UPLIFT Standing Desk Review

Ryan Fiorenzi - Updated on July 12th, 2023

UPLIFT Desk has become a big name in the standing desk world, and we wanted to see for ourselves how the quality compares to other competitors we have reviewed. After using ours for about a week now, we are starting to see what all the fuss is about. It stood up well to our durability and stability tests. So far we can vouch that it is very well made. We were a little surprised by all of the choices for customization and the price can really start to add up when going through the configuration options. We ended up with a basic version that has a durable bamboo tabletop.

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Uplift Bamboo - Boxes

Delivery and Warranty

Shipping was painless. We received both boxes, one for the frame and one for the desktop (which also came with a desk mat) in three days. There is no cost for shipping and we felt better because of the 30-day trial period they offer. They have a white glove service that will bring someone along to install your desk in a room of your choice, but this costs more and takes about two weeks extra. We don't think this option is necessary for most people, unless you can't find someone to help you with some parts of the installation.

The UPLIFT Desk offers a limited warranty that lasts 7 years for most products. They stand behind any defects with their frames, electronics, and motors and cover their desktops if there is a manufacturer defect or damage in shipping. Finally, they cover accessories for any material or workmanship defects. UPLIFT does not cover things like damage in installation, normal wear and tear, and consequential damages.

Uplift Bamboo - Parts
Uplift Bamboo - Frame


The desk comes in two boxes. There is one for the frame and one for the desktop. Although the assembly is pretty straightforward once you know what you're getting into, we strongly recommend having two people present when moving the loaded boxes, assembled frame, desktop and complete desk.

We added a video below that we wish we had watched prior to installation. It took us about two hours from start to finish because we had to check in with the manual so frequently. If you do spend a few minutes watching the video (even in fast forward) it will save you quite a bit of time. Overall assembly is painless. However, one area we struggled with in particular was bolting the legs to the crossbar. By watching the video below at 0:41 you will see how they handled that part.


The general ergonomics on the UPLIFT Desk are good. It offers a memory keypad which makes it really easy to switch quickly between ideal sitting and standing height for multiple people. We find ourselves switching between sitting and standing more frequently because of how easy the transition is.

Now on to a few options we didn't choose, but you could consider. We went with the standard rectangular desktop surface. Some people choose to go with the curved desktop to make more of the desk accessible without needing to move. We already had monitor arms that we use for our dual monitor setup. We strongly recommend finding monitor arms that bring the top of your monitor up to eye height. We use the desktop surface for our keyboard and mouse, but some people choose to get a keyboard tray that attaches under the desk and allows for additional adjustment.



We chose a basic rectangular desktop for our C-shape frame. There are two large pre-cut holes in the back of the frame for cords to pass through. The frame itself is well-designed and minimalist. The general appearance is very simple and appealing to look at. We go into the different options below in this review, but the general appearance and design of this desk can adapt to your design preferences. They have four frame color options and as many desktop type configuration options as we have seen anywhere.

Uplift Bamboo - Table Top Material

Operation and Stability

The desk moves as quickly and quietly as other desks that we have used - like the Jarvis - even when we had the desk fully loaded with our equipment. Actual adjustment speed is about 1.5" per second and puts out about 50 decibels when raising and lowering. Not bad for a desk that can handle up to 355 lbs.

We were concerned about stability because the legs felt a bit top heavy when installing and there is no crossbar. Despite that, we felt very little wobble even at max height. This is because the manufacturer chose to add a wedge system to the top of the frame as seen below. Even when forcefully pushing left to right at the max height the desk hardly moves. There is a very slight wobble when pushing hard front to back when at max height. Overall we are pleased with the stability and we are more than comfortable enough with a full drink sitting on our desk.

Uplift Bamboo - Frame Construction

Sizes and Options

This is one of the key areas where UPLIFT really shines. They offer the most customizable adjustable height desk of any company that we are aware of. These are the main options:

  • Desk Style - rectangular desk, l-shape corner desk, 120-degree workstation, frame only, converter
  • Desktop Material - bamboo, rubberwood solid wood, whiteboard, reclaimed wood, etc
  • Number of Legs - two or four
  • Desktop Size - 48"x30", 60"x30", 72"x30", 80"x30"
  • Frame Color - black, metallic, gray, white
  • And the options go on...

I have been using standing desks for years now and for whatever reason never chose to use a desk mat. For about a week now I have been using their desk mat, and I'm surprised how much less fatigued my legs feel at the end of the day. I'm definitely going to continue using it.

Uplift Bamboo - Free Mat

Cable Management

The UPLIFT we use has two large holes in the back for cables and came with more than enough wire clips to keep wires neatly tucked away. They also sell grommets, organizing channels, trays and a variety of other kits to keep wires neatly organized. We found the basic cable ties that came with the desk to be more than sufficient for organization.



The base model of the UPLIFT Desk offers some of the best value of standing desks we have reviewed to date. They have a solid 7-year warranty, and the base model with an upgrade or two should be more than enough for most people. If you have any thoughts on this desk, positive or negative, please let us know below!

UPLIFT Desk Frequently Asked Questions

Here are our answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the UPLIFT Desk.

Are UPLIFT Desks good?

UPLIFT Desks are well made with an excellent warranty, aren't difficult to assemble, have good ergonomics, well-designed, quiet, and stable. It is one of the top standing desks.

Where is the UPLIFT Desk made?

UPLIFT Desks are designed and assembled in Austin, Texas. Like many other standing desk manufacturers, most of the parts are sourced from China at JieCang Linear Motion Technologies.

Do standing desks really work?

Standing desks are a great substitute to traditional sitting desks. We are particularly fond of adjustable height desks because you can change between sitting and standing as needed.

Who owns UPLIFT Desk?

Jon Paulsen is the CEO and founder of UPLIFT Desks. He founded Human Solution in 2002, is a Certified Professional Ergonomist, and has been in the space as an ergonomic expert ever since.

Should I buy an UPLIFT Desk or a Jarvis Desk?

Both desks are high-quality desks that are similarly priced and manufactured in a similar way. It is best to research both desks to understand which one suits your specific needs better.


  1. You mentioned that they have a white glove service. However, after contacting uplift, they said they do not offer it, nor have they ever offered it. did you see that offer for White glove service on Amazon, or through the uplift website?

  2. I asked on your “best” post but was wondering what you know about the commercial version it is supposed to be more stable with an extra cross bar but does not have the wedge design. I’m wondering if it is worth it for the stability. I won’t be at 350lbs but I have a lot of equipment and it will be used somewhere near max height.

    1. Hey Scott, saw your other question, those crossbars make a significant difference in side-to-side racking, especially at full height with a lot of equipment. The main complaint is bumping your knees against it but with the 30″ depth it shouldn’t be as big an issue as other shallower desks. Hope this helps!

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