Best Standing Desk Converters of 2023

Ryan Fiorenzi - Updated on June 21st, 2023

We've spent years using and researching standing desk converters, and as they evolve, we modify our top choices from time to time.

In addition to our experience with these converters, we also take into consideration customer reviews and 11 other criteria. There's a short summary of each top choice at the beginning of the page, then a more in-depth evaluation further down the page, where we've also linked to a  dedicated review for most of our top choices.

Our research is supported by our readers. We may earn a small commission when you make a purchase through links on our site, but this in no ways increases the price of the products - advertiser disclosure

Best Standing Desk Converters

VariDesk Pro Plus 36

Vari Pro Plus 36 black on white desk - highest rated standing desk converter

Highest Rated Customer Reviews

This desk is Vari's best-selling product and is one of the highest-rated converters:

  • On Amazon, it has 4.8 stars with 3,347 ratings.
  • On, it has 4.9 stars and 3722 reviews.
  • "The Varidesk ProPlus 36 is the best standing desk converter we've ever tested." - MSN

Our testers found the Vari Pro Plus 36 ticks all the boxes for an excellent standing desk converter. 

Its' range of adjustment is 4.5" to 17.5", making it the lowest reaching (along with the Vivo DESK-VOOOK 32"), which is more ergonomic for short people.

FlexiSpot Motorized Alcove Riser EM7

Motorized AlcoveRiser EM7 - best value

Best Value

The EM7 gets outstanding reviews and is a superstar for its ergonomics:

  • It has a U-shaped cutout to accommodate up to a 17" laptop on the keyboard tray.
  • The keyboard tray is removable (not a common feature in converters).
  • The ease in raising and lowering via motor, not manually.
  • The addition of a USB port next to the controls to charge your phone or tablet.

This converter competes with other higher-priced converters for much cheaper.

Vivo Electric 36" DESK-VOOOV

Vivo 36" DESK-VOOV black

Best Value Runner Up

The DESK-VOOOV is another star from Vivo. It has solid ergonomics - it has a slot for phone or tablet, and a cutout for a laptop to sit on the keyboard tray.

It operates smoothly, is beautiful (the base and legs have a curved design), has a good warranty, requires little assembly, and has a higher-than-average lift capacity.


Vivo 32" VOOOK converter black

Best Budget

This converter from Vivo isn't the prettiest converter, but it has a few ergonomic features that we like:

  • The front of the desk is cut out in an arc to bring you closer to items on your desk.
  • The pneumatic lifting action is easy and smooth and can stop at any height within its' range.
  • It rises straight up, which is a nice feature if you don't have a lot of space behind your desk.
  • Its' range of adjustment is 4.5" to 20", making it both the highest reaching of all our top choices and a more ergonomic option for tall people, and the lowest reaching (along with the Vari Pro Plus 36") for short people.

The DESK-VOOOK is a fantastic value at under $150.

Mount-It! 25"


Best Budget Runner-Up

The Mount-It! is unique in two ways:

  • The base is small, so this is a good option for people putting their converter on a small surface.
  • The design is beautiful and hides the support mechanisms that raise and lower the desk.

Its' range of adjustment is 5" - 16", with the highest height being the lowest of our top choices, making it a less ergonomic choice for the very tall.

The only drawbacks of this design is that it tends to wobble a little more than the other designs. But if you don't plan on using multiple monitors or other heavy items, this is a great budget option.

And the keyboard tray is only 25.25", which would make using a full-sized keyboard and mouse cramped. If you use a smaller keyboard, such as a Tenkeyless (which is around 12" and doesn't have the number pad on the right), it shouldn't be a problem.


Vivo 43" DESK-VOOOVCE black best standing desk converter for corners and cubicles

Best for Corners & Cubicles

The standout feature of this converter for corners is the desktop size: 43.3" x 22" deep. You lose a little space because the desktop is angled, so you lose the corners, but this is still a large desk. If you prefer something smaller, the 38" DESK-VOOOKL is pneumatically controlled, as opposed to motor operated, as is the 43" DESK-VOOOVC.

Like many other Vivo converters, it also has a slot in the desktop to hold your phone or tablet and a USB charging hub on the controls. It also has a cutout for those who want to put their laptop on the keyboard tray.


UPLIFT E7 Standing Desk Converter Bamboo with Black Frame - Best Luxury Converter

Best Luxury Pick

UPLIFT has created the ultimate standing desk converter in the E7. It excels in all categories of any desk that we've reviewed:

  • Best Ergonomics.
  • Highest weight capacity - 110 lbs - triple most of our other top choices.
  • Beautiful real wood desktops (bamboo and natural rubberwood), as well as black or white.
  • Two frame colors.
  • Four preset controls (you only see this on full-standing desks).
  • Best warranty by far for any converter we've seen - 15 years.

The only drawback is the price. It's by far the most expensive converter on our list, but the value matches the price, hence why it's our best luxury converter.

Comparison Table

Use the table below as a reference while shopping for a desk. Here you'll find our recommended height ranges and the dimensions of the standing desk converters to ensure they fit your workspace and needs.


Range Width Depth Tray Width
Vari Pro Plus 36" 4.5" - 17.5" 36" 24" 36"
Flexispot EM7 5.7" - 19.7" 35" 22.3" 34.4"
Vivo 32" DESK-VOOOK 4.5" - 20" 31.5" 15.7" 31.3"
Mount-It! 25" 5" - 16" 25.25" 18" 25.25"
Vivo 36" DESK-VOOOV 6.5" - 17" 36" 22" 25"
Vivo 43" DESK-VOOOVCE 6.4" - 17.2" 43" 22.3" 28.2"
UPDESK E7 21" is maximum 37" 28" 28"
  • Height Range in Inches - Add this range to the height of the table or surface you're putting your desk on to know what height range your converter will have.
  • Desk Width in Inches - This stat refers to the width of the converter at its widest point, as reported by the manufacturer.
  • Desk Depth in Inches - This refers to the depth of the base of the frame, excluding additional depth from the keyboard tray, as reported by the manufacturer.
  • Tray Width in Inches - This refers to the width of the keyboard tray, as reported by the manufacturer.

Highest Customer Reviews: Vari Pro Plus 36"

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

4.8 / 5 - 3,347 Amazon reviews
4.9 / 5 - 3,722

From the many reviews that we've read, the most common pros are:

  1. Sturdy and well-built.
  2. Spacious work area with lots of room for papers, keyboard, and other items.
  3. Easy to set up.
  4. Smooth adjustment.

The most common cons are:

  1. It's slightly wobbly at full extension.
  2. Limited adjustment of the keyboard tray, as for some people, they thought it was a little too high.

Our Experience


  • The weighted base makes it sturdy.
  • The desk comes fully assembled, but you'll probably need two people to put it into position.
  • We like that there are 11 height settings, and the desk is easy to adjust.
  • We've had our converter for several years, we haven't done any maintenance, and it still works great.
  • It has a lot of desktop space, but if you want more space, you could look at the Pro Plus 48". If you want a smaller converter, look at the Vari Essential 30".


