Vert Ergonomic Chair Review

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Charles Karns the author Research by Aaron
Updated May 15, 2020

Quick Summary

For a long time, all office chairs looked pretty much the same. Despite there being hundreds of manufacturers, very few have stood out from the crowd. A select group of innovative companies has thrown off the old way of doing things and are offering up truly unique ergonomic office solutions. The Vert ergonomic chair by UPLIFT Desk is an excellent example of a truly unique ergonomic office chair. The Vert chair is very easy on the eye and even easier on the back. The chair offers a whole host of ergo-friendly features, including the distinctive back that was designed to mimic the spine throughout a wide range of movements. Having already been very impressed with the UPLIFT Desk Motion Stool, our team was very excited to do an UPLIFT Desk Vert Ergonomic Chair review.



  • Looks cool and modern
  • Available in black and white
  • The Vert chair is very well made
  • The height is very easy to adjust
  • Seat depth is adjustable
  • Cushion and back are comfortable for extended sitting
  • Flexible back micks or follows the user's motions for added support
  • The mesh back is very breathable for a cool sitting experience
  • The chair can tilt back into a comfortable reclining position
  • High quality, smooth-rolling casters
  • Made with eco-friendly materials, 62% recyclable


  • Would be nice if headrest was adjustable
  • Armrests are rubbery plastic
  • We've seen a couple complaints about the seat being too hard
  • Lumbar support only adjusts about 3" up/down


The Vert Ergonomic Chair ships for free in the lower 48 states if you do not require expedited production. For $9 extra you can count on it to ship the same or next business day. It may take an extra business day if you place your order after 3:00 pm central time.

On top of no cost shipping, UPLIFT also promises a 30-day trial period. The chair will ship in a box that is 26" wide by 17" high by 28" deep and weighs 42 pounds. If you are ordering an UPLIFT Desk they have a white-glove service that will bring someone along to install your desk in a room of your choice. This costs more and takes about two weeks extra. We don't think this option is necessary for most people unless you can't find someone to help you with some parts of the installation.

Warranty and Return Policy

The Vert Ergonomic Chair comes standard with a 3-year limited warranty. Just about everything they make is covered. Their desk frames, electronics, and motors are covered for any defects or malfunctions. If anything is nonfunctional due to manufacturer's defect or damaged during shipping UPLIFT will honor that too. Any defects in their accessories with regards to materials or workmanship are also covered.

Problems resulting from setting up items incorrectly, unauthorized modifications, normal wear and tear, abuse, or forces of nature like a tornado or earthquake are not covered by the warranty. We find the seven-year warranty to be a great deal and it speaks very highly of the brand's confidence in their products.

Parts and Assembly


Assembly isn't difficult with the clear directions that the folks at UPLIFT Desk include. There are six main parts: the seat, the back (with armrests), the headrest, base, cylinder, and casters (5). There are also a few screws, washers, plastic caps, and allen wrenches. It's worth noting that the screws and washer were already in place when we received our chair.

We set a timer as we began assembly just like we always do. Knowing what we know now, it should have only taken between 5 and 8 minutes to assemble.

Step 1 was easy enough. We flipped the base over and firmly pressed the five casters into place. Next, we flipped the base and caster assembly over and placed the cylinder in the center of the base. Then we moved on to step 2. We followed the suggestion to place the seat upside down on the edge of a table. We tried to slide the back into place and could not seem to get the holes in the base of the back to align with the seat. It seemed like the back wasn't deep enough for the seat! Finally, we sat down and started reading the rest of the assembly instructions. Nothing regarding the matter was covered in the instructions. It wasn't until we were reading about the seat depth adjustment feature that it occurred to us that if we adjusted the depth of the seat then the holes might align properly. Sure enough, we pulled the seat lever and slid the seat depth unit back and the two aligned perfectly. It would be helpful to include that information in the assembly instructions, but since you're reading about it here, you're all set!

