Swopper Chair Review

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Charles Karns the author Aaron Karns, M.A.
Updated April 18, 2020

Quick Summary

The Swopper Classic by aeris is one of the most dynamic active sitting options we have ever seen. The chair can lean or wobble in every direction - forward, backward, side-to-side, and everything in between. The Swopper chair can also bounce up and down. Even though the chair has lots of motion it is incredibly stable due to the extra wide base. If you are trying to stay active in your office the Swopper chair may be the ultimate solution.

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Swopper Chair

Delivery & Assembly

Shipping is free to the lower 48 states. The chair will arrive in one medium-size box with three parts: the seat, the spring-coil shaft, and the base. The box is 24 lbs, so most people should have no problem lifting it. If you're ordering it because you have back issues you could have someone grab the other side the box for you.

The Swopper is very easy to put together. First set the base on the ground so that the Swopper logo is facing up. Next, take the spring strut assembly and insert it into the center rubber gasket with the printed weight scale pointing in the direct of the foot ring opening. Next, take the seat and place it one top of the spring strut's gas cylinder. The instructions then say to sit on the seat and "swop" vigorously up and down about 10 times. Make sure that the open area of the base is facing the desk so that you feet can freely slide in and out. With that the Swopper is ready to change your work lifestyle! Included are five felt tipped sliders for use on hard or wood floors. Since the office we tested the Swopper in has wood floors we decided to switch them out. We found that the easiest way to remove the metal glides was to twist them with a pair of pliers. The felt tipped glides can then be pressed into place. If you can't get them all the way in by hand just flip the seat over and sit on it. Your body weight should do the trick.

Warranty & Guarantee

The Swopper comes with five year warranty. The warranty is given to the initial purchase and is valid for as long as the Swopper is owned by the original purchaser. All foam cushions, structural components and non-moving parts are warranted for life. Adjustable arms, pneumatic cylinders, and casters are warranted for 10 years.

If you are lucky enough to be able to visit one of the Fully showrooms in Portland or San Francisco, you can participate in their loan program. They will let you borrow a Swopper for two weeks so you can make the best decision for your back. If you would like to try out a loaner it's best to contact Fully first since not everything you see on their website is available in their showrooms. The Swopper has a 30-day risk-free guarantee as long as it's returned with its original packaging and in like new condition.


The overall height is from 22" up to 27.5". The seat is quite wide for this type of chair and comes in at 16" across. The height of the seat itself is about 6". The base width is 21.5" which provides a tremendous amount of stability.

The Swopper seat has only about 1" of padding. We weren't expecting it to be adequate for lone stretches of sitting but something about the convex design and the width of the seat makes it incredibly comfortable for extended periods of sitting.

The Swopper active sitting experience can be customized in two ways. The spring hardness and be adjusted along with the wobble tension. Screw the sleeve on the spring strut to the left for maximum vertical movement - that means more bouncy. The optimum setting is when you can bounce up and down without reaching the bottom stop. To adjust the flexible sideways or horizontal axis wobble, turn the Swopper upside down and turn the hand wheel counter-clockwise to increase the flex and clockwise to decrease the flex. The softer the setting, the greater the demand on your core muscles. You may want to start off with a setting for reduced sideways flex and movement. Later, as you body become accustomed to it, adjust the setting to provide as much sitting movement as possible. We tend to be very active sitters so we operate the chair at max flex and max bounce. It's just more fun that way.

Swopper spring coil
Swopper spring coil

The Swopper's micro fiber fabric comes in four colors: black, red, grey and blue. It's our opinion that the red and blue are the most aesthetically interesting options, since the matching colored spring is a really nice accent against the grey shaft. We were lucky enough to get a Swopper in an orange color that is no available any more. It is gorgeous!



The height adjusts easily via a lever just underneath the seat. It's activated via a custom gas lift and requires 80 lbs of pressure to activate the gas lift. When lifting the seat, just take most of your weight off of the seat and lift the lever. When dropping the height, just lift the lever and your weight will press it down.



The Swopper is a unique chair that may be the ultimate active sitting solution. It's well made with a great warranty and has a 30-day risk free return. We highly recommend it for anyone who spends too much time being sedentary. We understand that the price may be a sticking point for some. After having used it for a few weeks now we believe that it's worth every penny. Considering the generous 30-day return policy, what have you got to lose?