  • It's more expensive than our other top choices.
  • There was a slight wobble at the highest setting. However, we has 2 large monitors held by monitor arms, which added a lot of weight and unbalanced the converter a little.

Pro Plus 36" Details:

  • Ergonomics - The Pro Plus features a large keyboard tray, 36" x 24", beveled edges, and an ergonomic keyboard tray shape 24" long, creating a comfortable standing desk solution.
  • Visual - This is a traditional standing desk design from one of the leaders in the standing desk industry, Vari (formerly Varidesk). The Z-shape design looks great.
  • Adjustability - Raising and lowering the desk requires handles on both sides and may require some force to raise, depending on how close you are to the 35 lbs weight limit (if you have many items on the desktop, it will be harder to raise).  
  • Height Range - 4.5" to 17.5".
  • Maximum Weight Capacity - 35 lbs.
  • Stability - Stability is average to excellent, but the weight of your laptop, monitor, or monitors can cause minor rocking.
  • Options - The Pro Plus is only available in black.
  • Assembly - Comes fully assembled.
  • Warranty - 5 years.
  • Return Policy - 30-day risk-free.

Best Value: FlexiSpot Motorized Alcove Riser EM7

Customer Reviews

4.8 / 5 - 654 Amazon reviews
5 / 5 - 73*

*Note that reviews posted on manufacturers' websites selling their own products tend to be higher than on other websites, so this score should be taken with a grain of salt. In this case, the score is most likely pretty close to accurate based on the 4.8 rating with 654 reviews on Amazon.

Some of the most common pros we saw in the Amazon reviews are the ease of transitioning from sitting to standing and vice versa, the ease of assembly, the size of the work area, and the quiet motor.

A few mentioned that it would be better with programmable memory settings to remember preferred heights. As we've been reviewing FlexiSpot products and following them for a few years, we wouldn't be surprised to see them add this upgrade in the future, though it would add to the price. But to be fair, converters rarely have memory presets (except for our luxury choice - the UPLIFT E7).

Our Experience

A lot of our testers prefer motorized standing desk converters to manual ones. We've found that the motorized ones are easier to raise and lower, and we tend to spend more time standing with the electric converters.

The price is just over half of the Vari 36" Pro Plus, yet it's comparable with the Vari 36" for desktop size, weight capacity, and height range. The one spot where it fell short is stability - it wobbles more at higher heights than the Vari.

Though we didn't use it, the keyboard tray is removable, which is an excellent option.

See our full review of the EM7.


  • The cutout for the laptop is a great ergonomic feature. Note that because of the cutout, the EM7 doesn't have the 10" slot many Flexipot converters have to hold your phone or tablet.
  • A common complaint about keyboard trays is that they aren't adjustable or removable; it's removable on the EM7.
  • The motorized adjustment via the controls is smooth and effortless.
  • The weight capacity of 44 lbs on the desktop is 30% higher than most converters.
  • The USB input to charge your phone is a nice touch.
  • Above average warranty.
  • The EM7 is low-priced but not low quality; an excellent value for the money.


  • Slightly unstable at the highest height.

FlexiSpot EM7 Details:

  • Ergonomics - This converter is motorized, so raising and lowering is as easy as pressing the up/down button. It has a spacious worktop surface of 35" x 16.3" and an ergonomically-designed U-shaped cutout in the desktop that allows you to place up to a 17" laptop. The keyboard is also removable, which is not a common feature among converters.
  • Visual - It has a simple, minimalist design.
  • Adjustability - It has a smooth operation via the electric motor that raises vertically in place without swinging towards you, forcing you to back up.
  • Height Range - 5.7" to 19.7".
  • Maximum Weight Capacity - 44 lbs on the desktop, 11 lbs on the keyboard tray.
  • Stability - The X-lift design of the legs gives it extra support, making it more stable.
  • Options - 36", 40", and 42" are available on Amazon. On FlexiSpot, 36" and 40" are available.  Amazon also offers rustic color and black; FlexiSPot offers black only.
  • Value for money - FlexiSpot is a serious competitor to Vari, and the price of the EM7 is well below the Pro Plus 36.
  • Assembly - Comes fully assembled.
  • Warranty - 5-year warranty on the frame and desktop; 3 years on the lifting mechanism.
  • Return Policy - 30-day, risk-free return.

Best Budget: Vivo 32" DESK-VOOOK

Customer Reviews

4.7 / 5 - 11,768 Amazon reviews

Reviewers commonly mentioned that the desk was easy to assemble and put into place. They also mentioned that it's spacious and comfortable and switches from sitting to standing easily.

Our Experience

Vivo claims this converter is more stable due to the X-Frame design and has a 10,000-cycle longevity. Our testers found the Vivo model VOOOK stable and well-built, especially for a converter under $150, with an excellent three-year warranty.  A great value for the money.

We like that it raises straight up instead of forward and up, which takes up more space. And the pneumatic lift lets you adjust to any height in the 4.5" - 20" range, unlike other desks that give you preset positions. The raising and lowering are fluid and smooth.

With its six colors and sizes, it has more options available than most standing desk converters.


  • It rises straight up, not forward and up.
  • 10,000-cycle longevity.
  • The pneumatic lift lets you stop at any spot within its range, unlike converters with preset positions.
  • Six colors and five sizes available.
  • At such a low price, it's a great value for the money.


  • The desktop is smaller than our other top choices.

Vivo 32" VOOOK" Details:

  • Ergonomics - Features a full-width keyboard tray with a slight arc in its shape which brings you a little closer to everything on your desk. The lifting action is smooth. The desktop is 31.5" x 15.7", which is smaller than all of our other top choices.
  • Visual - The Vivo DESK-VOOOK is minimalist and hides the mechanics well. The frame is finished in satin black.
  • Adjustability - One of the best operationally, as it rises vertically without moving towards you and can be adjusted infinitely within its height range with one hand. Will hold 33 lbs.
  • Height Range - 4.5" - 20".
  • Maximum Weight Capacity - 33 lbs.
  • Stability - With some vertical give, side-to-side and forward-to-back stability is good, considering the price.
  • Options - Available in six different colors and five different sizes.
  • Assembly - You only need to attach the keyboard tray.
  • Warranty - 3 years.
  • Return Policy - 30-day risk-free.

Best Budget Runner-Up: Mount-It! 25"

Customer Reviews

4.4 / 5 - 236 Amazon reviews

This converter gets 4.4 stars on Amazon, but we feel that these criticisms aren't totally justified.

The main criticism we found among customers is that the keyboard isn't retractable or sturdy. This is a common criticism among many standing desk converters as many don't have an adjustable or retractable keyboard tray (though the FlexiSpot EM 7 has a removable one).

Some didn't attach the keyboard tray and put their keyboard and monitor on the desktop. We don't recommend this because of its bad ergonomics. When you type, your elbows should be close to your torso, and you should be looking straight ahead at your monitor. To avoid using the keyboard tray, you could use an adjustable monitor arm to lift your monitor to eye level while your keyboard is lower.

