FitMyFoot Insole Review (formerly Wiivv)

Aaron Karns - Updated on July 12th, 2023

3D-printed insole manufacturers, like FitMyFoot, are expected to shake up the insole industry. The 3D-printing upstarts are making the manufacturing process easier and hassle-free for consumers. Insoles, on the surface, may seem like a pretty boring topic but upon closer inspection, it is clear that insoles are BIG business. According to, the global foot orthotic insoles market was estimated to be worth around $3 billion in 2017. The market is anticipated to grow around 5.7% from 2018 to 2023.

FitMyFoot insoles are a total game-changer. The 3D-printed insoles are 100% customized to each individual. Digital photos of your feet you submit through the FitMyFoot app are used to map over 200 points to create the perfect insole for each of your feet. Because custom orthotics can go for upwards of $400, the FitMyFoot insoles are great value at only $99.  

I’ve been dealing with pretty nagging back pain for a couple of years now due to a sports injury. So, after Dr. RJ wrote about how your footwear may be causing your back pain, I decided to try out tip number five and incorporate insoles into my daily regimen. I had tried the typical drugstore Dr. Scholl’s inserts several times years ago but never had very positive experiences. Typically, those types of inserts were destroyed in just a month or two. Having connected with FitMyFoot, I was very excited to try out their 3D-printed insoles.

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The FitMyFoot Insole App

The first step was to download the app on my phone. The app is a nice introduction to the FitMyFoot brand. The design is great and the user experience is intuitive. Upon downloading the app, one of the first questions I was asked in the process was, “What brought you here today?” I selected “relieve my pain or fatigue.” The next question asked what type of pain I have experienced in the past year. I indicated “back/hip pain.” 

The next step was to digitally map my feet. The app suggests that if you need assistance with your photos that you should get help from a friend or family member. While that definitely would have made things a little easier, I did just fine doing it on my own. To start, I had to grab a single blank sheet of paper (8.5 x 11 inches). The next step was to remove my socks and shoes and roll up my pants. Next, I placed the paper’s shorter edge (8.5 inches) against a wall, making sure not to let the paper slip under the baseboard. With my rear against the wall, I placed my right foot on the paper with my right heel butted up against the wall. Pointing the camera down toward my foot I had to center a ball in the circle target on the screen while trying to ensure that at least three corners of the paper were on the screen and my foot was centered. The app will automatically take the photo when everything is properly aligned. Next, I followed the exact same steps to capture images of my left foot.

App 1 - Wiivv Insoles Review
App 2 - Wiivv Insoles Review

Following the downward photos, I was prompted to capture images of my arches. To do so, I was instructed to rotate my phone to landscape. This part was a little trickier than the downward shot. I had to lean my phone against a book on the ground so that it was at the perfect angle. Once the camera was in place I then had to scoot my foot around until I had it in the right place. It was helpful that there was a little countdown letting me know when the photo would be taken. First up was the right foot, followed by the left again. Next, I had the opportunity to review my photos to make sure that everything was satisfactory.

App 3 - Wiivv Insoles Review

With the foot profile saved, it was time to shop! You can choose from the full-length custom fit insoles ($99), 3/4 length custom-fit insoles ($79), men’s custom-fit sandals, and women’s custom-fit sandals. I selected the full-length custom fit insoles. Next, I was given seven different top patterns to choose from to customize the look. I almost moved to the next screen without noticing that I could click on another tab to pick the shell color on the bottom of the inserts. That was the final step of the process to order my new cutting-edge 3D-printed FitMyFoot insoles.

App 4 - Wiivv Insoles Review
App 5 - Wiivv Insoles Review

Meet your FitMyFoot

My customized FitMyFoot insoles arrived at my doorstep 10 days after I placed my order. The first thing that I noticed was that FitMyFoot knows that presentation is incredibly important. Presentation sets expectations by making an impression, even a promise, with the customer. The packaging has a clean modern design. The packaging isn’t overly busy, but still contains loads of great information. The Walk Run Trek Bike top design that I picked out looked awesome. I also thought to put my name on the top design as well as the gray shell color was a great additional personalization. Let’s check out the FitMyFoot specifics that I found on the packaging and the FitMyFoot website.

