UPLIFT E7 Stool Review

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Ryan the authorRyan Fiorenzi, B.A.
Updated: April 30, 2020

Stool No Longer Available

This stool has been discontinued by Uplift. To see our top choices for seating for standing desks, check out our Best Chairs & Stools for Standing Desks.

Review Criteria

After years of testing office chair and standing desk stools, we have developed a methodology for testing them that ensures we remain unbiased. Below you will find our scoring criteria that we used to review the Uplift E7 standing desk stool.

  • Quality - Because of the frequent shifting between sitting and standing, standing desk stools can get beat up. We spent hours aggressively shifting positions over a few weeks with seven people that have different body types. We did this to push the limits and understand the breaking point of the materials. The E7 didn't break down in any noticeable way.
  • Stability - The base is very low to the ground and provides a very stable platform. Even making dramatic rocking doesn't create any stability concerns. You will need to have some core strength to keep your body upright for extended periods. The seat is intentionally floating off of the base to keep your body active. For most people this is a pro, but for people looking for a seat that doesn't move, this is a con. If you are the latter, consider a traditional office desk.
  • Height adjustment - Just like the standing desks these are often paired with you, will want to adjust the height to your exact posture needs. We were pleased with how quickly the height adjusts up and down.
  • Seat comfort - Of the seven people that used this chair, we had two complain about comfort. If your legs are sensitive, you will want to change positions frequently as the front lip may dig into your hamstrings. The padding is also intentionally thin on the top. This wasn't a problem for most of the people trying the stool.
  • Design - A little subjective but design matters. There is a very wide variety in design and quality in the standing chair and stool space. We think the Uplift E7 has a clean and professional look.
  • Price - The E7 is a great price for a chair. Some stools and chairs are over $1000. At the time of this review, the price is $200.

What We Like

Getting started is simple. I simply unboxed a few parts, plopped it together and was good to go. Once assembled, I picked it up with one hand and quickly adjusted into position. Altogether it took less than five minutes to unbox and have the stool ready at my desk.

The convenience is the best part. I work in an open work environment with other coworkers. It's great to be able to easily move the stool around and change the position instantly. I like to stand most of the day, but being able to lean or fully sit gives my legs a much needed break on longer days.

The chair itself is built well and has stood up to some intentionally aggressive abuse. For under $200, this is a fantastic value for an active seat.

What We Don't Like

We had seven people try out the E7 for an extended period of time and two people had two unique issues with this stool. The other five thought it was perfect for them.

There were two complaints:

  1. The first complaint is directed to leaning chairs in general, not specifically for this product. It's that you can begin to feel fatigue in your core after extended sitting (or even brief periods for some people) because the seat intentionally moves with you. Active sitting is not for people that want a fixed seating experience. In those cases, we strongly recommend a good office chair.
  2. The second complaint is that some people begin to feel pain in their hamstring from the front of the seat. This occurs because people will often sit in the back of the chair before leaning. The solution for most is to sit on the front of the chair when you are perching or leaning. That way there is no pressure on your hamstrings


After several weeks of use by seven people, we strongly recommend this chair. The quality of the chair we reviewed exceeded our expectations. We had no concern of this tipping over and it adjusts immediately. At $200 or below, this is a great buy for an active seat for your standing desk.