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Chair Review

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Ryan the authorRyan Fiorenzi, B.A.
Updated: July 12, 2020

Quick Summary

The Tic Toc is an innovative chair from Fully, one of the leaders in the standing desk market. It's unique in that it's base is slightly rounded, so as you move while sitting or leaning, the chair rocks slightly, and you end up moving a lot more than you would with a normal chair. The extra movement slightly engages muscles in your legs and core and encourages more movement. When the members of our team tested the Tic Toc, almost everyone reported that they felt more energetic.

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Delivery & Assembly

The chair will arrive in one medium-size box with three parts: the seat, the shaft, and the base. The box is only 12 lbs, so anyone should have no problem lifting it. Be careful when you lift the seat out of the box; ours wasn't attached but was stuck to the shaft, so when I got it out of the box the base hit the floor.

Assembly is easy - just attach the seat to the shaft. After that, you can attach the clear plastic strips to the bottom of the base which will protect your floors if you have hardwood.

Warranty & Guarantee

The warranty is 5 years, which is excellent. Solidly made of beechwood grown and harvested in Northwestern Germany, the chair is well made and there aren't a lot of moving parts. I expect the Tic Toc to stand up to years of use.

Fully offers a 30-day risk-free guarantee as long as it's returned with its original packaging and in like-new condition.


This seat does encourage movement because of it's rounded bottom. If you make any kind of movement, such as moving your mouse around, your weight tends to shift a little, and you'll rock to the side a little. I say a little because this chair doesn't require balance and is very safe.

If you don't want to move as much, you can put your feet on the floor. You'll still move, just not as much as when you put your feet on top of the base (what the manufacturer Fully recommends).

The chair is intended to be used for side to side motion. If you prefer front to back motion, all you need to do is rotate the base 90 degrees. There are other chairs that allow multi-directional movement, such as the Swopper, but we've noticed that when using the Tic Toc, our posture tends to be better than on the multi-directional stools.

The Swopper is a great stool or chair, but it's also almost four times the price of the Tic Toc.

The Tic Toc can easily be used as a stool, leaning chair, or a regular chair; its height range is 16.125" - 23.625".

Another simple part of the design is the thin plastic strips that are included with the Tic Toc. If you have a hardwood floor, using a hardwood chair could scratch the floor, so Fully included plastic strips that easily attach to the bottom of the stool. You'll never see these strips when the stool is in the upright position, and it takes about 30 seconds to adhere the plastic to the base.

The Tic Toc is available in natural color (beech), or black. You can order the seat with or without the padding.



The height adjusts easily via a lever just underneath the seat. It's activated via a custom gas lift and requires 80 lbs of pressure to activate the gas lift. When lifting the seat, just take most of your weight off of the seat and lift the lever. When dropping the height, just lift the lever and your weight will press it down.


What we like about the seat is that it has a premium-textured brushed finish and is treated for water repellency.

The only thing we don't like about this chair is that the seat doesn't have enough padding (.75"). For our team who switches from sitting to standing all day, this wouldn't stop up from purchasing this stool. By the time you start getting sore, it's probably time to switch back to standing.

If you don't use a standing desk, need extra padding, and you don't plan on at least getting up and moving around a couple of times per hour, you may want a little extra cushion. You could add a seat cushion, but most seat cushions don't have straps to attach it to the chair. There are cushions for car seats that attach around the back of the car seat, but that may not hold the cushion in place on top of the Tic Toc.



The Tic Toc is a unique chair that will get you actively sitting at a competitive price.  It's well made with a great warranty and has a 30-day risk free return. We highly recommend it for anyone who spends too much time being sedentary.


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