SmartCells Anti-Fatigue Mat

Last updated September 20th, 2017 by Ryan Fiorenzi

Quick Summary

The SmartCells Anti-Fatigue mat is a great mat if you’re looking for something sturdy. The bottom side of the mat has lots of cylinders that gives the mat it’s slight give; it’s not a super-soft mat like the popular Topo, which you sink into.

It’s also flat without contours. Many standing desk mats now have raised areas on the mat that you can stretch on, lean into, and even give a slight massage. But some people find these mats a little dangerous as their foot catches an edge when they’re getting on and off their mat.

A stand out feature of this mat is the 8-year warranty. This mat is more expensive than many others, but it will last longer than most mats.

The SmartCells mat is available in:

  • black, grey, and light-brown
  • 24 X 36 and 36 X 60
  • classic and basket-weave pattern is supported by it’s readers. If you purchase any products from this page, our educational website will receive a small commission from the and/or other affiliate programs, which will help cover our costs, and doesn’t affect your price.

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