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Updated September 30, 2018

Choosing an Alternative to Varidesk Converters

The standing desk converter market is getting much more competitive and that is great for you as a buyer. While Varidesk makes excellent products and has made a great name for themselves there are some fantastic alternatives from new and established companies that we urge you to consider. Using our list you may be able to find the perfect standing desk converter and save a little money while you’re at it.

Methodology for Selecting Alternatives

In selecting our list of alternatives to Varidesk, we have chosen converters that deliver the pros and avoid the cons of Varidesk products at a lower or similar price point. Here's what we were looking for:

  • Quality - Quality is a distinct characteristic of Varidesk products, if you're looking for an alternative you're still wanting a quality item.
  • Stability - Some Varidesk designs can cause some stability issues, so we're looking for desks that generally perform a little better with stability.
  • Price - Varidesk us usually towards the top of the price range among competitor products, we've found converters that are less without much compromise.

Top Varidesk Alternatives for 2018

We understand that every person and their standing desk preferences are different, so we'll give you options in a variety of different categories:

#1 – Flexispot

Flexispot M2B - Varidesk Alternatives

    “Best Value and Top Choice Converter”

    • Improved converter design
    • Doesn’t move towards you as it raises
    • Comes fully assembled
    • Sleek design
    • Stable operation
    • 12 height levels for people 5’1″ to 6’1″
    • Available in a beautiful wood top

    #2 – Fancierstudio Riser Desk

    Francierstudio Riser Desk - Varidesk Alternatives

    “Best on a Budget”

    • Keyboard tray has enough room for mouse (many competitors don’t)
    • Supports up to 30 lbs
    • Comes fully assembled
    • High quality construction
    • Great customer service
    • 8 height levels that range from 5″ to 17.7″
    • 38-inch wide x 29.5 deep x 5 to 17.7-inch high

      #3 – AmazonBasics Converter

      AmazonBasics Converter - Varidesk Alternatives

        “Best Budget Runner Up”

        • Extremely sturdy desktop and typing surface even when raised
        • Weight capacity is slightly better than most converters at 35 pounds.
        • Oversized keyboard tray with room for a mouse and full-size keyboard
        • Generic but highly functional
        • 1-Year Warranty from AmazonBasics

        #4 – iMovR Ziplift

        iMovR Ziplift - Varidesk Alternatives

          “Best Ergonomics and Range of Adjustment”

          • Smooth adjustment via silent gas-strut enabled Z-lift mechanism, with infinite stops for perfect height adjustment
          • Has the option of tilting the keyboard to reduce wrist strain
          • Includes slot for phone or tablet
          • Stable even at full height
          • 20 5/8″ maximum height
          • Has center grommet hole for accommodating most monitor arms
          • Available in black or white
          • 40 lb total weight limit
          • 2 year warranty

          #5 – Vivo Electric Converter

          Vivo Electric Converter - Varidesk Alternatives

            “Best Electric Converter”

            • Least expensive and highest rater electric standing desk converter
            • Varidesk equivalent is around $500
            • Heavy weight capacity for a converter at 37.5 pounds
            • Simple and quick assembly
            • Overzised keyboard tray and deep desktop work surface
            • Includes an integrated slot for your phone tablet or book
            • Compatible with all styles of monitor mounts

            Compare Top Varidesk Alternatives

            Use the table below to compare the stats of our top Varidesk alternatives. As you can see there is a range of min and max heights as well as lift capacity and pricing. If you're on the low or high end of the height range, choose accordingly and if you have multiple monitors or heavier computing equipment, consider a standing desk converter with a high lift capacity.

            Stat Definitions:

            • Min Height (inches) - This is the measurement from the floor to the top of the converter in it's lowest possible position assuming the existing desk is 25 inches tall.
            • Max Height (inches) - This is the measurement from the floor to the top of the converter in it's highest position assuming the existing desk is 25 inches tall.
            • Lift Capacity (pounds) - This is the optimal maximum lift capacity of the converter as reported by the manufacturer.
            • Price (usd) - This is the current price as of the last update date on this guide.
            Top Varidesk Alternatives Stats Comparison
            Desk Min Height* Max Height* Lift Capacity Pounds Price
            Flexispot M2B 30.9" 44.7" 35 $278
            Fancierstudio Riser Desk 30" 42.7" 30 $179
            AmazonBasics Converter 30.5" 46" 35 $181
            IMovR Ziplift 31.2" 45.6" 45 $369
            Vivo Electric Converter 31" 44" 45 $289
            *assumes the existing desk the converter is placed on is 25 inches tall.

            Getting Started with Your Converter

            Standing desk converters or risers are a great way to start standing on a budget or to take advantage or your existing furniture. We've used converters extensively in the office and at home and here is what we've learned:
            • Select a converter with ample space for your keyboard and mouse - Many have keyboard trays that don't leave much room for the mouse next to your keyboard tray. All of our top choices have room for the mouse. You'll notice that many use an Apple keyboard tray in their pictures because they're so much smaller.
            • Position Your Monitor Correctly - Most of these units are for people between 5 foot 3" and 6 foot 1". If you are taller or shorter, you may want to add a monitor arm to your standing desk converter.
            • Try a Standing Mat - A standing desk mat is a great accessory to help you ease into standing and stand longer when you choose to. It helps ease pressure on your joints, back and neck.
            • Try a leaning chair or stool - a leaning chair or stool designed for a standing desk gives you an additional option between sitting and standing. It allows you to take a break from standing without putting pressure on your spine and lower back caused by sitting.

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            1. This was a very helpful review. I have been looking for a less expensive option. The varidesk products seem like they are overpriced. I think I’m going to go with the fancier studio desk converter.

              1. Dakota,

                We’re glad this helped! We certainly don’t think Varidesk makes bad products. Their quality is very good. These are just a few alternatives for those people that are seeking out other options.

            2. Why is the varidesk so popular to begin with? It seems like no other desk gets talked about. Are they really as bad and as overpriced as I see on btod?

              1. Varidesk makes quality products overall, and they have great name recognition because of their active advertising and how long (relatively speaking) they have been in the market. There are a number of products that have similar features and quality at a lower price which we have featured on this page. We do not have anything against Varidesk, but we have been asked by many about the different alternatives that are out there so we wanted to feature the ones that we have reviewed above.

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