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Last updated April 15, 2018 

Flexispot has emerged as one of the top competitors to the well known Varidesk. They offer several different kinds of standing desk products:

  • Converters (or risers that you place on top of an existing desk)
  • Height-adjustable desks
  • Desk bikes
  • Standing desk accessories

Their products receive high scores on Amazon and other e-commerce review sites. If you're contemplating buying a standing desk product, you should definitely consider Flexispot.

Converters and Desktop Risers

  • #1 sold product on Amazon in the office credenzas category with a rating of 4.6 and over 460 reviews
  • Smooth lifting and dropping mechanism that you only need one hand to operate
  • Has a slot to hold your cell phone or tablet upright
  • The desk does not reach forward when you raise it up (as opposed to Varidesk models, which take up more space)
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Product Platform
Flexispot M2B (black) 35" 4.6/5 mahogany, walnut, white
Flexispot M1B (black) 27" 4.8/5 mahogany, white
Flexispot 28" (black) 28" 5/5 mahogany
Flexispot F3MB (black) 32" 5/5 white
Flexispot M4B (black) 41" 4.7/5 white
Flexispot M3B (black) 47" 4.7/5 white

Full Standing Desks

Flexispot offers three different kinds of full standing desks: hand crank (the cheapest), pneumatic (in the middle), and electric (the most expensive).


55" Crank Crank 55" x 27" black, mahogany black
48" Crank Frame Only Crank 42"-63" N/A black, grey
Frame Only Electric 23.6”-31.5” N/A black, grey
71" Frame Electric 43"-63" N/A black, grey, white
Manual Height MS1 Pneumatic 46.9" x 23.2" black, white black, white

Bike Desks

Desk bikes are a great way to stay active throughout your work day. You can add bike riding to your routine of standing and sitting.

Flexispot has some non-traditional designs for their under desk bikes. And the All-In-One Deskcise Pro V9 is a 2018 CES Innovation Award honoree.

Flexispot Bike Desk


Many standing desk users find that the use of accessories make standing at their desk more comfortable and convenient:

  • Standing desk mats can help reduce fatigue.
  • Monitor mounts make it easy to get your monitors at to the area you want.
  • Laptop workstations can be used in a few different ways, but one ergonomic option is to use it as a monitor and attach a keyboard via usb. This way your monitor can be at eye level and you won't have to reach up to type.

Flexispot Review Feedback

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