Best Standing Desks for Gamers

What is a Gaming Standing Desk?

Standing desks for gamers aren’t necessarily a specific type of desk, rather a set of features that gamers would appreciate given their long hours of focusing at their desk. They have more specialized needs with multiple monitors, cable management, and lift capacity. The right gaming standing desk can be an extension of your PC or console setup.

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Why Should Gamers Use a Standing Desk?

Often it’s office workers who can benefit from having a standing desk, but there is a big opportunity for gamers to try standing as well. It’s easy for gaming to result in hours of sitting. This usually leads to poor posture, neck, back, and wrist pain. By standing even a quarter of the time you could see dramatic improvements in how you feel. Standing desks can also become another customizable feature of your gaming setup. Read more on the reasons why gamers should invest in a standing desk.

Our recommendation for most gamers is a full electric standing desk. This is the only type of desk where you have the high lift capacity needed to easily raise and lower a full gaming setup complete with multiple large monitors, speakers, desktop PC, and other equipment. It’s also common for electric standing desks to provide a larger surface area and save sitting and standing height memory settings for two people. Electric standing desks also make it easy for gamers to achieve proper ergonomics.

Our Process

In evaluating which standing desks are best for gaming we consulted with a few competitive PC gamers who use standing desks as part of their gaming setup. With these interviews done we came up with a list of key criteria for a great standing desk for gamers:

  • Memory settings - We love desks with memory settings for sitting and standing heights and consider it a must-have for anyone unless you’re on a tight budget. Memory settings can seriously aid gamers transitioning from sitting to standing. Since mouse and keyboard coordination is important in most games, you’ll want to be able to return to your exact preferred sitting and standing height.
  • Beveled desktop edge - A beveled edge is quite common on many standing desks and can help improve comfort and support on forearms.
  • Cable management - Since many gaming setups make use of at least two monitors, a full desktop computer, speakers, and other wired equipment, cable management is critical for most gamers.
  • Monitor arm compatibility - The gaming community seems to be split on the use of monitor arms. Unless you’re buying super high-end arms, they can tend to wobble or move out of position. Either way, a good gaming standing desk should have the ability to fit monitor arms with very stable support and thick desktop surface.
  • High lift capacity - As mentioned with cable management, gamers have a lot of equipment that can easily outweigh the lifting capacity of many budget standing desks.
  • Style - Gaming is more than just playing and many gamers spend a lot of time and money on the aesthetics of their gaming setup. Most will want their standing desk to fit right in with their other investments.
  • Stability - This is likely to be the most important single criteria for a gaming standing desk. You’ll want an extremely stable desk to make sure your mouse movement and keyboard input is accurate and confidence-inspiring. An unstable desk will lead to moving monitors and general frustration very quickly.

Best Standing Desks for Gamers

Bamboo 48"

Fully Jarvis Bamboo - Standing Desk - Best Gaming Standing Desk

Best Value

The Jarvis Bamboo is one of our favorite standing desks. It is relatively affordable and has developed a solid reputation as being stable, reliable, and good-looking. What is relevant to gamers is the super high lift capacity of 350 lbs. This is especially important for those of us with 3 or more monitors, heavy PC boxes, speakers (often with a sub) among other equipment. It can add up. A capacity of 350 lb gives you peace of mind that your standing desk won't limit your setup. The Jarvis desk is also available in a variety of sizes, colors, and desktop shapes. Most of all, the Jarvis is great value for money.

Elite Series 60"

ApexDesk Elite Series 60" - Best Gaming Standing Desk

Best Value Runner Up

The ApexDesk Elite Series is a great value option for gamers. While on the lighter end in terms of lift capacity at 225 lbs, it does offer a much larger than average size desktop at 60". The ApexDesk also includes two cable pass-throughs, which is really nice if you're using two or more monitors. The tabletop also has a comfortable edge profile and shape, which will give your wrists a comfortable spot to rest for long sessions.

Gamer Pro

Mojodesk Gaming Desk - Best Gaming Standing Desk

Best High-end

The MojoDesk Gamer is a purpose-built gaming desk that has the key features considered important by PC gamers. At $949 the Mojo Gamer Pro is a substantial investment, but you're getting a lot for your money. The Pro includes a high-quality monitor arm with a VESA mount and an adjustable PC hanger. This desk's party trick is its cable management. Included is a large cable pass-through, MAGicSnap Cable Management Chain, integrated tray, and power strip. We like the Gamer Pro so much because it's ready to go right out of the box, no accessories needed. It also has a great warranty and is available in a variety of smart sizes.


Fully Jarvis Frame-Only Standing Desk - Best Gaming Standing Desk

Best Do-It-Yourself

We’re big fans of all Jarvis desk models and especially the frame-only version that allows you to get creative with your desktop and the features you build into it. We’ve built our own desktop and it’s a relatively easy process, even if you’re not a skilled woodworker. Building or sourcing your own tabletop will enable you to determine the exact size, shape, and design of your gaming standing desk. You can build integrated cable management designed specifically to house the cords of your own gear. As mentioned above, the most relevant feature for gamers is the lift capacity.

Compare the Best Gaming Desks

Desk Min
Jarvis Bamboo 23" 49.25" 350 $534
ApexDesk Elite 29" 48" 225 $580
Mojodesk Gamer 24" 50.25" 250 $999
Jarvis Frame-Only 26.5" 45.75" 250 $444

Standing Desk for Gamers Frequently Asked Questions

Here are our answers to the most frequently asked questions about standing desks for gamers.

Are standing desks good for gaming?

Yes. Gamers often play for many hours at a time, and having the option to switch from sitting to standing will reduce the risks of extended periods of inactivity.

How long should you stand at a standing desk?

The general rule is to stand until you're uncomfortable, and to sit for no more than 30 minutes, alternating throughout the day. However, some people are able to stand comfortably for many hours.

What desks do pro gamers use?

The MojoDesk Gamer Pro is an excellent choice for pro gamers, which includes a monitor arm, PC hanger, integrated tray and power strip, and an excellent cable management system.


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