Study: Lose Weight While Standing Still

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While we’ve long known the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle and the many health benefits of decreasing the time we spend sitting each day, a new study published by the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology offers an even more concrete measure of these benefits.

Researchers sought to identify the difference in energy expenditure between sitting and standing. After pouring over 658 studies and examining data from 1184 participants, they were able to place the average difference in energy expenditure between sitting and standing at 0.15 calories per minute. Based on that number, this study shows that by standing rather than sitting for 6 hours per day, a 143-pound person will expend an extra 54 calories each day.

What does this mean for you? It means you could lose 5 pounds this year by simply standing still! You can get started today by taking our 30-day challenge. That’s an extra 1620 calories burned while checking Facebook, answering emails, or catching up on Netflix!

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