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Ryan the authorRyan Fiorenzi, B.A.
Updated: April 18, 2020

Mid-range leaning chair

At $389, the Mobis is a solid leaning chair. It has a smaller range of motion than the more expensive Locus, but some people prefer the added stability. Like the Mogo, it's light and mobile, so you can take it with you around the office or meetings around town.

We prefer the Locus Leaning Seat for one reason - the footrest on the pan below. Standing on the Mogo or Mobis, your feet are flat on the floor, ankles mostly straight. We've agreed that the footrest gives a little more stability, and is a more comfortable to lean.

Overall we give the Focal Mobis a 4.4/5.

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The purpose of leaning chairs

Leaning against a leaning chair or stool allows you to get the benefits of standing without getting as tired. It puts your torso at a 135 degree angle to your torso, which helps you keep good posture. People that lean at their desks report the same benefits as people that stand: increased productivity, energy, better mood, and weight loss.

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