Iron Neck Review

Ryan Fiorenzi - Updated on July 12th, 2023

I started hearing about the Iron Neck a few years ago. It looked very different from any other neck training tool I have used, and I really liked the idea of training posture and neck strength at different angles without compressing the spine. This intrigued me because I am active in martial arts, and I have a tendency of falling into poor posture when I'm not paying attention. This leads to neck and shoulder pain throughout the day and when I sleep.

What held me back from buying back then was the price. As my neck pain continued to increase, I began talking with people in my area that have experience with these devices in their homes and offices. The consistent feedback was positive. I heard some people talk about how their neck pain has been alleviated, and I heard from athletes that talked like they gained a completely renewed confidence in their ability to keep their neck safe when training.

Based on this, I thought I would give it a shot, and I started using the Iron Neck a few weeks ago.

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How We Chose and First Impression

At the time of this writing, there are three bundles offered by Iron Neck.

The Starter is their entry bundle for most people with basic neck strength and posture needs.

The Varsity is their next model up. It offers concentric friction when rotating from side to side. There are also additional accessories included in that bundle.

Finally, there is the model I chose, which is the Pro. It offers the most adjustability in resistance as well as accessories like the door belt.

I have been training my neck for many years, and I am obsessed with progression. My wife also has been using the product. It was important to me to have the model that offered additional resistance so that I could ramp up the resistance and dial it down for others that are just getting started.

I was pleasantly surprised that the Iron Neck Pro came shipped essentially fully assembled. I was able to get started within a few minutes of receiving it.

After getting a tight fit on my head, I worked through the basic exercises that come from the visuals in the box. I took it easy because I felt uneasy rotating under resistance too much in the beginning.

What's Inside?

The Pro version of the Iron Neck comes with a few additional accessories that you will see below. All bundles come with the instructions, 25 lb resistance band, skull cap, front pads, and door anchor.


The box itself that it comes in is packed efficiently, and the product is basically ready to go. Pull the Iron Neck out, and it is almost entirely assembled.


The Iron Neck came assembled already. I simply added the smallest front pad (I have a big head), the resistance band, and the anchor to get started. This was way easier than I expected.


All three of the models come with three front pads for different head sizes. You want to choose the front pad that fits snug to you.


The Skull Cap (top) comes with each model. The Door Belt (middle) comes with the Pro. The Cinch Anchor (left) comes with the Pro and Varsity. The Door Anchor (right) comes with each model.


The door anchor is an excellent anchor point that should work with just about any door. Be sure to position it by the hinge rather than the door knob in case someone opens the door or if the door latch isn't very strong.


The cinch anchor is perfect for sturdy poles or squat racks. Very straightforward anchor point.


The Door Belt anchor offers three loops and a good solution to go around a full door or wide object. This offers three metal loops to hook into.



Iron Neck maintains an excellent Youtube channel here. Below is their full workout playlist.

Before and After

I have become less and less confident in my neck over the years. This stems from early injuries and a tendency to slouch, especially when I'm sitting. I have had many starts at neck training that never lasted or led to consistent improvement. I've also had mixed results in posture training.

My first few tries with the Iron Neck took some getting used to. I struggled to get the tension just right, and the movements weren't similar to anything I had become used to. Things like creating a figure eight with your head and neck while you're facing rotational resistance seem very unnatural. That said, now that I have a few weeks behind me, I have become used to this. The rhythm of the movements and identification of the appropriate resistance all have become second nature. The workouts have also become very quick. I'm talking for 10 minutes.

I'm now at a point where I'm sitting more upright, and my neck pain has reduced. I'm also much more confident in lifting weight overhead and participating in martial arts. We'll see how these next few weeks go, but I'm sold on this product.

Product Comparison

There are three bundles currently for the Iron Neck. Here are the primary differences:

Bundle Color Rotation Resistance Door Anchors Price
Iron Neck Starter White No Resistance One $299.99
Iron Neck Varsity Grey Fixed Resistance Two $399.99
Iron Neck Pro Black Adjustable Resistance Three $599.99

Which Is Right for You?

For most people, choosing the correct system for you will come down to resistance needs and price. Each of the products fit well and come with the necessary anchor points and adjustment accessories to get started.

These are our recommendations for choosing the right model for you.

  1. Choose the Starter if you are highly budget-conscious or have very basic posture and neck strength needs. If you aren't competitive in physical activity, you likely don't need advanced rotational resistance.
  2. Choose the Varsity if you are physical and like high value. You gain additional accessories and a fixed rotational resistance that will allow you to push neck and back muscles to strengthen beyond basic needs.
  3. Choose the Pro if you will be sharing this with others that have different needs and if you are really aiming for progression. This is the premium model for a reason. The adjustable resistance really allows you to push yourself.
See Prices on Iron Neck's Official Site

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are our answers to the most frequently asked question about the Iron Neck.

Is Iron Neck worth the money?
If you value rotational resistance and neck muscular development, the Iron Neck can certainly be worth the money.

Does the Iron Neck increase neck size?
The Iron Neck can increase neck size. Eating ample protein and maintaining high time under tension can maximize results.

What does the Iron Neck do?
The Iron Neck is a neck exercise tool that offers horizontal and rotational resistance.

How often should I use the iron neck?
You don't need to use the Iron Neck often to benefit. They recommend two to three times per week for up to ten minutes per session.

Does the iron neck help posture?
The Iron Neck system can be a good way to bring awareness and strength to your posture. I certainly benefited from it.