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Charles Karns the author Aaron Karns, M.A.
Updated May 1, 2020

Quick Summary

UPLIFT Desk's latest foray in sit/stand stools, called the Motion Stool, is an excellent option for more active sitting. The stool has a plush dome-shaped cushion which is connected via a sturdy metal piston to a weighted convex base. Its handsome simplicity is quite striking. The convex weighted base keeps the stool upright so that you can come and go as with ease. It's also backed by a great company out of the Lone Star State, has a 7-year warranty and above all, it's priced extremely competitively.



  • The Motion Stool is very well made
  • The height is very easy to adjust
  • Can accommodate users 5'2" and taller
  • Looks cool and modern
  • Cushion is comfortable for extended sitting/leaning
  • Speed of adjustment is good
  • Takes up minimal space when not in use
  • Significantly less expensive than many competitors


  • Black sleeve on metal piston is known to come loose occasionally
  • Can start to roll out from under user at bad angles
  • A couple complaints about cutting off circulation in legs
  • Not recommended for use on carpet


The Motion Stool ships for free in the lower 48 states if you do not require expedited production. For $9 extra you can count on it to ship same or next business day. It may take an extra business day if you place your order after 3:00 pm central time. Along with the no cost shipping and we felt better because of the 30-day trial period that they offer. If you are ordering an UPLIFT Desk they have a white glove service that will bring someone along to install your desk in a room of your choice. This costs more and takes about two weeks extra. We don't think this option is necessary for most people unless you can't find someone to help you with some parts of the installation.

Warranty and Return Policy

The UPLIFT Motion Stool comes standard with a 7-year limited warranty due to how confident they are in the quality of products. Just about everything they make is covered. Their desk frames, electronics, and motors are covered for any defects or malfunctions. If anything is nonfunctional due to manufacturer's defect or damaged during shipping UPLIFT will honor that too. Any defects in their accessories with regards to materials or workmanship are also covered.

Problems resulting from setting up items incorrectly, unauthorized mods, normal wear and tear, abuse, or forces of nature like a tornado or earthquake are not covered by the warranty. We find the seven-year warranty to be a great deal and it speaks very highly of the brand's confidence in their products.

Parts and Assembly


Assembly isn't difficult with the clear directions that they include. There are only four parts: the cushion, the plastic sleeve, metal gas piston, the base. We set a timer before even opening the box and within 3.5 minutes we were taking turns sitting and adjusting the stool.

Since there were only four parts we first tried to put the chair together without looking at the directions. The one thing that threw us off was the plastic sleeve that is referred to as the "neck." So after taking a second to look at the directions everything quickly fell into place. We took the plastic cap off of the cylinder and set it aside. We picked up the plastic sleeve/neck and popped it onto the bottom of the seat. It took a little effort but after pressing it pretty firmly it snapped into place. The next step was to slide the larger cylinder end into the hole on the top part of the base. The bottom of the base is clearly distinguished by the grippy tread pattern. Next, we took the seat and neck assembly and slipped it over the top of the base and piston assembly. The two parts slide easily together and clicked into place. With that, the assembly was complete. You can see the manufacturer's full assembly instructions below.


Operation and Stability

As demonstrated in Step 4 in the assembly process, the height is adjusted by either one of the two levers tucked underneath the stool on either side. After assembling the Motion Stool we were taking turns sitting on it and getting familiar with the feeling of adjusting the height and the numerous positions to lean or sit on the stool. At first, we were always adjusting the stool using both of the levers on the sides of the stool. It wasn't until a little later that we realized that only one of the levers needs to be pressed to adjust the height. Now we tend to press just one lever while using the off hand to stabilize ourselves on the desk. Even our tallest team member who happens to be 6'2", found the stool to be well suited for all of his sitting, standing and leaning needs. While the stool itself weighs 23lbs it is capable of supporting up to 300 lbs.

Seat & Base

With only four parts it's pretty clear that the seat and the base are the two features most worth a closer look.


The seat has great plush padding that we find to be comfortable for up to several hours of uninterrupted sitting. UPLIFT describes the seat cushion as having "waterfall edges" which means that the fabric and padding wrap around and up underneath the bottom of the seat. This design should help to eliminate pressure points on the edge of the stool. We found that it makes for a pretty comfortable experience at most any angle of sitting or leaning. The fabric is very smooth to the touch. Our team members found that the stool's fabric and underlying cushion are incredibly breathable which helps to prevent getting hot and sweaty. Also worth mentioning, the seat freely spins which help to make it super easy to come and go from the workstation.



The weighted base keeps the stool upright and makes it very easy to come and go whether sitting or leaning. The grippy tread on the bottom of the base helps to prevent the stool from slipping out of under you. UPLIFT describes the material that the base is made of as a semi-soft elastomer. We were a little worried about how well it would perform on hardwood floor but discovered that there was no slippage what-so-ever. What we are still waiting to determine is whether the treads will damage the hardwood floor over time through prolonged use. We'll definitely add more information on that when we have it. Even though the base is impressively grippy it is not to be used on wet floors. If you fall down and go boom you can't say we didn't warn you. We have noticed that if we are leaning on the chair at an angle and then apply a lateral force from leaning more heavily to one side the base will start to slowly roll out from under you. If you don't correct your center of gravity the stool could roll out enough that you actually fall down, but you would have to have pretty bad reflexes for that to happen.


For the price, the UPLIFT Motion Stool is really tough to beat. It looks great and exceeds all expectations. We've reviewed a lot of chairs and stool, and we like it so much that we had to have an epic rock, paper, scissor battle to decide which team member would do the extended testing.

We wouldn't you recommend throw out your office chair and replace it full time with the Motion Stool. You should use an ergonomic chair in tandem with the Motion Stool as your body lets you know that you need to change positions.

The Motion Stool has received a lot of favorable reviews and at such a competitive price, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. We'd let you have ours, but the rock, paper, scissor champion won it fair and square!

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