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Updated: August 14, 2021

Quick Summary

Though it's more expensive than other comparable desks (such as the Jarvis or our first two choices in our top standing desks), the unique feature of this desk is the ability to use a dry or wet erase  marker on the tabletop. If you're like me and you take lots of little notes every day that you don't need to save, this might be a good standing desk for you.

The other standout features are that this is one of the quietest desks that we've ever tested, and the desk is very stable, even at the tallest height. It also includes a wire management system at no extra cost, and they'll cut grommet holes for you a at no charge. Based on the high lift capacity of the desk, the quiet motor, the stability of the desk, I wold expect this desk to last longer and to give you less issues than many of it's competitors.

With the Jarvis starting at $470, and the iMovR Uptown starting at $719, does this justify Upwrite's higher price tag of $899? If you like the whiteboard tabletop, it may be worth it for you.

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Updesk Upwrite Full Review

You have 4 choices for your base and tabletop that you can use dry and wet erase markers:

  • White top and white base
  • White top and black base
  • White top and titanium base
  • blaack top and black base

Adjusting the Desk & Controls

The desk will go as low as 23.5", and as high as 49.5" (and will be 3" higher with the optional casters). It's one of the quietest desks we've tested.

Raising and lowering the desk is relatively quiet, and it can hold 375 lbs!

There's a digital handset that controls the height with a switch and 3 preset buttons. The digital readout tells you how many inches the desk is at, and there's an up and down arrow to move the desk. So you could have a sitting height for you, a leaning height, and a standing height, or you could share the presets with another person in your desk or home.

The desk is very stable, even at the tallest height.

Warranty & Tabletop

The desk has a 5 year warranty and comes in 3 different table top sizes: 48" wide ($899), 60" ($949), and 72" ($999).

As far as the tabletop, it's a really cool feature that you can write on the whiteboard tabletop. I think it's not as pretty as a the bamboo tabletop that you have with the Jarvis, but as someone who is writing little notes all day (I used to have a problem with sticky notes), it's a really nice feature. Keeping the surface clean does take a little work though.

Shipping & Assembly

Shipping is $129 and usually ships in 1-2 business days. You can have grommet holes cut at no extra charge if you want so you can run wires through the desk, which will add 3-4 business days to the delivery time. And cable management holders are included, which many companies charge extra for.

Assembly is relatively easy, and you may need a second person to lift the desk into the upright person once you. It took me about 20 minutes to put together. You'll need to attach the 2 legs to the tabletop, the control box, and the plastic for the wire management.

Customer Service

We keep notes on our customer service experiences, and Updesk was great. We haven't had any issues with the desk, so we haven't had to call other than to order and to ask about some specs, but we've heard nothing but good things from others.

Here's a short video that shows the desk in action and discusses some of the features of the Upwrite desk, including using a combo of dry and wet erase markers, as well as using the presets for different shoes you wear.