The second most common critique is that the unit is too heavy. It weighs around 35 lbs, which is average for a converter. We guess that reviewers thought they would receive a lighter desk because the 25" model looks smaller than most converters, and the Amazon listing claims it weighs .01 lbs. And as we've mentioned before, moving a converter that weighs over 30 lbs regularly isn't realistic.

Our Experience

It's amazing that you can get a quality standing desk converter for $219 for the 36" (and under $150 for the 25").

The assembly is easy; you just screw in the keyboard arm to the main unit, then screw in the keyboard to the arm. It shouldn't take more than a few minutes.

The minimalist design is unique and sleek because you don't see a lot of metal arms that raise and lower the desk.

Though it's not electric, the gas spring mechanism is smooth and easy to operate. The design is space-saving because the desktop moves away from you as you raise it, unlike many others (like Vari) where the desktop comes toward you as it rises. This takes up more space in your office area because you may have to step back to use the converter at the highest height.

And we like the slot on the desktop for a phone or tablet.


  • Amazing price (around $150) for the value.
  • Smooth operation with gas-spring lift.
  • Easy assembly - only attach the keyboard tray.
  • Good for people with a small surface to put it on as the base is smaller (19.75" x 15.75").
  • Extra large 13" slot for holding a tablet or phone.


  • It becomes unstable at higher heights, especially with more weight on the desk. This is due to the smaller size of the base.
  • The keyboard tray is larger than the base, so make sure that you don't place any items under the keyboard because they will get hit when you lower the keyboard tray.

Mount-It! Details:

  • Ergonomics - Features a full-width deep keyboard tray/work surface and the converter allows for infinite adjustment to find the perfect height and comfort. It also includes an integrated but removable monitor arm (versa compatible) which means you can find the perfect ergonomics and keep the desktop space clear.
  • Visual - Mount-it is known for its single-arm standing desk converters, and this is one of the more elegant and minimalist designs out there that doesn't take up a ton of space.
  • Adjustability - Sprung with a gas strut, the M1 has a smooth and easy operation both when raising and lowering. Instead of swinging forward as it raises, it swings backward, allowing it to operate better than most traditional converters.
  • Height Range - 5" to 16".
  • Maximum Weight Capacity - 33 lbs.
  • Stability - Stability is excellent for a single-arm standing desk converter.
  • OptionsAvailable in 25" and 36".
  • Value for money - We think the Mount-it M1 is about as good as it gets when it comes to value for money.
  • Assembly - Requires minimal assembly.
  • Warranty - Lifetime warranty on defects in material and workmanship.
  • Return Policy - 30-day risk-free.

Best Value Runner-Up: Vivo 36" DESK-VOOOV

Customer Reviews

4.7 / 5 - 8,926 Amazon reviews

We found only one issue most commonly among customer complaints - the keyboard tray. Some said that it creaks, and they wish it was more adjustable or even removable.

Our Experience

This desk competes with the Vari Pro Plus 36", though it's much cheaper. It's stable, easy to assemble, smoothly moves up and down via manual adjustment, and has a large desktop for multiple monitors, keyboard, laptop, and other items. Vivo has a reputation for very good customer service.

This converter has an oversized keyboard tray, a USB port to charge your phone on the controls, a 10" slot to hold a tablet or phone, and a larger-than-average weight capacity of 37.5 lbs.

Note that this desk does come forward 6" as you raise it up. Not a big deal unless you have a small amount of space to work with behind you in your work area.

It's available in six colors and 42" and 36".

We also like the 3-year warranty, which is above average.


  • Excellent ergonomics with a slot for a phone or tablet, USB charging port, and cutout to accommodate a laptop.
  • Great warranty.
  • Easy assembly.


  • The desk comes forward about 6" when you raise it. It should only be a dealbreaker if you don't have a lot of space behind your desk to stand.

Vivo 36" DESK-VOOOV Details:

  • Ergonomics - It has an oversized keyboard tray, a deep desktop work surface, and a 10" slot for your phone, tablet, or book. The desktop also has a cutout that will accommodate up to a 17" laptop sitting on the keyboard tray.
  • Visual - The base and the arms are curved, giving it a unique and beautiful look.
  • Adjustability - Raise and lower the desk using the up/down button to raise it from 6" to 17". The VOOOV comes for 6" as you raise it up.
  • Height Range - 6.5" - 17".
  • Maximum Weight Capacity - 33 lbs.
  • Stability - Excellent.
  • Options - Six color options and two sizes available.
  • Assembly - You only need to attach the keyboard tray.
  • Warranty - 3 years.
  • Return Policy - 30-day risk-free.

Best for Corners & Cubicles: Vivo 43" DESK-VOOOVCE

Customer Reviews

4.7 / 5 - 105 Amazon reviews

Regarding the Amazon score - we prefer more ratings. But given that this is a Vivo product, and their other similar products are also highly rated, we're comfortable standing behind this converter for corners and cubicles.

One of the common comments was that the desk was heavy. It's 44 lbs, which is heavier than a lot of converters. But most people aren't regularly moving their converter, so this should only be a one-time issue or an issue whenever you move.

Another complaint we saw a few times was about the keyboard tray, which doesn't slide out of the way or adjust. This isn't a feature offered by standing desk converters but is a common criticism that will probably be addressed in the future.

Our Experience

Our experience with the Vivo DESK-VOOOVCE is the same as all Vivo converters we've tested:

  • Stable and well-made.
  • Requires little assembly.
  • Looks great.
  • Excellent 3-year warranty.
  • We like the USB port next to the controls for charging your phone, and the 10" slot on the desktop to hold your phone or tablet.

The standout feature of this converter for corners is the desktop size: 43.3" x 22" deep. You lose a little space because the desktop is angled, so you lose the corners, but this is still a large desk. If you prefer something smaller, the 38" DESK-VOOOKL is pneumatically controlled, as opposed to motor operated, as is the 43" DESK-VOOOVC.


  • Electric lift.
  • USB charging port.
  • 10" slot to hold phone or tablet.
  • Large desktop.


  • Only available in black.

Vivo 43" DESK-VOOOVCE Details:

  • Ergonomics - This electric converter moves easily via the controls on the side of the desktop. The desktop is very large (43.3" x 22"), and the USB port next to the controls is a nice feature.
  • Visual - The Vivo VOOOVCE is sleek and has an above-average desktop of 43.3" x 22.2"; the keyboard tray is 28.2" x 17.7", which gives you a much larger desktop than most converters.
  • Adjustability - It can be adjusted infinitely within its height range of 6.5" to 17.2" with one hand.
  • Height Range - 6.4" - 17.2".
  • Maximum Weight Capacity - 33 lbs.
  • Stability - Excellent stability even at the highest setting.
  • Options - No other colors are available. If you prefer something smaller, the 38" DESK-VOOOKL is pneumatically controlled, as opposed to motor operated, as is the 43" DESK-VOOOVC.
  • Assembly - Requires minimal assembly.
  • Warranty - 3 years.
  • Return Policy - 30-day risk-free.

