Standing Desk Market to Double by 2025

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A new study published by Credence Research has forecasted that the standing desk market will be doubling in size by 2025. This is largely driven by aggressive adoption of desk converters and electric standing desks. Research shows that reducing the amount of time sitting can cut your chances of cancer, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and back pain. That doesn’t mean that we should stand all day, but it does mean that we should find ways to move actively throughout the day. Using adjustable height desks is one of the easiest ways to break up long periods of slouching.

Corporations have been the leaders in the overall market growth for the past few years. While there is continued growth forecasted there, residential, educational, healthcare, manufacturing and other business areas are all likely increasing as well. Smaller businesses and residences will be increasing demand because of an increased awareness of ergonomic furniture benefits and an overall decreased cost offered by many manufacturers. Businesses large and small are beginning to offer standing desks and even walking desks for their employees. As a result, the amount of manufacturers is growing which will hopefully lead to competitive prices for consumers.

Source: Credence Research Inc.

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