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Sayl Review

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Updated May 10, 2019

Quick Summary

Herman Miller is known for making some of the most dramatic, innovative and aesthetically appealing office furniture around and the Sayl delivers on that reputation at a relatively affordable price.

Herman Miller Sayl - Front View
Herman Miller Sayl - Side View

Cost and Value

The Sayl is not a cheap chair but it offers amazing value for money with it’s one of a kind design, great ergonomics, and the build quality to last 10 years of daily use. Many products from Herman Miller have 4 digit prices, while the Sayl starts around the $500 mark. I If you’re shopping for an office chair that you plan to use a lot, consider investing in a chair like the Sayl. You’ll end up with less back and neck pain, as well as saving money in the long run.

Ergonomics and Comfort

The Sayl is a chair that was carefully designed for comfort and a range of ergonomic needs. The back material is very conforming allowing the pressure of your back and shoulders to evenly settle into the chair. Many chairs have metal frames that create pressure points, this is a non-issue in the Sayl. In addition, this flexible material allows conformity to many different body sizes and shapes. The armrests, while simple offer great adjustability. They offer 7 different height positions that allow you to find an ideal setting for your elbows and typing. For those of us that like to lean back in our chairs the Sayl offers a gracious amount of tilt enabled by a simple easy-to-reach lever. There are three settings total with one geared towards upright sitting and a small lean allowed.
Herman Miller Sayl - Rear View
Herman Miller Sayl - Adjustable Armrest

Design and Quality

While the Sayl is undoubtedly modern most people regardless of their style, including our team find this chair to be absolutely beautiful. From any angle, you will observe an innovative design or shape not found in other office chairs. The quality is on a similar level to the design. One member of our team has used a Sayl daily for over 4 years without issue. No fallen bolts, loose pieces or signs deterioration to speak of. This is what we’ve come to expect from Herman Miller products.

Colors and Options

The Sayl is available in many color combinations and material choices. Both the seat back and the seat bottom can be configured with different material finishes and colors. The frame of the chair is also available in either black or a crepe/white color. This makes the Sayl easy to configure for your office decor or fit right into your home style. While the Sayl comes standard with fixed armrests we recommend that everyone considering this chair upgrade to adjustable armrests. Having your arms at the right height for your desk and typing will dramatically improve your comfort and avoid troublesome typing ergonomics. While the Sayl is extremely comfortable without this option If you suffer from lower back pain we do recommend optioning the adjustable lumbar support. This will enable you to move the lower back support of the chair exactly where you need it. Lastly, for those of us that are tall or have long legs, make sure you select the adjustable seat depth option. This will give an extra two inches of thigh support over the non-adjustable version and will avoid the feeling of falling forward out of the chair.
Herman Miller Sayl Adjustable Seat Depth Herman Miller Sayl - Adjustable Lumbar Support Herman Miller Sayl - Adjustable Seat Depth

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