    Best Luxury: E7 Electric by UPLIFT Desk

    Customer Reviews

    There aren't enough reviews on Amazon and UPLIFT's website for an accurate score. Not all websites use a rating system, so that's not a big surprise. It is a bit surprising that there aren't a lot of ratings on Amazon. It's possible that the E7 is a newer version of a previous converter that had more scores and/or that most standing desk buyers aren't looking to spend almost $700 on a converter. At a certain price point, it may be worth it to buy a full-standing desk.

    Our Experience

    This desk beats all of our other top choices in almost every criterion, except price, hence why it's our luxury pick.

    It looks like UPLIFT Desk improved on the Ergo Desktop Kangaroo Pro Junior, which we reviewed below under "Converters That Didn't Make Our List." The Kangaroo Pro Junior is excellent in terms of ergonomics but ugly due to the frame and the desktop not matching, and the use of an awkward-looking removable support leg. The E7 also put a metal cover over the support arm that desktop and keyboard tray are attached to.

    The Kangaroo Pro Junior excels at stability in part due to the removable support leg. We feel that this is a lazy design in that every time you raise your desk, you have to put the support leg below the keyboard tray. The ergonomist who created the E7 improved the design by making the base wider, giving it nearly the same amount of stability without the inconvenience of having to put the support leg in place.

    The Kangaroo Pro also has an issue that because the keyboard tray is larger than the base, users might feel tempted to put items such as a coffee cup under the keyboard tray, which will get hit when you lower the desk. The E7's keyboard is attached to the desktop via a metal plate, reaching below the surface you put it on, preventing you from putting items underneath

    Our UPLIFT E7 Review has additional pictures and details.


    • Best ergonomics.
    • Excellent stability.
    • Highest weight capacity.
    • Highest reach for the top height (better for tall users).
    • Includes controls embedded into the desktop within reach with 2 presets (converters never have preset controls).
    • Two beautiful real wood desktops (as well as black or white) are available that you pair with a black or white frame.
    • Best warranty we've seen for a standing desk converter - 15 years.


    • It's the most expensive on our list by far.
    • Assembly will take longer than most converters as you need to attach the monitor or monitors, and keyboard tray, and the directions are a little confusing.
    • The wire management could be improved.

    E7 Electric by UPLIFT Desk Details:

    • Ergonomics - Incredible as it exceeds all our other top choices:
      • Designed by an ergonomist, the main benefit is that it separates the monitor from the keyboard. The monitor has five different height adjustments, and the keyboard sits below the table you put on.
      • It's electric, so there's no straining when raising and lowering it, and it has controls with four presets, so you don't have to guess every time you put it into position. These controls are only found on full-standing desks.
      • You can order it with one, two, or three VESA mounts for monitors.
    • Visual - The bamboo and natural rubberwood desktops are gorgeous. And you have the option of a black or white frame. We don't think the black or white desktops are as pretty, but at least you can match the desktop with the frame (or choose a white frame with a black desktop and vice versa).
    • Adjustability - Via electric motor with two memory presets on the controls. Surpasses all of our top choices as converters at the most have an up and down button.
    • Height Range - goes up to 21", the highest of any converter on our list.
    • Maximum Weight Capacity - 110 lbs, more than triple most of our other top choices.
    • Stability - Excellent stability even at the highest setting.
    • Options - Two real wood desktop options, black or white desktop and the option of black or white frame. You can also choose one monitor mount, two monitors, or three monitors.
    • Assembly - Requires more assembly than most converters because you have to attach the monitor or monitors as well as the keyboard tray.
    • Warranty - 15 years. The best warranty by far of any converter.
    • Return Policy - 30-day risk-free.

      Converters that Didn't Make Our List

      Ergo Desktop's Kangaroo Pro Junior

      We decided against the Ergo Desktop Kangaroo Pro Junior for several reasons. But we'll share both the pros and cons.

      The converter that has similar ergonomics but has improved the looks and eliminated the design flaws is the UPLIFT E7 that we rated as our best luxury pick.

      Pro: Great Ergonomics

      There's one very strong pro that may make up for all of the cons - ergonomics. Being able to both move your monitor so it's eye level and get your keyboard to the correct height is an ergonomic dream. For this reason, we're not a huge fan of using laptops all the time, as your monitor and keyboard are right next to each other. You're either looking down at your screen or reaching up to type. The Kangaroo Pro Junior separates the monitor and the desktop, and it does it very well, as both are adjustable.

      It's Not Good Looking

      Our first gripe is that we find it kind of ugly. The silver support pole that holds the Versa mount for a monitor and the keyboard tray is very visible and doesn't match with the black keyboard tray. This design makes the wires more visible, which doesn't look nice. You could remedy this by using zip ties or velcro to bind the wires together and then attaching wire guides to the bottom of the keyboard tray, but they'll still be somewhat visible.

      We believe that putting a metal cover over the support arm of the converter (where the keyboard and monitor attach to) would make the converter look a lot better.

      Design Flaw: Removable Support Leg

      The support leg that's separate from the desk is something you can put under the keyboard tray to make it stable. The converter is very stable, but we feel that there are better designs than having to place a separate part under the desk every time you raise it. It's one of the things that makes it ugly, and we can see people losing the leg. It's not surprising that the desk hasn't received the best user reviews.

      Design Flaw: The Desktop is Too Small for the Keyboard and Mouse

      A big problem for many was described by an Amazon reviewer as "a fatal flaw." The desktop where you place your keyboard is 24". Normal full-sized keyboards (as opposed to the Tenkeyless, which don't have the number pad on the right) are around 15". If you use a mouse, the 9" left over will be cramped for using your mouse freely. You could change the setting on your mouse to make it move faster, which would require less space, but we're assuming that most people will want to do this.

      Design Flaw: Be Careful Not to Place Items Under the Keyboard

      The keyboard tray is larger than the base, so we wouldn't be surprised to see people putting items under the keyboard and those items being hit or squished if the user forgets to move them before they lower the keyboard tray.

      Big Drawback: It's Expensive

      Another con is the price; the Kangaroo Pro Junior is $399. All of our top choices are less expensive than this converter and don't have all its' design flaws. In fact, all but one of our choices are under $300, and two are under $150.

      The Kangaroo Pro is one of the earliest standing desk converters. Hats off to Ergo Desktop for creating it, but we've noticed that as converters are evolving and being produced more, their prices are coming down. We've seen Vari have to drop their prices to keep stay competitive with companies such as Vivo and FlexiSpot.


      Stand Steady X-Elite Pro

      The X-Elite gets good reviews on Amazon - 4.6 stars with 1,429 ratings, but we took it off our list for two reasons.

      The first is because of the poor ergonomics. It's a flat desktop that has the user put the monitor and keyboard on the same surface. As we've mentioned before, its better to separate the two so you're not looking down at your screen or reaching up for your keyboard.

      The second is a nitpick; we don't like the metal handles attached tot he side of the table.

      We would consider it for our upcoming portable standing desk converters review, but at 27 lbs it's too heavy.

