Luna Standing Desk Stool Review

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Charles Karns the author Aaron Karns, M.A.
Updated May 5, 2020

Quick Summary

The Luna Standing Desk Stool is brought to us by Fully. It's a bit more expensive than other standing desk stools, but it's a lot lighter and much more comfortable.

The standing desk stool is designed to put you in a supported lean or perch standing position. It is important to vary your position through the day to counteract health dangers of the sedentary lifestyle. The Luna puts you in a supported lean or perch standing position that encourages healthy posture and intuitive motion.

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Delivery & Assembly

Shipping is free to the lower 48 states. Shipping rates for Alaska, Hawaii and Canada will be calculated for you at checkout. The box has a sticker indicating it weight 18 lbs. We'd say it was probably a few pounds less than that. Either way, there should be no problem lifting the box and bringing it into your office.

The Luna is very easy to put together. First, we set the box right side up and used a pair of scissors to score the packing tape. We opened the flaps to reveal the bright red seat wrapped in bubble wrap(bonus). We gripped the seat and lifted it out only to find that the entire stool lifted out of the box. The stool was already completely assembled. We've assembled lots of chairs and stools. None of them are too difficult. But, it was a welcome surprise to find that the Luna comes with no assembly required.

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Warranty & Guarantee

Fully offers what they call a low price guarantee. They promise that when you purchase your ergonomic chair you can rest assured that you are paying the lowest price available anywhere. Here's how it works. If you find a lower price within 30 days of your purchase (including shipping costs and taxes charged) for the same make and model, all you have to do is send them a link or quote and Fully will match the price.

Fully also stands behind their products with a hassle-free 30 day free return policy. Returned items must be like new and in the original packaging in the contiguous United States. Fully will not accept returns on special order items, bulk orders, open box items or showroom models. You can read more about the Fully return policy here.

If you are lucky enough to be able to visit one of the Fully showrooms in Portland or San Francisco, you can participate in their loan program. They will let you borrow a Luna for two weeks so you can make the best decision for your back. If you would like to try out a loaner it's best to contact Fully first since not everything you see on their website is available in their showrooms.


The Luna cushion is made of a polyester fabric over a PU foam. The PU foam appears to only be 1" thick but is still incredibly comfortable. We've sat on stools with much thicker foam, but this one is more comfortable than most. The long metal body is made of aluminum. The gas lift is high quality steel. The base has a plastic rubberized bottom. We have tested a many stools similar to the Luna but we find that its rubberized bottom is more "grippy" than most. The grippiness is the base helps to provide peace-of-mind that the stool won't slip or slide out from under you.


The overall weight of the Luna Standing Desk Stool is 14.3 lbs. That is incredibly light weight. We recently reviewed another stool that comes in at about 25 lbs - almost twice the weight! The other stool is also half as comfortable. The Luna has a 23.6" minimum height and a 33.5" maximum height. That's almost a total travel of 10 inches! The stool should be great for leaning or perching for almost any height. The seat is 13" in diameter and the base is 14" in diameter. The Luna can support up to 300 lbs.

The Luna's polyester mesh fabric is available in four colors: black, grey, blue and red. It's our opinion that the red and blue and the most aesthetically interesting options. Black on black is also an option. We have the red one and it looks amazing!



The height adjusts easily via a grey button just underneath the seat. When lifting the seat, just take most of your weight off of the seat and lift the lever. When dropping the height, just lift the lever and your weight will press it down. When seated in a perch position we find it is best to have the feet out in front of you a little more than shoulder width apart. Your wide stance leaning into the stool will create a triangular base over which you need to center your gravity for optimal stability.


The Luna is a great high end offering for standing desk stools. It's well made with a great warranty and has a 30-day risk free return. We highly recommend it for anyone who spends too much time being sedentary and is fortunate enough to have a standing desk. We understand that the price is higher than some similarly designed stools, but we find that the Luna consistently weighs half as much and is twice as comfortable.