Best Electric Sit to Stand Desks of 2023

Ryan Fiorenzi - Updated on June 21st, 2023

An electric sit-to-stand desk is an entirely free-standing height adjustable desk that raises and lowers with the assistance of 1 or 2 electric motors. The operation is typically regulated by a simple control unit mounted under the desk surface. Electric standing desks are our favorite desk type because they make standing easy. Alternative designs like crank-operated desks or standing desk converters require more effort to transition from sitting. This often will lead to less standing and a more frustrating operation. Electric standing desks also allow you to find your ideal height quickly; some will enable a height setting to be memorized.

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Best Electric Standing Desks

We understand that everyone is different and one desk that may be great for someone else may not be right for you. With this in mind we've come up with common categories to help you decide which desk is right for you:


Vari Electric Standing Desk - Best Electric Standing Desks

Best Value Electric Standing Desk

The Vari Electric Standing Desk is our top choice for many reasons:

  • It's stable even when at the highest height.
  • You can program up to 4 height settings, ranging from 25"-50.5".
  • Dual motors that are relatively quiet.
  • Beautiful desktop with beveled edges and several color choices: reclaimed wood, butcher block, darkwood, white, and black.
  • Quick assembly (it took us 15 minutes).
  • Vari has excellent U.S.-based customer service, a 30-day hassle-free return policy, and 5-year warranty.

This desk has a 4.8/5 stars on Amazon with over 2,100 reviews, was chosen as the best electric standing desk in 2022 by CNET and Good Housekeeping, and best standing desk overall in 2022 by Tom's Guide.

The most common complaint with the Vari is that the desktop isn't real wood. As we have owned and tested desks that are real wood, there are two main drawbacks. The first is the cost-a hardwood will usually double the cost of the desk (if not more). The second is that with the hardwood desktop that we owned, we were disappointed to find that writing would leave impressions in the wood!

This desktop is a dense compressed wood product covered with a laminate that is resistant to scratches, water, and daily wear and tear. We bought our first Vari desk over 5 years ago and it still looks and works great, check out our full review here.


ApexDesk Elite Standing Desk

Best Value Runner Up Electric Standing Desk

The ApexDesk Elite is a great desk for several reasons:

  • 21 different options including white, off white, and black frames with lots of desktop colors.
  • 225 lb. lift capacity and speed of 1.5" per second.
  • ApexDesk has been producing desks since 2015 and have been improving their desks over time, winning the Best Overall Desk by CNN Underscored.
  • 30"-49" range.
  • Desktop options of rectangle or curved, giving you closer reach to items on the desk.
  • Industrial-grade steel frame.
  • 4 customized presets on the controls.

One of the two drawbacks occasionally mentioned on the ApexDesk Elite is that assembly takes a little longer than many other desks, normally around 45 minutes. Since this is a one-time occurrence, we don't feel it's a deal breaker but worth mentioning.

The second criticism is regarding the controller. You have to either hold it down to move the desk or press it twice. This is also nitpicking as every user seems to quickly get used to the controls.

Overall this desk is comparable to other more expensive desks, and we're in agreement with it's 4.8 star rating on amazon. See our full ApexDesk review here.

FlexiSpot E5

Flexisot E5 standing desk bamboo - Best Budget Standing Desk

Best Budget Standing Desk

The FlexiSpot E5 is a great budget desk for the following reasons:

  • FlexiSpot gives you the option of a curved top, which brings you closer to everything on your desk.
  • Quiet (45 db), dual motors with a 287 lb. lift capacity.
  • There are a lot of customizations on the desktop color, size, frame, and storage options.
  • The embedded cable management tray is one of the best we've seen to keep your wires out of sight.
  • The controls have an alarm function that you can set at any interval to remind you to stand.
  • 5-year warranty on the desktop and 10 years on the desk frame.
  • Very fast shipping, and quick and easy assembly.
  • The desk adjusts from 24.4" to 50", which will accommodate most users.

See our full Flexispot E5 review here.

Best Runner Up Budget Standing Desk

The name is terrible, but the desk is a great choice for those on a budget with a 4.6 star rating on amazon.

It has 3 presets on the controls, anti-collision to prevent crashing into anything in the way of the desk (which is standard on most electric desks), and a 5-year warranty on the motor. It also has a 30-day refund policy.