      Stand Steady X-Elite Pro converter cherry color

      Ergotron – WorkFit-T Standing Desk Converter

      This converter is excellent, and only one thing kept it off our list - the price. It gets 4.6 stars with 422 ratings, but it's $515. You could spend a lot less and get the same quality with several of our top choices.

      Like the Kangaroo Pro Junior, it's one of the earlier standing desk converters, coming onto the scene in 2017. And like Kangaroo Pro Junior, they haven't dropped their prices as the competition has become intense.


      Portable Standing Desk Converters

      In this review, we didn't focus on portable standing desk converters, as we're planning on making a separate review dedicated just to them. One of the first we had on our list to research and test was the Cora, but it looks like the company producing it, Fully, is going out of business. Instead, we considered Vivo's ultra-thin DESK-VOO1J and Vivo's DESK-VOOOU. We took the DESK-VOOOU off the list as it's 22 lbs, making it difficult to carry around.
      Vivo VOO1J converter black
      The VOO1J weighs 16.7 lbs, which is at the high end of what many consider portable. For this reason, we've added the VO24A, which only weighs 11 lbs.
      Vivo VO24A portable standing desk converter

      Why Get a Converter?

      Aside from the health benefits of standing, there are many reasons to consider a standing desk converter. Here are the main advantages of getting a converter:


      • Price - If budget is your concern, a standing desk converter can be one of the most cost-effective ways to start standing at work. Not only is it usually less expensive than a full-standing desk, but you also won’t have the extra costs associated with removing, disposing, or donating your current desk. There are also additional cost savings when it comes to shipping. Due to their compact size, they're shipped with normal parcel carriers right to your door.
      • Ease or Lack of Assembly - Assembling furniture is rarely enjoyable, and if you're like most of us and don't want to spend time building your desk, a standing desk converter may be best for you. Most options are ready to go right out of the box, with maybe one or two small tasks like attaching the keyboard tray. Most converters do not require any tools with assembly.
      • Keep Your Current Desk - Keeping your existing desk or furniture is one of the most popular reasons to get a standing desk converter. If you have a desk you love or one with ample storage, it may not be realistic to get rid of it. A converter is a great compliment to any existing desk.

      Overall, there are many advantages to getting a standing desk converter as an alternative to a full standing desk. However, there are also some disadvantages of standing desk converters:


      • Desktop Space While Standing Standing desk converters in their raised position can leave you disconnected from items on your desk you may frequently use. While converters have their own desktop that raises with you, space can be limited. Many manufacturers now offer over-sized models with much larger desktop surface area than converters of the past. If you think this issue may impact your work, consider buying a 36-inch wide model or larger.
      • Appearance Some shoppers choose not to use a standing desk converter due to their looks. Converters are a very mechanical device that leans more towards practicality than aesthetics. Of course, this varies by unit. We’re seeing many more sleek designs come onto the market, offering colors other than the ubiquitous black, such as white, and gray, and some even offering wood desktop and keyboard tray surfaces.
      • Limit of Value for MoneyWhile standing desk converters can be a cost-effective alternative to a full-standing desk, there is a limit to when it makes sense. Full-standing desks are getting less expensive, and for around $350 you can buy a quality electric standing desk such as the FlexiSpot E7. Some converters can come close to this range in price and might cause you to question whether a converter makes sense given the relative prices. 
      • Operation With Heavy Items – If you’re used to having multiple heavy monitors or a desktop-based setup, a manually-operated standing desk converter may not be the best solution. Manual standing desk converters are either coil spring or gas-strut operated and the weight of the equipment on them has a direct impact on how easily it raises and lowers. An alternative to consider is an electric standing desk converter; some of our top choices are electric. We recommend getting familiar with the weight limit of each product you’re considering and how that relates to your setup.


      Our selection of the best standing desk converters starts with establishing a process to ensure our methods and research are in-depth and complete. We’ve found that a standing desk converter can be measured and compared accurately using these criteria. These criteria evaluate the desk itself, the company, and how the community of existing owners feels about the desk.

      • Ergonomics – Ergonomics is our most important criterion, which is why many of us use standing desks. You can have back, neck, or wrist pain if your monitor, mouse, or keyboard isn’t positioned correctly. Although the objectives of all the standing desk converters out there are the same, there is a lot of variety in design, keyboard tray size and shape, usable space, and comfort.
      • Adjustability – The range of adjustment offered is ranked second because we’ve found that if we can’t easily change the height of our converter from sitting to standing, we tend to sit way longer than we should. Transitioning from sitting to standing should be effortless and repeatable to find your desired height.
      • User Reviews – Using user reviews is how we understand the different ownership experiences of each standing desk converter. Our reviewers are of various ages and sizes, but we don’t have anyone, for example, under 100 lbs or less than 5’4″. Our survey of user reviews helps us understand the edge cases and represent situations we may not encounter in our review process. This also exposes quality issues that only someone using the desk for an extended period would observe. Note that when we consider review scores, we won't include the score if there aren't enough reviews. The reason is that the fewer reviews there are, the easier it is to manipulate the core. Competitors can leave bad reviews, and the company can give itself good reviews. It's much more difficult to influence the score when there are at least several hundred reviews, and we prefer when a product has over 1,000 reviews, though this isn't always possible.
      • Quality – Quality refers to the materials used and the quality of construction. Products with low-quality mechanics, electronics, and platforms score lower. Although first impressions of a brand-new product are often good, torquing their frame helps expose weaknesses and susceptibility to racking forces.
      • Height Range - The height range of your standing desk converter is partly due to the height of the desk or table that you're putting it on, so knowing these numbers allows you to add them to the height of your current desk to see if that range works for you. Remember that this range is an important ergonomic factor, as reaching up too high to type or looking down at your monitor can cause muscle strain.
      • Visual – Design is near the bottom of the list as this is mostly subjective, but some manufacturers have taken steps to improve appearance. Standing desk converters are generally a form-follows-function design; meaning function takes priority over design. This leaves us with very mechanical-looking products that, for the most part, aren’t sleek or stylish. However, some innovative designs look fantastic and don’t compromise function.
      • Customer Service – Customer service will only matter to you if you have any issues with delivery, repairs, assembly, or returns. However, most standing desk converters can ship with normal parcel carriers like UPS, FedEx, or USPS and don’t require you to be home at a specific time like freight carriers. They come pre-assembled, and you’re less likely to need to talk to customer service over full-standing desks.
      • Options - There are usually fewer color and size options with standing desk converters than standing desks, but having more options makes it easier for your converter to fit into your space.
      • Warranty - Companies tend to stand behind higher-quality products with more extended warranties. A strong warranty for a converter is 3 years or more.
      • Return Policy - Most but not all standing desk companies will have at least a 30-day risk-free return policy.

      Our Review Process

      When we review a desk, each member of our four person team spends several days to weeks using the desk. Sometimes we spend months to years if we really like it! This way, we discover what we like and don't like through real-world experience. We compare our observations from reviewers of different heights, weights, and ages.

      In addition to our own review process, we spend many hours reading and watching video reviews from users. While we may love a desk, it's important to take the pulse of the ownership community since they will likely bring up anything we may have missed and surface any weak points in the quality we may not have encountered. It can also happen that we receive a converter free of defects, but many people receive defective converters.

