Best Standing Desks for Businesses

Standing Desks for Your Business

Whether you’re a big or small business you may have considered providing standing desks for your team of employees. Standing desks can offer a variety of health benefits backed by medical research as well as improving productivity and making your office a more dynamic and energetic space to work. Deciding to get standing desks for your business is a big one. Fortunately, our team has extensive experience in standing desks, as well as in helping businesses make the move, and advising on what is right for them.

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Our Process

Selecting the best standing desks for businesses requires an in-depth understanding of standing desks and how they translate to the needs of businesses. We’ve got that. Specifically, we have noticed that the following criteria and considerations become a deciding factor for choosing desks and can often be overlooked.

  • Cost: For many, business decisions often boil down to cost. Depending on the path you take you can spend a lot or a little to enable your employees to stand. It's also important to note that for businesses, costs often go beyond the desk itself. While discounts may be available for buying in bulk there may also be applicable shipping and assembly costs, as well as costs to remove and dispose of existing furniture. We point out which options offer a better overall cost of investment.
  • Durability: While you may value durability in anything you purchase, it can be even more important for your business. Buying durable standing desks is what will allow you the most ROI. Many consumer-grade standing desks just aren’t designed to hold up to 8 hours a day of continued use.
  • Furniture Removal Considerations - If you’re looking to replace your existing office furniture with a full standing desk then you will likely need furniture disposal services, especially if you have a large number of workstations.
  • Range of adjustment - The more employees you have the more important it becomes to have a standing desk with a high range of adjustment. Many standing desks on the market aren’t designed to facilitate proper ergonomics for people shorter than 5’ 1” or taller than 6’ 1”.
  • Corner cube spaces - If your office uses cubes or has the workspace positioned in the corner of the cube then it is important to consider a solution designed for a corner space. Square standing desk solutions positioned in a corner create a lot of dead space and can prevent your monitors from
  • Small area requirements - Sometimes depending on your office space, you may have specific depth or width requirements you’re working within. Standing desks are available in a variety of sizes but small desks can lead to stability issues. We have a few options in mind that are stable and small.
  • Multiple monitors support - It’s becoming more and more common to have an extra monitor or two paired with your laptop. For full standing desks, having multiple monitors is rarely an issue, but for standing desk converters you may run into weight restrictions as many are limited to 35 pounds. You can easily exceed this especially if your monitors are older or 23" or larger. Exceeding the weight limit can make converters difficult or frustrating to operate, leading to more sitting and less standing. Also, some desks have integrated monitor arm features that make them better for multiple monitor setups.
  • Storage - Nearly every standing desk is lacking the storage of a normal desk with integrated cabinets and drawers. For businesses the need to file and store paperwork using standing desks can suddenly create a storage problem. Fortunately, a few manufacturers have realized this and offer matching storage cabinets. Several features can be added to some desks to help with storage as well.
  • Leveling - While not applicable to standing desk converters, for full standing desks, leveling casters can be important to have. Carpet usually helps desks self-level but if your office floor is wood, concrete, or tile you will want a desk that has leveling casters. An unlevel desk can bind during operation and can be generally frustrating to use.
  • Cable management - Often the more workstations you have the more cables you have. Cable management can be a real frustration for businesses. A standing desk can either help or hurt your cable management. This is especially true if you plan to have many desks adjacent to one another. Some desks have excellent cable management that works great for business use, others not so much.

Types of Standing Desks

The first decision you’ll have to make is whether you want to use your existing office furniture or replace it. If you plan to use it, you’ll need a standing desk converter. If you want to replace it, you need a full standing desk or free-standing standing desk. While there are many different mechanical designs, price points, and aesthetics, most every standing desk falls into these two categories:

  • Full stand-alone desks - These replace existing furniture, are commonly electrically operated, and start around $400 and can exceed $2,000 for high-end models.
    • Pros: Aesthetics, stability, high lift capacity, large workspace area, easier to transition from sitting to standing
    • Cons: Cost, storage, assembly, and existing furniture removal considerations
  • Standing desk converters - These convert your existing desk, are usually manually operated, and most are available between $150 and $350.
    • Pros: Cost, ease or lack of assembly, and no need to remove furniture
    • Cons: Stability, weight capacity, small work surface area, and manual operation

Best Standing Desks for Businesses

Every business is different and we understand that. Depending on your goals, budget, and whether you want to keep existing furniture or not, some desks will be better than others for you and your employees. As a result, we have created common desk categories that are relevant to businesses searching for the right standing desks:

Fully Jarvis

Best Value Standing Desk

  • Incredible value for money when compared to similar electric standings desks
  • Very high weight capacity of 350 lbs
  • Durable and high impact resistance bamboo top
  • Available with many accessories relevant to businesses
  • Memory settings that make it easy to return to consistent sitting and standing heights
  • No horizontal frame bar to impede legroom

Ziplift 36"

iMovR Ziplift - Best Standing Desks For Businesses

Best Value Standing Desk Converter

  • Exceptionally high range of adjustment designed to provide proper ergonomics to someone as tall as 6' 7"
  • A rigid steel frame that is very stable, even when raised
  • Tiltable keyboard tray that makes finding a comfortable typing position easy
  • Great for multiple monitors
  • Relatively high weight capacity
  • Durable

Riser Desk 36"

Fancierstudio Riser Desk - Best Standing Desks For Businesses

Best Budget Standing Desk Converter

  • Recently lowered in price resulting in one of the best value for money and budget-friendly standing desk converter options available
  • Oversized keyboard tray that doubles as an extra work surface and offers plenty of space for large keyboards or other items
  • Heavyweight frame and construction that helps aid stability
  • Smooth operation via gas struts

Apex Desk
Flex Pro 66"

