Varidesk Reviews & Comparison

Ryan Fiorenzi - Updated on July 12th, 2023

Vari (formerly known as Varidesk) focuses on adjustable height standing desks and desk converters, as well as other office products. Often misspelled as "Vera Desk", they entered the industry with a desk converter that allows you to add their adjustable height riser to an existing desk. They have since expanded the depths and heights to accommodate different workspace and height needs. They have also added a standalone desk, adjustable chair, and desk accessories.

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Best for Most People

Vari Pro Plus 36
  • 2,400+ reviews at 4.8/5 on Amazon
  • Sturdy two-layered surface for proper ergonomics
  • High-quality raising and lowering mechanism

Varidesk Models

There are several advantages to ordering Varidesk products:

  • All their products have durable and uncomplicated lowering and raising mechanics.
  • Their products have been designed with ergonomics in mind.
  • Their converters and desks are very sturdy in all positions.
  • All of the standing desk converters, as well as most of their products, require no assembly. As some of the converters are a little heavy, you may need two people to put them in place.
  • Products are shipped within 24 hours, are usually received within 5 days, and delivery is free. With some standing desk companies, they will make your desk when you order it, and it could take up to 8 weeks for it to arrive.
  • Varidesk also offers a limited, 1-year warranty, as well as a 30-day guarantee.

Which Model is Right For You?

How many and what kind of screens you're using will determine what model could work for you, unless you're using monitor arms, which can free up a lot of space.

Model Laptop Laptop and Monitor 2 Monitors 3+ Monitors
Laptop Stand ×
Pro Plus 30 ×
Essential 30 ×
Essential 36 ×
Pro Plus 36, 48 ×
Cube Corner 36 ×
Cube Plus 40 ×
Tall 40 ×
Electric Standing Desk 48x30 ×
Essential Electric Standing Desk 48x24 ×
Electric Standing Desk 60x24 ×
Electric Standing Desk 60x30 ×
Curve Electric Standing Desk 60x30 ×
Electric Standing Desk 72x30 ×

Varidesk Pro Plus Series

The Pro Plus desks are Varidesk's most popular adjustable desk series. Like all of their adjustable desk risers, it is very easy to lower and raise the position of the desk.

Varidesk Essential Series

The Essential standing desk converters are smaller and cost less than the Pro Plus models. The Essential 30 is 4.75" less deep than the Pro Plus 30, and is significantly cheaper.

Other than size and cost, the Essential series is very similar to the Pro Plus series.

Varidesk Cube Corner and Cube Plus Series

The Cube Corner 36 is designed for use in a cubicle or L-shaped desk. It's a compact model, but still big enough to give you desktop space and it can handle dual monitors. It holds up to 35 lbs, has 11 height adjustments, and measures 4.5" high, 36" wide, and 33.5" deep.

The Cube Plus 40 is designed for cubicles or narrow desks. It can support up to 40 lbs, has 9 height settings, and measures 4.5" high, 40" wide, and 22.5" deep.

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Varidesk Tall 40

The Tall 40 is designed for users measuring from 6'1" to 6'6". It has 9 different height settings, will hold up to 35 lbs, and measures 4.75" high, 40" wide, and 28" deep.

Laptop Stands

Portable Laptop Stand

Laptop 30

Vari Laptop 30

The Laptop 30 can support a laptop up to 15 lb, has 9 height settings, and is easy to move. It measures 11.75" at its maximum height, and is 30" wide, and 15" deep.

Electric Standing Desks

There are 3 different types of electric standing desks, the Essential, Curve, and Electric. They all have 4 programmable memory settings.


Vari Essential 30 standing desk converter

The Essential line is for people on a budget and has the following features:

  • Color options of hazlewood, white, and black
  • Laminate desktop
  • 150 lb weight capacity
  • 0.75" thick
  • Not compatible with the Vari Cable Management Tray
  • Height range from 27.5" to 47.2" (around 5 inches less range than the Electric Standing Desk and Curve)

Electric Standing Desk

Vari electric standing desk

The Vari Electric Standing Desk was rated "Best Overall Desk" by CNET. It includes:

  • Laminate top with 5 color options (including butcher block, reclaimed wood, darkwood, white, and black)
  • 1.25" thick desktop
  • Compatible with the Vari Cable Management Tray
  • Height range from 25" to 50.5"

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Curve Electric Standing Desk

Vari Curve Electric Standing Desk

The Curve Electric Standing Desk is very similar to the Electric Standing Desk, with a couple of differences.

  • Only available in black
  • 2 grommet holes to run wires through
  • Design is more ergonomic as the front edge of the desktop is curved, making it easier to reach items on your desktop.

Varidesk Frequently Asked Questions

Here are our answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Varidesk and standing desk converters.

Did Varidesk change their name?

Yes, Varidesk changed its name in February 2020. Varidesk, the Texas-based company and one of the pioneers of the standing desk movement, changed their name to Vari.

Is the Varidesk worth it?

Standing at your desk can be a great way to break up long periods of sitting, which is dangerous to your health. Experts recommend mixing standing with sitting, and changing positions throughout the day.

What is the best Varidesk alternative?

Flexispot, Fancier, Vivo, and Amazon Basics offer models that rival Varidesk in quality, design, weight capacity, warranty, stability, price, and ergonomics. See our full review of the Best Varidesk Alternatives.

Where is Varidesk made?

Varidesk is a US-based manufacturer with headquarters in Coppell, Texas.