      It's also important to get a feel for a company's customer service. We may have one or two interactions, but we get a much better sense from reading dozens or more ratings about customer service.

      We also try to maintain good relationships with manufacturers and frequently reach out if we have any questions about their products.

      Why You Can Trust Us

      We're standing desk nerds. Every day we're using and reviewing products, staying on top of the ever-evolving active workplace industry. When we review a product, we quickly find the strengths and weaknesses because we've been through the evaluation process so many times, unlike the average user who will only figure out if a product is working for them often after weeks or months (after the window for returns has closed). We also communicate with manufacturers and retailers regularly.

      We have four testers that research and use products. One of our testers, Matt, builds wood furniture for his home, family, and friends as a hobby and has a penchant for data. Aaron did market research for six years in his career, where he did focus group testing of products. Ryan is loyal to standing desks and converters, as it was one of the main ways he got rid of his back pain. And our other tester (who wishes to be anonymous) started using standing desks in 2015 and only occasionally uses a stability ball to sit, but he stands 95% of his workday!

      Our team members have had back pain, knee pain, and carpal tunnel syndrome; most have lost a little weight using standing desks and converters. Since we started standing, we've all noticed more productivity, better mood, and higher energy. We believe in the benefits of standing, but not all standing desks are the same.

      Types of Standing Desk Converters

      When shopping for a standing desk converter, we recommend getting familiar with the different types available. We'll go through each design, its pros, cons, and our verdict, so that you can choose the right type for you.

      Types of Standing Desk Converters

      Standing desk converters offered by manufacturers are constantly changing. You can count on us to keep this list updated as you shop for a standing desk converter.


      Newer design that raises and lowers without swinging towards you, and offers unmatched stability and smooth operation. It is also infinitely adjustable within its range and doesn’t have preset heights.


      It can be slightly more expensive on average, but the difference is negligible. Only a few manufacturers are making them.


      The X shape design makes us question most other designs since it offers such an improvement in operation, stability, and most importantly, value for money.


      Many options from a variety of manufacturers use this style. You're also likely to find budget-friendly models with this type.


      This style of mechanism causes the desktop to swing toward you as it raises. You’ll have to take a step backward from your desk to stand. This can be tough for small spaces, like cubicles, or if you’re already close to a wall. Depending on the quality of the mechanics, these can rack and twist.


      In the past, this design was the only option. These can be a great option if you're not limited on space behind your desk and like the look.


      They give standing desk converters the ease of operation of a full-standing desk. The electric assistance also makes these great for multiple monitors and heavy computing setups.


      These can be just as expensive as entry-level electric standing desks, though the prices have decreased.


      These are great options if you have a higher budget and want the ease of operation of a full-standing desk. This type may also make sense if you have an existing desk that you never plan to part with.


      This is a very elegant approach to standing desk converters. They are very stable when lowered to your desktop surface.


      Generally, there are major stability issues with this style due to the massive weight levered out over your desk. You’ll need an extremely strong desk to counter the stability issues. These converters are usually hard to find and very expensive. They also push you away from your desk even when seated.


      This style of desk is not popular for a reason, and because of this is usually expensive and offers very limited typing stability when raised.

      Post & Keyboard Tray

      Post & Keyboard Tray Standing Desk Converter Example


      These are a great minimalist design that takes up very little space on your desk and is usually easy to adjust.


      Stability can vary a lot from model to model. Desktop space when raised is limited to only your keyboard tray. There are multiple monitor models, but most are single.


      The post and keyboard tray style is an excellent minimalist design that can keep your desktop looking clean and organized.


      They're typically inexpensive, often 1/5 the cost of a mechanical standing desk converter. This is the least expensive way to turn your desk into a standing desk. They're also useful if you need something portable.


      If you put your monitor and keyboard on the same surface, you're either reaching up to type, which strains your arms and upper back, or you're looking down at your monitor, which strains your neck.


      It is hard to recommend this standing desk solution unless you're on a tight budget, you need something portable, or you're using it just to get your monitor up to eye level. We would also consider this a good option if you're trying to figure out if standing at your desk is something you'll enjoy before purchasing a more expensive option.


      If you're a laptop user on a budget or just want to try out standing at your desk, this is an option. Some include cooling fans to keep your machine cool during use.


      Achieving good ergonomics can be difficult when your typing surface and monitor are so close to one another. Transitioning from sitting to standing can be annoying.


      A laptop stand is a great way to start standing if you exclusively use a laptop and are on a tight budget. Use a remote keyboard to maintain good ergonomics.

      Standing Desk Converter Installation Tips

      Getting started with your new standing desk converter is fairly straightforward but consider the following tips as you're unpacking your new desk.

      • Cable Slack - Unlike a normal, non-adjustable desk, you'll need to account for the vertical and/or forward movement of your standing desk converter. Take some time to inspect your existing cables to ensure that you have enough slack to allow the desk to raise and lower without issue. We recommend at least 12 to 14 inches of slack in all cables running to the desktop surfaces. Keyboards may require even more slack since they are much further forward and the cable must be routed away from any moving parts.
      • Keyboard and Mouse Cable Routing - Depending on the type of standing desk converter you buy, this may be easy or difficult. Either way, you want to make sure any keyboard or mouse cables are routed away from any moving parts or areas where the cable could get caught and restrict the movement of the desk. This is an obvious tip, but it can be surprisingly easy to damage cables due to the spring force needed in order to make raising and lowering easy.
      • Your Existing Desk Depth - Carefully consider the depth of your desk and how it relates to the converter. Unlike a normal desk, with a converter, your keyboard area is a fixed location. This means that you should position the entire unit to optimize your typing location. For a standard depth desk, we've found that it's almost always a good idea to have the rear edge of the converter close to flush with the rear edge of the desk.
      • Your Existing Desk Height - When adding a standing desk converter to your existing desk, consider the new height of your keyboard as it will likely be a minimum 3/4" higher than it was before, even with the converter in its lowest position. This will require you to raise your chair slightly and in some cases a lot. Your monitors will also be 4 to 5" higher than they previously were and may need to be lowered significantly.
      • Monitor Height - If you're taking your existing monitors and moving them to your converter, you'll likely have to lower them to account for the height of the converter. We also recommend experimenting with various monitor heights and chair height to make sure that you maintain proper posture for both standing and sitting.

      Your Chair and Floor Surface

      Your chair is just as important, if not more important, than your desk since It's not realistic to stand all day at your desk. Your chair, stool, and floor surface are key considerations for introducing standing to your office routine pain-free.