We quickly dropped in the washers and screws and had the back and seat assembled in seconds. Next, we lowered the chair assembly onto the cylinder and secured it in place with a little downward pressure. The final step was to add the headrest. The fourth step is just a matter of angling the headrest enough to slide it in such a way that the headrest slots align with the tabs on the back. Once it's in place, simply insert the two socket pan head screws and tighten with the appropriate Allen wrench. With that, the assembly was complete. You can see the manufacturer's full assembly instructions below.


Operation and Adjustability

Once the Vert Ergonomic office chair is fully assembled we found it to be easy to operate and highly adjustable. Most notable is the flexible back. The back also has a tilt adjustment, the tension of which can also be adjusted. The Vert chair has adjustable lumbar support. The seat height can adjust, along with the seat depth. Lastly, the arms can adjust up and down as well. The Vert office chair weighs in at about 40 lbs and is capable of supporting up to 250 lbs.

Seat, Back & Armrests


The seat has 1.5 inches great of plush padding. The seat is also lightly contoured for additional comfort. We find the seat to be comfortable for up to maybe four hours of uninterrupted sitting (though we don't recommend sitting for long periods). We tend to adjust the tilt of the back every forty minutes or so to change the angle of pressure on the posterior.

The fabric of the Vert seat is of the typical synthetic variety. The seat depth adjustment lever is found flush on the right underside of the seat. In order to adjust the seat depth, you simply slide it out a half-inch or so and then you can adjust the seat forward or backward until you are comfortable. The seat depth appears to have four settings that ranges from 17.3" to 19.7". Plenty to you keep you comfortable.

The seat height adjustment lever is also found on the right-hand side. This one is much more prominent though. It's more of a paddle-like handle that you twist to raise and lower the seat. The seat height can travel from 15.7" to 19.7" above the floor.



The back is, without a doubt, the most notable and recognizable feature of the Vert chair. The design is almost a replica of the human element that it is designed to protect - your spine. The back of the chair has five rigid composite ribs that are connected by six flexible vertebrae. As you move in the chair it will seem to hug, grip, and support you all at the same time. If you lean to either side, it will flex and follow. Due to the flexible design, we worried that the support may not seem symmetrical. Thus far, the concern seems to be completely unfounded.

The back is also capable of tilting to a very comfortable recline. The handle that adjusts tilt is on the bottom left-hand side of the seat. If the paddle is up, then the back will freely tilt up and down. Once the optimal position is reached, simply flip the paddle downward and the back will lock in place. I tend to sit either fully upright or fully reclined. The back also has adjustable lumbar support. The lumbar support can travel about 3" in total vertically, to ensure a perfect fit for every individual. The face of the back that contacts the user is made of a plastic mesh material. The design of the back allows for superior air-flow that will allow you to stay cool in any situation.


The armrests are constructed of a semi-soft hard plastic. I know it sounds contradictory, but we challenge you to find a better description. The armrests are only able to adjust in a vertical direction. Simply depress the button on the underside of the armrest and stop at the elevation that works best for you. It would be nice if the arms could slide forward and back or pivot on other angles but we're not sure it'd be a difference-maker.


The price of the UPLIFT Vert Chair may seem high at first. But, when we consider the total cost of the many chairs we have purchased and eventually cast aside the Vert chair may end up being a great investment. The Vert chair looks amazing and, more importantly, feels amazing.

Even though this chair is awesome, we wouldn't recommend you sit in it 8 or 9 hours per day. You will be best served by switching back-and-forth between this chair, a standing desk stool like the UPLIFT Motion Stool and simply standing at your desk. The best solution is moving more and varying your position. You really should switch your position every thirty minutes or so.

The UPLIFT Desk Vert Ergonomic Chair has received a number of positive reviews. Considering how positive we feel about this chair we highly recommend giving it a try. With the 30-day return policy, you have nothing to lose. We're pretty confident you'll hang onto this chair for a long time!