Varidesk Acquires Stand2Learn in Push to Expand Standing Desks to Children

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The standing desk movement has been expanding across the corporate world for some time now. Those who have made the transition rave about its many benefits. These benefits include weight loss, higher energy levels, increased productivity, and the elimination of back and body pain.

A newer trend - one looking to stop a sedentary lifestyle before it starts - is focusing on adding standing desks to the classroom. With the troubling upward trend in childhood obesity, standing desks could be a simple but significant solution to getting kids moving. Studies have shown that sedentary behaviour affects both physical and mental health, increasing obesity, blood pressure, and cholesterol as well as reducing self-esteem and academic performance.

With this in mind, schools are beginning to introduce standing desks to children as young as elementary school. Proponents of standing desks believe this change will increase academic performance, physical health, and classroom engagement. This change is already showing results. In one study, children who switched to standing desks showed a 3 percent decrease in BMI while those in the control group saw a 2 percent increase. Teachers also report increased focus and behavioural improvements when kids are no longer made to “sit still” all day.

One of our favorite standing desk companies, Varidesk, is looking to expand its successful standing desk enterprise into the classroom. Varidesk specializes in affordable, accessible standing desk solutions that can be added right to your existing desktop. They have been extremely successful in the business world, with their products appearing in more than 95 percent of Fortune 500 companies around the country. Earlier this week, Varidesk expanded its commitment to ending sedentary lifestyles when it acquired Stand2Learn, a leader in classroom standing desks.

Stand2Learn's desks are currently used by more than 100,000 kids in all 50 states and 13 countries. Varidesk CEO Jason McCann hopes this acquisition will increase those numbers exponentially. By working together with Stand2Learn’s top researcher, Dr Mark Benden, the new team hopes to accelerate its research and development pipeline and increase its market presence more quickly. We look forward to this partnership helping to promote a new generation of healthy, active children.

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