      • Consider Leaning Chairs or Stools - Chairs and stools for standing desks are designed to be used with a standing desk and give you another position option rather than standing and sitting. You can vary your routine from sitting to standing, then to leaning. While it burns less energy than standing, it still helps you avoid the dangers of long periods of sitting and the back pain that can be associated with it. Perhaps one of the biggest pros to a leaning chair or stool is how much we find our core muscles are engaged. When setting your goals for standing throughout the day consider first standing for 15 minutes, using a leaning chair for 15 minutes, then sitting in your ergonomic office chair for the final half-hour in a 60-minute rotation. This strategy can help you succeed in standing throughout the day.
      • Get an Ergonomic Office Chair - Standing all day just isn't realistic. We only recommend standing for 4 hours a day at your desk, and not even continuously. This means you will still spend a lot of time sitting. Since sitting causes more stress on your back than standing, it's very important to have an ergonomic and supportive chair. Ergonomic office chairs are designed to help support and enhance your natural healthy posture.  A properly designed ergonomic office chair can also reduce lower back pain and neck pain by making sure that those pain points are properly supported. Look for good lumbar support, adjustable armrests, and adequate thigh support. The better your ergonomic chair is at supporting you and increasing your comfort the easier it will be for you to stand throughout the day.
      • Consider a Standing Mat - Standing throughout the day does put more pressure on your ankle and knee joints than sitting, but choosing the right footwear or adding a standing mat can significantly help standing fatigue and improve comfort. Some standing mats even feature unique contours that give you more standing options beyond just two feet flat on the floor. One of our favorite standing mats also includes bumps on it that help to massage and relax the feet. Just make sure your office mates are OK with you ditching your shoes for a few minutes. Having comfortable knees and ankles can make it much easier to stand and use your leaning chair throughout the day.

      What Weight Capacity Do You Need for Your Converter?

      Every standing desk converter has a maximum weight capacity. You can find the weight of your items by doing a google search for the weight of your monitor, laptop, or other item. You could also stand on a scale, note your weight, then step back on the scale and minus your weight from the total. For your convenience, we've added the weights of some common laptops that you may have on your converter:

      • 16" MacBook Pro - 4.7 lbs.
      • HP Envy 14" - 3.35 lbs.
      • Dell XPS 17" - 5.34 lbs.
      • Dell XPS 13" - 2.8 lbs.
      • Alienware Area-51m - 10.4 lbs

      Here are the weights of some common monitors:

      • Dell 19" E1916HV - 6.6 lbs.
      • Phillips 24"241E1S 24" - 9.9 lbs.
      • Acer Predator 28" Xb283k - 10.58

      Remember that the more weight you put on a converter, the more unstable it becomes. And if you have a manual converter, it will become more difficult to raise as you add more weight.

      Tips for Getting Started

      If you're new to standing, there are a few things we've learned over the years that we wish we'd known earlier. These tips can get you started the right way and make standing a sustainable part of your day at the office.

      • Ease Into it - Rarely does anyone form habits when they start or stop cold-turkey. To avoid getting burnt out, or feeling fatigued, don't force yourself to stand for long periods. Remember that movement and variability between sitting and standing is the key. Standing throughout the entire day is not a realistic goal and may have its own drawbacks. One strategy to adopting a new habit is to set very specific goals. You could start by trying to stand for just 15 minutes per hour. After a couple of weeks, try sitting and standing in 20-minute intervals, working up to a maximum of an hour at a time. Also, see what duration works best for you. Remember to have fun and be flexible with your goals.
      • Stretch and Move – Speaking of being flexible, stretching at your standing desk can have many benefits. Stretching can improve flexibility and help your muscles to relax. Stretching also can help you to feel refreshed and energized which is great for productivity. Stretching throughout the day can help you avoid soreness or pain as a new standing desk user. Something as simple as rocking back and forth, or changing the foot you have your weight on can dramatically extend the amount of time you can stand. We have found that side bends and trunk rotations can be very helpful in attaining your goal of standing throughout the day while minimizing back soreness. If your legs start to get sore, try stretching and focusing on your calves, hamstrings, and quads.
      • Use Quality Footwear - If you're standing for a significant amount of time each day, it helps to wear quality footwear. Supportive footwear will help cushion your joints throughout your body and pairs well with a standing mat. If you wear formal attire at work, consider keeping a pair of comfortable shoes at your office to change into. Insoles can also be very effective in making dress shoes more comfortable and easier to stand in for long periods of time.

      Full-Standing Desks vs. Converters

      Standing desk converters, also known as desktop risers or toppers, are adjustable units that you place on top of your existing desk. They allow you to stand without getting rid of or moving your current desk. They usually feature a desktop surface with a separate keyboard tray and are available in various sizes, designs, and budgets. We're big fans of standing desk converters because they are usually the least expensive and easiest option to start standing and something you should consider if you're looking to keep your existing desk.

      Finding the right standing desk converter comes down to your height, computing equipment, space constraints, and budget. There are many great options that improve on old designs, and they are now more affordable than ever.

      Full-standing desks replace your existing desk and are usually electrically operated and commonly include a control unit with memory presets for your standing and sitting heights. A few years ago, most full standing desks were $600+, but the market is getting more competitive, and as standing desks become more popular, prices are falling, blurring the line between standing desk converters and full standing desks. They offer a lot of benefits and advantages over a standing desk converter and may be worth the slightly extra investment depending on what you are looking for. You can learn more about full standing desks by reading our guide.

      Standing Desk Converter Frequently Asked Questions

      Here are our answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the best standing desk converters.

      Standing desk converters are adjustable desk units that you place on an existing surface. They are a cost-effective way to stand without getting rid of or moving your current desk.


      1. Hey, your link to the iMovR actually goes to Cadence. I figured it out in the end, but you might want to fix it?

      2. Thank you for such an informative article. I have purchased the Fancierstudio desk largely due to this article.

      3. Qhat other brands or models were part of the testing? I am specifically looking at the list of z shape ( or x shape) models. if you have a spreadsheet or side by side comarison that would be great.

      4. Excellent reviews, this is a great overview of the choices available. Standing desks are truly a blessing for the office space, getting a standing desk converter is a great idea if you’re trying them out for the first time .

        1. We agree! Standing desk converters tend to be much cheaper, and there is no need to eliminate your existing desk. You can easily switch between sitting and standing with most standing desk converters so which makes easing into different positions no problem at all.

      5. Im looking for a desktop converter that DOES pull toward you and you increase the height.

        I need something that pulls forward at least 12″ do to overhang on custom made work station.

        1. The varidesk Exec Series will get you very close to 24 inches. Check the specifications here to see if this will work. That’s the furthest forward we can find.

        2. I use the varidesk at work every day. It pulls forward about 12 inches and it raises about 12 inches. I like it but I’m thinking about getting a new standing desk. I just like being able to sit and stand often, but I feel like having more space on my desk would be nice. The varidesk takes up most of the space on the rest of the desk that it’s sitting on.

          1. We’re with you! Converters are great for convenience, but a full adjustable height standing desk is usually the best long-term option. They tend to offer more space, stability and quality.

      6. what if you are trying to write on paper – and not use a monitor? – then which is the best option to purchase

        1. In that case, we recommend the Varidesk Pro. It offers a flat surface with no keyboard tray. You should have ample space to write. Let us know what you think!

      7. Hi, I’m actually looking specifically for an ‘up and towards you’ model, because I have an iMac that currently sits within a freestanding unit cubbyhole, i.e.: there is a shelf less than an inch above it. This means that if I could get some means of moving it from its current position to come forward (out of the cubbyhole / box it sits in) and up to standing height, then that’d be brilliant – and I’d be happy!