Note that WIIVV rebranded to FitMyFoot after we finished this review.

Insoles and Packaging 1 - Wiivv Insoles Review

FitMyFoot Specifics


FitMyFoot offers a 30-day happiness guarantee. If you aren’t completely satisfied with your 3D-printed insoles, you can return them within 30 days for a full refund.

Manufacturer Warranty

FitMyFoot guarantees their insoles will last at least 1 year. If the insoles don’t last, they will replace them with a brand-new pair.

FitMyFoot Features

  • Custom-fit arch support without a doctor visit
  • Custom colors for personalized style
  • Deep heel cup to stabilize your heel and absorb shock
  • Flexible insole to support your dynamic health range of motion
  • High-performance foam tested to 150,000 cycles
  • Ultra-thin
  • Waterproof, sweat-proof

FitMyFoot Helps With

  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Foot fatigue
  • Flat feet
  • High arches
  • Knee, hip, or back pain

Insert Your FitMyFoot

The full-length FitMyFoot insoles are designed to replace the factory insoles that came with your shoes. The packaging claims that in rare cases you may need to trim your FitMyFoot insoles to fit a particular shoe properly. I guess I was one of the lucky ones who had to trim my insoles. Fortunately, there is a great tip on the packaging that will help immensely. When you remove the factory original insoles, place them on top of the FitMyFoot insole and trace around the top edges as a guide so that you have the perfect trim. It’s a good idea to trim off a little less than you may think you should cut off until the proper fit is achieved.

My FitMyFoot Experience

I decided to put my FitMyFoot insoles to the test in a pair of boots I like to wear a lot. I thought about testing them in my running shoes, but I'm not a runner. My hobbies include fly fishing, kayaking, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, none of which are a great test for insoles. That’s why I ended up inserting them in the boots that I wear three out of four days a week. I wear them outside of work pretty often as well. I also thought that the old-school wood heels would help put them through a good test.

I’ve been using the insoles now for more than three weeks and I am very impressed. I set out with the simple hope that the insoles would have a positive impact on my back pain. I am not claiming that the insoles are a magic bullet, but I have noticed a decrease in my back pain. There was a point a couple months ago that I had to use a foam roller on my back multiple times per day in an often-unsuccessful attempt to decrease my back pain. Since I started using the FitMyFoot insoles, I have not had to use a foam roller on my back more than three or four times in the past month. I also noticed that my knees have not felt this good in a few years.

Bottom of footbed with monogram - Wiivv Insoles Review
Footbed - Wiivv Insoles Review

FitMyFoot Summary

It all boils down to this question: Would I recommend that you purchase the FitMyFoot 3D-printed insoles? Yes. First, I really enjoyed the process of digitally mapping my feet. Second, I appreciated the fact that I could customize my insoles. Third, I experienced a reduction in back pain and an increase in knee joint health. Finally, the 30-day happiness guarantee and the 1-year manufacturer warranty make the FitMyFoot insoles a no-brainer.

I’ve purchased $40 insoles before that didn’t last me more than two months. I can tell that the high-quality manufacturing of the FitMyFoot insoles will last far longer which means they are a long-run money saver. I highly recommend the FitMyFoot insoles and I’m looking forward to trying their custom-made sandals next.


  1. I have purchased your insoles in the past, and need more. I did the digital photos twice, first time was not that accurate. The second attempt was fine. I hate to try to do it again! But I really need another pair. Lost info from school when we changed mail services, that was my main contact.
    I am hoping you still have my info: Susan Allen, PO Box 1763, Madisonville, Texas, 77864. I teach at Madisonville elem and was referred to your site by a teacher blog. I also ordered sandals.
    If you still have my info, I will proceed to order another pair. Or since it has been a couple of years, should I have to do it again? I am currently having extreme planter fasciitis issues, and can only wear shoes with these insoles.

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