It's height range is smaller than many other desks - 27.3"-45.5", so it's not may comfortable for people taller than 6' or shorter than 5'3". The weight capacity is only 176 lbs, but there are several color and size options, and the desk rates well for it's extremely low price.

If you want to save money on an electric standing desk, Fezibo offers several variations on the basic model, including:

They also have several L-shaped desks on the bottom of their amazon store page.

SHW Electric

Fezibo -runner up best budget electric standing desk

Best Budget Desk 2nd Runner Up

For the low price, this is an excellent standing desk on a tight budget.

  • 48" wide x 24" deep.
  • High ratings on Amazon.
  • Range of 28" to 46".
  • Available in oak, light cherry, walnut, and black desktop.
  • Desktop is not one continuous piece - it's two pieces.
  • Free shipping.
  • 4 programmable height presets, plus up/down toggle.
  • Grommet hole for wire management.
  • Cable-management basket hangs under the desk to keep wires organized.
  • 1-year limited warranty.

The SHW Electric is a solid desk for the price. It will fall short when compared to the top desks at higher price points, but is a superior desk at under $250. In the past if you wanted to stand while you worked and you were on a budget, you had to get a standing desk converter (a unit that you put on top of an existing desk.) One of the main issues with converters is that they don't have a large workspace, so if you like to keep a lot of stuff on your desk, it's not going to work.

It's a good-looking desk with 4 memory presets. There are 4 color options: black, light cherry, walnut, and oak. The desk has been rated highly by many users, with the main complaint being that the electronics failed. For this reason, we recommend keeping the packing materials in case you have to return the desk.

Another point to mention is that there is a grommet for passing your wires through. The product description does list the grommet, but some of the pictures don't show the grommet hole, which is a nice feature for keeping your desk organized.

One important aspect of this desk that isn't evident from the pictures is that the desktop comes in two pieces. This was probably done to reduce the size of the package for shipping, and some complain that the seam collects dust and debris. It's not a huge deal, but for some people this could be a deal-breaker.

This desk also isn't great for the very tall or very short. Its lowest height is 7.75" taller than the Jarvis, and 7.25" shorter at the highest setting. If you're under 5'2" or over 6'3", you may be uncomfortable using this desk and if you have any back issues, you could aggravate your back.

Why Go Electric With Your Sit to Stand Desk?

Electric sit to stand desks make using standing easy and simple. If you're undecided on a manual or electric standing desk here are the main reasons people often choose electric over manual sit to stand desks:

    • Time and effort: While the point of a standing desk to burn more calories and reduce back pain, the physical activity of cranking up a manually operated desk will take considerable time and effort when you want to transition from sitting to standing or vice versa. An electric standing desk makes it easy to sit when you want or stand when you want without being burdensome.
    • Memory Settings: Nearly all electric standing desks come with control modules that feature memory settings. While this may seem like a nice extra we consider it a must-have. Being able to set your ideal sitting and standing height means you can return to a perfect ergonomic position each time. Manual desks struggle in this regard since you have to find and dial in your exact height each time you raise or lower the desk. This can lead to fewer standing and less benefits from standing realized.
    • Noise: Every manual crank-operated desk we've ever reviewed is super loud. This makes it a tough choice for offices and even some home environments. You certainly don't want to feel disruptive when operating your desk. Electric standing desks, while some louder than others are all much quieter than their manual counterparts.

Our Process

Choosing the best electric standing desks started with creating a list of key factors that make an electric standing desk great. Our first-hand experience with many different products over the years has helped us identify exactly what to look for in an electric standing desk:

  • Range of Adjustment- Range of adjustment is particularly important for proper workplace ergonomics. Many choose to get a standing desk for the ergonomic benefit, to help with back or neck pain, or to simply be more active and reduce health risks. You will want to make sure, especially if you’re taller, that the desk can rise to the ideal height, which is at or slightly below your elbows.
  • Quality and Stability - Most appreciate quality, especially in products where it matters. It certainly matters in your standing desk. A quality engineered desk will be stable sitting or standing at any height in both forward and backward directions.
  • Design and Customization Options- Your standing desk services a practical purpose but you want it to look good and or be customized to your needs and style. We like desks that offer options like power cord management, desktop, and frame color/surface choices. A desk with a range of options will enable your desk to settle into your new space nicely. Many electric standing desks have a similar overall at a high level but there is a decent variety in frame design, finishes, and desktop surface materials and shapes.
  • Warranty and Customer Service - Like any expensive electronic device you buy you’re likely to consider the warranty. Every standing desk manufacturer has slightly different warranty coverage. Some cover every aspect of the desk for a while, some choose to cover only the frame and desktop, some offer a different warranty on the electronics and others are combinations of the above.
  • Ease of Assembly - All electric standing desks require assembly. It’s nice to know what you’re getting yourself into since some desks are easier than others to build. Also, how simple is the desk to build? Some desks if not assembled properly won’t operate right. The drivetrain may bind, or not lift level. We like idiot-proof desks.
  • Operation and Features - What is the desk like to use? Does it transition smoothly from sitting to standing height? Is it quiet? The operation of your desk is important. We’ll look at things like the control unit, noise, and smoothness of the operation.
  • Lift Capacity - Lift capacity becomes important if you plan to use extra monitors, speakers, and a full desktop machine. The weight adds up quickly. Some budget-focused electric desks use a single motor and simply don’t have the lifting capacity for some of our desktop needs.
  • Overall Value - Value is a combination of everything a desk has to offer relative to its price. We like recommending desks that deliver great value for money.

We started the actual selection process by revisiting all the standing desks we’ve already reviewed and contacted manufacturers to learn about any new models or improvements to current models. As the standing desk market is constantly growing with new companies making excellent desks, we frequently scan for newcomers to the industry and the desks they offer. Lastly, we leverage user reviews and feedback to point out which desks we review for consideration on our best list.

Key Features of Sit to Stand Desks

Shopping for an electric sit-to-stand desk can be daunting. Despite all of them serving the purpose of standing to work, these desks can vary extensively in features and ergonomics. Here are the key differences that may make a desk the right match for you:

  • Lifting Capacity - Lifting capacity varies a lot from desk to desk, especially between desks that have one motor and two. When shopping for an electric sit to stand desk consider the weight of all the items you plan to have on your desk, including monitors, computers, printers, etc... It all adds up.
  • Memory Settings - It is quickly becoming hard to find electric standing desks that do not come with memory settings but always make sure you have it. We consider Memory settings a must-have for standing and think you should too.
  • Desktop Thickness - If you plan to use monitor arms you will want a desktop that is heavy and on the thicker side. Monitor arms place a tremendous amount of leverage on your desk and the thicker the desk the more stable your monitors and desktop will be.
  • Desktop Depth - It's important to consider the depth of your current desk or work-space before purchasing your desk. Some standing desks are relatively wide but not very desk, some around 24 inches.
  • Edge profile of the Desktop If you're someone looking for maximum typing comfort a desk with a beveled edge can help maintain a good typing position and offer a smooth area to rest your forearms compared to a 90 degree angled desktop profile.


  1. My first priority for a sit to stand (I am currently shopping) is that it fit my ergonomic needs. More specifically, that I know the minimum and maximum heights for the desk. It surprises me that you do not mention this in your reviews.

    1. Hi Teresa, thank you for the feedback! We are actually in the process of adding a comparison table to this page and others that show the min and max heights for all the desks we recommend. This is certainly an important consideration! That being said most free-standing standing desks like the ones we mention on this page rise to at least 49 inches, which is plenty of height for anyone at or under 6’1″ Thanks!

  2. I agree with Teresa but for a much different reason. I am in a wheelchair that enables me to recline and elevate my legs and so somebody recommended a sit to stand desk. At the least the desk must go to 45″ today, but that probably will change to be higher. Some of the deels claim to be i. e. , but in actuality maybe go to 45 at best. Also, why do you not recommend any with drawers , casters 2 level or USB ports, all of which would make for a more neat mobile organized space. These are very important in my situation and would definitely make my life easier. I liked the 2 level also because then I could put my 40 ” or 32″ tv on it and use it as a monitor. I need a practical good sturdy desk that is mobile so that if I have to use it on a bad day in the bedroom, I can do so If you have any suggestions, please contact me ASAP as I need to get one in place as soon as I can. Thanks

  3. I’m 64 years old and I am never had a desk that I could put my feet directly on the floor. Desks are rarely designed for people who are short. The height adjustment is the most important feature for me.

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