        Can anyone please help solve this one??


        1. Author

          The Varidesk Pro Plus 30″, 36″, or 48″ will all work for you as they come up and forward. Good luck!

      8. Hello Start Standing,

        How hard is it to lift most of these desk converters?

        I’m worried that with all of the things I put on my desk I won’t be able to lift it.

        I don’t know how to describe how much I can lift in pounds, but if there is a video or comparison you could make I would really like that.

        Thank You,

      9. I’m looking for a standing desk converter that would support two monitors with monitor arms that also has a lower level keyboard tray. Of the options that there are, do you have one in mind that is the best value overall?

        1. Hi Andrew, most modern standing desk converters support two monitors and a secondary level for a keyboard. The best overall value that meets your needs is the Flexispot M2B.

      10. Hi , I need a keyboard tray and a place to write. I also have 2 monitors. Which one would be the best option?

        1. Hi Gayle, If you’re looking to use the keyboard tray for writing we would recommend getting a converter that has a full width keyboard like the Flexispot M2B and the Fancierstudio Riser, especially the extra wide version. You should have plenty of space with either, even with a larger keyboard. Hope this helps!

      11. I am more concerned with the sitting piece of a sit-to-stand desk conversion. I have a built-in desk and am short so I need to have a lower keyboard tray while sitting to achieve correct ergonomic positioning and do not like footrests to raise my chair. Most, if not all, of the desks you tested appear to place the keyboard try on the desk when in the lowered position and that will not work for me. Did you test any that have a dropped keyboard tray such as the Ergotron Work-Fit TX? That is the only one I’ve found so far and wonder if there are more.

        1. Hi, Joan, we totally understand your dilemma. If you’re stuck with a built-in desk that too high for a conventional converter to work, I’d consider investing in a drafting chair that elevates your seating position. There are many great options at around $100 to $200. Also, the range of adjustment in office chairs varies a lot, you may just need to find a chair with a high max height. Either of these options would be probably 1/3 the cost of Ergotron Work-fit which borders on the cost of a full stand-alone electric standing desk.

          Hope this helps!

      12. Please, advise on a desk converter for use with a sewing machine. Stability is a big issue, especially the faster one sews. Thank you!

        1. Hi Jennifer, while we are not experts in sewing we’d imagine that the Flexispot M3B 47″ shown above would be a good fit. It has a great mechanical design that offers a lot of stability, a very large work surface area (47″ compared to the standard 36″) and is very heavy which aids the stability. Although, you may want a full standing desk rather than a converter. Hope this helps!

      13. Thank you for taking the time to research this for us. Great job!

      14. Wait, seriously? None of your testers is under 5′ 4″? Um, 5 ft. 3.7 in. is the median height of women in the United States (according to the CDC), which means that the interests of FULLY HALF of all the female workers in the nation are excluded from your testing. Get some new/different testers! I’m 5′ 1″ so I’ve just wasted a lot of time reading your reviews.

        1. Hi Mary, while no one on our team is under 5′ 4″ every converter we recommend was designed for height ranges from around 5’1″ to 6’1″ as long as the surface they are placed on is a typical height. We acknowledge some of the ergonomic issues that people around the 5′ mark run into with standing desk converters since they are placed on an existing desk that potentially already too high for them. There are however many options such as a chair with a larger height range, a full standing desk (instead of a converter) and making use of a standing mat for an additional height boost.

      15. Hello and thanks for this website. It is so informative and helpful.
        My question pertains to using an ergonomic keyboard. Every photo seems to show a standard keyboard and the dimensions listed are for keyboard tray width, not depth (unless I overlooked that).
        Do any of the converters accommodate a full size Logitech ergonomic keyboard with a number keypad? I’d love a corner converter, if possible but can reconfigure to use a standard converter.
        Thank you in advance!

        1. Hi Krista, adding the depth of the tray would be a great addition to our comparison table. That being said we don’t see any issues using a full keyboard with any of our recommended converters with the exception of the Cardboard Spark or the Vivo electric, which do not include the vast keyboard trays of larger converters. The Flexispot M4b would be a great corner option with a very wide and deep keyboard tray. Thanks!

      16. Hi there,

        Just wanted to thank you for such a useful, thorough, and thoughtful review of these products. You’ve saved me a lot of time weeding through all of the options out there. I have an ‘L’ shaped desk with a shelf above it. The shelf limits me to using the 24″ arm of the desk for my stand-up addition, so the measurement grid was particularly helpful. I also happen to have troublesome feet and had no clue that there were so many variations of standing mats. This is truly a great intro to ergonomic workstation options.

        Keep up the great work!

      17. I’ve used the double monitor varidesk at work, but with the 3 monitor stand and am 5’2″, was just barely able to lift up by myself. It was heavy, so it was rarely used after installed which gave reason to dislike it.

        However at home ideally what I’d really like is to have is 2 monitors monitored to a sturdy 8-10′ high strong pole, possibly a tension pole, that can be easily taken apart in 2 or 3 sections that is installed floor to ceiling. with maximum vertical and horizontal positions for adusting the monitors and a way to add a keyboard tray to the pole when standing. Thoughts are this would be easy to adjust manually as each monitor can be adusted vertically or horizontally separately.

        And when sitting the keyboard would sit on my desk and the double monitors would be adusted by sliding down the pole to hover just above the desk height. The goal is to keep my desk free of the monitor & clutter taking up space on the desk. I’d be willing to drill a hole in my desk for the pole hole where I need the monitor pole to be, so that the pole bottom section below the desk simply serves as another leg of the desk, and I can drop the monitor power cables down the bottom part of the pole to the floor. Seems this setup would be more streamlined and easy to move monitors up and down and side to side on the pole. Does anything like this type of design exist? If it does, please share details and cost. Thank you.

      18. Hi, my husband has been using the Varidesk for about 10 years. He loves it and uses it everyday. It’s very big and it has worked well for him, the cost was around $600 at that time. When he bought it, I gave him my desk, because it was larger, and I felt it would be able to withstand the weight better.

        Here’s my question, I want to update his office a bit and would like to get a different desk for him that would provide him additional storage underneath it and to the right. The desk is 23.5” in depth and the Varidesk stand is 24” His current desk is about 28-30” in depth (not quite sure… he’s working at it now and I don’t think I should interrupt for even one more measurement, or he might confiscate my tape measure. Lol)

        Do you think the 1/2 inch shy, will be an issue?

        Thank you,

        1. Hi Jenny, I think it depends on where the pads are located on the Standing Desk Converter. If they are right at the very edge It could present an issue. Have you considered just getting a full standing desk and maybe a separate cabinet?

      19. I’m so excited for the new standing desk converters coming out in Spring 2022! I’m currently using a standing desk converter that I bought from Amazon, and it’s been great so far. I’m looking forward to trying out the new

      20. I wonder what your thoughts are on Humbleworks’ standing desk- also a converter, very simple but seems smart and flexible.

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