Apex Desk Flex Pro 66" - Best Standing Desks For Businesses

Best Executive Standing Desk for Large Spaces

  • Exceptionally large standing desk with 66" wide tabletop making it a desk that you can sprawl out on with room for a printer, multiple monitors, etc...
  • Dual integrated cable management pass-throughs
  • Great for a replacement of traditional executive desk in the middle of an office
  • On the lighter side in terms of weight capacity but shouldn't be an issue

Flexispot M3B 47"

Flexispot M3B 47" - Best Standing Desks For Businesses

Best Executive Standing Desk Converter

  • The largest standing desk converter we've ever reviewed
  • At 47" wide, this converter rivals the workspace area offered by a full standing desk
  • Great choice for existing desks for wide open space
  • Great for multiple monitor setups, with or without arms
  • One of our favorite mechanical designs that raises without swinging towards you

Fully Jarvis

Fully Jarvis Hardwood - Best Standing Desks For Businesses

Best Wood Top Standing Desk

  • Everything we love about the Jarvis standing desk with a beautiful hardwood table top
  • Maple table top available in four different finishes
  • Handcrafted in Vincent Leman's woodworking studio in Indiana
  • Offers the natural beauty of wood that is impossible to replicate with laminate, plywood, or composite desktop surfaces
  • Each desk will have slight variations in grain due to being real wood.

Corner 41"

Flexispot Corner 41" - Best Standing Desks For Businesses

Best Standing Desk Converter for Corners

  • One of the few standing desk converters that allow you to take advantage of a workspace oriented in the corner of a room, office, or cube.
  • The shape avoids the dead-space created when putting a rectangular standing desk converter into a corner.
  • Fairly large at 41" wide offering plenty of workspace surface
  • One of our favorite mechanical designs that raises without swinging towards you.

Fully Jarvis

Fully Jarvis L-Shape - Best Standing Desks For Businesses

Best Standing Desk for Corners

  • Less value for money than the related Jarvis Bamboo rectangular standing desk but delivers a unique standing desk experience and large sprawling workspace.
  • Great for dedicated offices
  • Can be paired to match the regular size Jarvis standing desk
  • Requires a large area due to the 60" x 60" footprint
  • Enormous weight capacity of 530 lbs

Converter 24"

Mount-It! Converter 24" - Best Standing Desks For Businesses

"Best Standing Desk Converter for Small Spaces"

  • Innovative single-arm design that doesn't take up a lot of space but still provides good ergonomics and a decent workspace area
  • Great for narrow or space-constrained work stations
  • An elegant mechanical operation that is a departure from what we see with most other standing desk converters
  • Weight capacity of 18 lbs reflects the small nature of this standing desk converter

Compare Tables

Because standing desks and standing desk converters have inherently different measurements we've broken them down into two separate comparison tables.

  • Standing desk converter stats: Carefully consider the height of your existing furniture when reviewing the max heights below. These measurements should be added to the height of your desk. Common desk heights are 25" to 30".
  • Standing desk stats: Max height measurements are taken from the floor to the top of the frame, usually not including the thickness of the table top.
Best Converters for Businesses Comparison
Converter Max Height Weight Capacity Width Depth Price
20.5" 40 lbs. 36" 22.25" $339
17.7" 30 lbs. 38" 29.5" $180
M3B 47"
19.7" 35 lbs. 47" 31" $298
Corner 41"
19.7" 35 lbs. 41" 23.1" $345
19.5" 18 lbs. 25" 30.5" $140
Best Standing Desks for Businesses Comparison
Standing Desk Max Height Weight Capacity Width Depth Price
49.25" 350 lbs. 48" 30" $469
48.5" 250 lbs 66" 30" $600
45.75" 350 lbs. 48" 30" $990
L Shape
48.5" 530 lbs 60" 60" $1,250

Getting Your Employees Started with Standing

Nothing is worse than investing in your people only to find out they don’t take advantage of it or you see no benefit. We highly recommend sharing some tips with your employees on getting started with their standing desks. This will ensure that standing is something they consider adding to their workday and can lead to a sustainable habit.

  • Advise them not to stand all day - One of the most common mistakes we see is enthusiastic employees wanting to stand indefinitely. While standing for long periods at your desk is something you can work up to, it is not advised for when just starting out. We recommend alternating between standing and sitting every 20 mins or so. This allows you to stand 50% of the time and adds considerable movement variability to your day.
  • Advise wearing good footwear - Adding standing to your day will likely reveal some shortcomings in your footwear if you do not have supportive shoes. Some business settings don’t allow for casual footwear but more and more companies are making dressier footwear that is also engineered for comfort. If this isn’t an option, having custom-made insoles can also dramatically help.
  • Review proper desk ergonomics - Many of us who spend a lot of time at a desk are guilty of bad posture. We’ve created a comprehensive guide on posture and recommend reviewing these tips with your employees.

Extra Considerations

  • Office planning help: If your move to standing desks is part of an overall vision for your office or business then you’re likely to have other needs. Many suppliers of standing desks will also be able to assist you in office planning or refer you to someone they would recommend. They can handle things like removing existing furniture, running cables and power, assembling new furniture, moving employee belongings, and even disposing of remaining boxes and packaging. Many times these services can be scheduled for before or after office hours to minimize or avoid any business downtime. Contact us if you would like our help with planning.
  • Chairs: If your employees are complaining of back pain, a standing desk will help but it's only half the problem in most cases. A quality chair can do wonders for your back. If you’re investing in standing desks, consider getting a quality chair as well. A quality chair paired with a standing desk is certainly likely to ease the back pain of your employees. Look for ones with adjustable lumbar support, armrests that raise and lower, and seats that slide forward and back.
  • Confirm there is a real need: If you’re questioning the investment, consider polling your employees to gauge interest and determine how many people are suffering from back pain.