Jarvis Standing Desk Review

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Updated September 28, 2018

Quick Summary

The Jarvis desk is one of the best value electric full standing desks currently available. It's been at the top of our list as well as many others for years. It's a beautiful, stable, quality desk that offers seemingly endless options to customize your desk to your style and needs. It's also backed by a solid company, warranty and above all it's priced extremely competitively at a $395 starting price.

Jarvis Desk - Black Standing Desk Frame
Jarvis Desk - White Standing Desk Frame


  • The Jarvis is very well made
  • For a desk at this price point it is extremely stable.
  • Large lift capacity (350 lbs) which makes it a great choice for multiple monitor and or desktop machine setups that may weight more.
  • Beautiful
  • Tabletop looks and feels great
  • Speed of adjustment is good
  • Will accomodate users up to 6 foot 6 inches (desk can go up to 51" high if you add the locking rolling caster, 49" without)
  • Nice customization options
  • Free shipping


  • Desk will arrive in 2 shipments
  • Not the quietest desk on the market, but good for the price
  • Cable management could use improvement


The desk will arrive in 2 packages and may arrive at 2 different times. This is often the reality of buying a full standing desk. Due to the weight and size of shipping the frame together, it's much easier and cost effective for companies like Fully to ship the desktop and frame separately. This isn't a big issue since free shipping is still offered.

Warranty and Assembly

Assembly isn't difficult with the clear directions that they include. It will take an hour or two, and you can save a little time if you use an electric drill for the screws.

The Jarvis offers an impressive warranty and one of the best we're aware off. The warranty on the frame, the motor, and the moving parts is 7 years. Most competitors offer 3 years on the frame and possibly less on the electronics and moving parts.

If you have to return the desk, the desk must be in "like new" condition, and in it's original packaging. If you didn't keep the packaging, there will be a restocking fee. They'll then issue you a refund, minus shipping charges and any damage fees.

Operation and Stability

The desk raises and lowers at 1.25" per second, which is a solid stat for a desk at the lower end of the price range for a quality standing desk. The desk isn't the quietest desk available when switching, but not bad.

If you like to keep a lot of stuff on your desk, this desk is a beast with it's 350 lb. lift capacity. This is probably the reason why it's a little louder than other higher priced desks.

If you're a taller user and use the desk at the highest height, you may find there's a little shake to the desk. We don't think it's a deal killer, especially at this price.

Features and Options

The Jarvis is loaded with quality features and optional extras that can make the desk your own.


The tabletop is the statement of the desk. The bamboo tabletop is truly beautiful and appears to be very durable. Some desks at or even above this price range feature composite desktops that while durable don't offer the natural beauty of bamboo or the other options available with the Jarvis. The finish of the bamboo is very smooth, and would still be good for a mouse tracking even without a mouse pad. The corners of the tabletop are rounded and sealed, which will keep the desk looking new and lasting years to come.

The tabletop is available in 2 different shapes, rectangle and a rectangle with an inward contour on the edge you work on. The rectangle is available in 7 different sizes:

  • 30 x 27"
  • 36 x 27"
  • 42 x 27"
  • 48 x 30"
  • 60 x 30"
  • 72 x 30"
  • 78 x 30"

The rectangle contour, pictured below, is only $20 more and an option we would recommend for the ergonomic benefits. This options is available in 3 sizes:

  • 48" x 30"
  • 60" x 30"
  • 72" x 30"
Jarvis Desk - Bamboo Table Top

The bamboo material offered with the Jarvis is a very environmentally friendly material. The desks are made from bamboo that requires no fertilizers or pesticides. Bamboo is an eco-friendly option it grows to maturity in 5 years. The desktops are even Greenguard certified, so they're made without the use of stains or dyes which can contain VOCs (volatile organic compounds), which can be harmful to the environment and your health.

Jarvis Desk - Bamboo Tabletop Closeup

Control Unit

You have 2 control unit options for the height. Standard is the the simple two-button up and down unit and programmable memory control unit which allows you to set your sitting and standing heights for up to two people. This is an upgrade we'd highly recommend. The programmable handset is a $35 upgrade and has the up and down buttons as well as 4 presets for height. We recommend the programmable handset as you can preset your favorite sitting and standing height. There's 4 buttons, so if there's a second desk user in the house or office, they can preset their standing and sitting height as well.

Jarvis Desk - Memory Control Unit

Cable Management

We recommend the optional cable management grommets (featured below with the poser options) so your cords can funnel through them on the back left and back right sides of the desk. These range in price from $20-$39.

There's also a cable management bundle available which includes a surge protector with a 15 ft cable, two cable trays, zip ties, and double sided tape to attach the trays to the back underside of your desk. If you have a lot of cables, the cable trays may not fit everything.

Power Supply Options

You can also get grommets that hold an AC outlet and two USB ports, so you can plug in 3 devices per grommet. This is really convenient for phone charging.

One possible good option is to get one of your grommets for cable management (on the side of the desk that's closer to the power outlet), and the other grommet can be upgraded for wire management.

Jarvis Desk - Power supply and Grommet Options

Jarvis Desk - Power Strip Holder

CPU Holders

Ergo Depot offers two options for keeping your computer off of the floor (which reduces the amount of dust that can get inside of your machine). It also frees up floor space, and looks a lot better.

One is the Buddy ($69), which holds CPU's 2.25"-4.75" wide and 9"-16.25" tall. It will hold a CPU up to 22 lbs, and it swivels 360°.

The other option, the Ergo Depot CPU Holder ($59), holds larger machines, and is available in black or silver.

Jarvis Desk - CPU holder

Monitor Arms

Ergo Depot offers an articulating monitor arm, or dual monitor arms, as well as an optional laptop tray. These are available in black, gray, or white to match your frame.

Monitor arms are great as an ergonomic solutions as you can adjust your monitors to the perfect angle when you're sitting and standing so you're minimizing the amount of strain on your upper back and neck.

Having 2 monitor arms is how you can increase the amount of information you have access to, which can be great for traders, designers, video editors, etc. And if you use a laptop, you could have 3 screens in total.

At $199, you might want to make a trip to a local office store and compare prices. For our top recommendations, check out our review of the top monitor arms.

Locking Casters

A $29 upgrade, this will add 2 inches of height to the desk and allow it to roll on smooth surfaces. This is a great upgrade if you're on the higher end or above the height range.

Pencil Tray

A $29 upgrade that hides under your desk and swivels out, convenient for holding a few small items and allow you to keep your desk top clear.

File Cabinet

The Jarvis can be optioned with a file cabinet known as The Sidekick. It is painted gray, white, or black to match the color and finish of your Jarvis frame. It has a lock for all three drawers, 5 rolling casters, pencil drawer, box drawer, and a drawer for organizing files.


For the price, the Jarvis Bamboo Adjustable Standing Desk is a really competitive desk. We've reviewed a lot of adjustable standing desks, and this is one of our favorites.

If you like the base but want a different tabletop, you can put whatever top on the base that you like. We've seen people attach an old door to make their own tabletop.

This desk has received a lot of favorable reviews, and if you live in Portland or San Francisco, you can visit their showroom and try the desk out.

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