty panel, and casters. We feel that the best additional features are the anti-fatigue mat and modesty curtain. The modesty curtain can also serve to make wire management better.



The FlexiSpot E5 is a great desk. The setup is very simple and straightforward. The desktop is heavy duty and of solid construction. The desk truly shines when it comes to the new height adjustment handset. The alarm feature is great for those who are dedicated to moving more. The FlexiSpot E5 standing desk is a solid choice you will thoroughly enjoy.