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Updated: March 23, 2020

Varidesk focuses on adjustable height standing desks and desk converters, but they’re starting to offer other office products. Often misspelled as “Vera Desk”, they entered the industry with a desk converter that allows you to add their adjustable height riser to an existing desk. They have expanded the depths and heights to accommodate different workspace and height needs. They also added a standalone desk, adjustable chair, and desk accessories.

Best for Most People – Varidesk Pro Plus 36

  • 1,300+ Reviews at 5/5 on Amazon
  • Sturdy two-layered surface for proper ergonomics
  • High-quality raising and lowering mechanism

VARIDESK Desk Overview Video

In this short video, we give you a quick overview of Varidesk’s 5 types of standing desks: the pro series, the pro plus series, the cubicle series, compact series, and pro desk series (their only true standing desks).

One thing that we like about all Varidesk standing desk products is their return policy: a 30-day guarantee. If you don’t like your desk, you can return it, and they’ll cover the cost of the shipping (which would be quite a bit, especially with the pro desks).

Desks are shipped within 24 hours, and delivery usually takes 4-5 days (we received ours in 4 days on the other side of the U.S.). With some standing desk companies, they will make your desk when you order it, and it could take up to 8 weeks for it to arrive.

Varidesk also offers free shipping and a limited, one-year warranty.

Varidesk Cost

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  • Pro Plus Their most popular desk converter
    A two layered adjustable-height desk converter that is ergnomic and functional.
  • Pro Flat tabletop desk converter
    Provides maximum workspace, but doesn’t allow for much keyboard height adjustment.
  • Cubicle Perfect option for cubicles
    This series has two designs. The Corner fits well in corners and the Plus is for narrow spaces.
  • Compact Small desk converter
    Intended for small spaces and laptop use as there is little working space.
  • Pro Standing Desk Full free-standing desk
    A high quality yet affordable standalone desk option that adjusts from sitting to standing.
  • Varichair Chair for standing desks
    Works as a leaning chair as well as a traditional chair for your adjustable height desk

VARIDESK Pro Plus Series


  • The platform is very sturdy in all positions.
  • Very easy to achieve an ergonomic position.
  • Durable and simple lowering and raising mechanics.
  • The unit is relatively heavy. You may need more than one person to move it.
  • Some people would like more mouse space.

The Pro Plus desks are Varidesk’s most popular adjustable desk series. Like all of their adjustable desk risers, it is very easy to lower and raise the position of the desk. The desk is also very sturdy in all positions. We were also happy to find that the desk came preassembled.

The biggest difference between the Pro Plus and the Pro is that the Pro Plus has a keyboard deck that adjusts separately from the desktop deck. This allows for better ergonomics and a more comfortable working position. You can truly achieve the ideal arm angle and head angle. The downside is that it can be more challenging for some people to write notes and use the mouse if you require a lot of unbroken space on your desktop. That’s where the Pro line is at an advantage.

The new exec line is intended for taller individuals and also offers more space. If you are taller than 6′, we strongly recommend measuring your desk height and the max height of the converter you consider purchasing to make sure it’s tall enough.


The Pro desks are Varidesk’s answer to people looking for an adjustable flat surface. Like the Pro Plus, this is a desktop converter that can be adjusted effortlessly in seconds, but it does not offer an adjustable keyboard area. Many people prefer this because it allows for more unbroken working space for notes, drawing and using your mouse.


  • The platform is very sturdy in all positions.
  • Plenty of working and writing space on the surface.
  • Comes fully assembled.
    • The unit is relatively heavy. You may need more than one person to move it.
    • May be challenging to achieve perfect head and arm ergonomics without a keyboard tray.

    VARIDESK Pro 36

    Overall Rating – 4.7/5

    VARIDESK Pro 48

    Overall Rating – 4.4/5

    VARIDESK Pro 30

    Overall Rating – 4.7/5

    VARIDESK Cubicle Series

    This adjustable height riser series is the best solution that we have been able to find for most people in a cubicle. Like the name implies, the cubicle series is designed with cubicles and corner setups in mind. The corner line has an angled back to fit perfectly in corners. Although the desk itself is shaped like a triangle, you will be pleasantly surprised by the amount of working space it provides. The standard cube series (non-corner variants) has a slimmer depth than the other traditional VARIDESK converters to fit in tight spaces while not giving up the width needed for an office work space.


    • Perfect for most cubicles, even corner setups.
    • The platform is very sturdy in all positions.
    • Very easy to achieve an ergonomic position.
    • Durable and simple lowering and raising mechanics.
    • The unit is relatively heavy. You may need more than one person to move it.
    • Some people would like more depth on the standard unit.

    VARIDESK Cube Plus 48

    Overall Rating – 4.5/5

    VARIDESK Cube Corner 48

    Overall Rating – 4.9/5

    Buy from Amazon

    VARIDESK Cube Plus 40

    Overall Rating – 4.8/5

    VARIDESK Cube Corner 36

    Overall Rating – 4.9/5

    Buy from Amazon

    VARIDESK Compact Series

    This series is designed for small spaces and laptop use. We will not recommend this setup with a traditional desktop computer.

      • Very light and takes up a very small footprint
      • The perfect option for laptop use
      • Totally silent and durable mechanism
      • Many people complain it is slippery on the surface

    Portable Laptop Desk

    Overall Rating – 4.9/5


    Overall Rating – 4.8/5

    VARIDESK Pro Desk Series

    Varidesk made a name for itself by creating their adjustable height desk converters that sit on an existing table or desk. Many people don’t like the idea of using an existing desk as there is wasted space and the rest of the desk becomes unusable. That’s why we were pleasantly surprised to find that Varidesk now offers a standalone desk model. This series is built from the ground up as an adjustable height desk and offers plenty of working space and stability even at the top position. The overall design is clean and notably slim. There are many additional table material options not available in their traditional desk riser models, and the entire unit arrives ready for use.

      • The unit is very sturdy in all positions
      • Mechanism and materials are very high quality
      • Very large work surface that accommodates many monitors
      • The price is very competitive compared to many competitors
      • No electricity required
      • Some complain that the 60 model is a little heavy when adjusting up
      • The sticker on the desktop needs to be removed with care
      • Purchasing an undermount keyboard tray to create additional space and allow for better ergonomics is helpful to some

    VARIDESK Pro Desk 48

    Overall Rating – 4.8/5

    Buy on Amazon

    Pro Desk 60

    Overall Rating – 4.7/5

    VARIDESK Review Feedback

    We hope this review of the Varidesk product line was helpful. If you have any questions or comments, please let us know below. Also, if you have any personal experience with any of the Varidesk products whether it was positive or negative, let us know. Your feedback means a lot to us and our readers.


    1. I have a standard executive style desk with plenty of space at my home. I will be using two standard monitors in addition to my 13″ laptop.

      Do you have any recommendations for a desk that would be able to fit all of that?

      1. Hey Ron, you could make any of the 48 size adjustable height converters work like the pro or pro plus. Then it just comes down to whether you want a flat surface or the two leveled platform for a more ergonomic keyboard setup. In either case, you would be better off investing in two monitor arms so that you can see over your laptop. Varidesk also offers monitor arms, but you don’t have to use theirs.

        Alternatively, if you wanted to stick 100% to the adjustable height desk and ditch your current desk, you can try out the pro series desk. Those will have more than enough surface space and you would likely not need the monitor arms.

    2. hi there,
      thank you for your reviews. i work on a cubicle desk, have 2 monitors and also needs some space on my desk to write. my desk dimensions:
      L1: 180cm
      L2: 160cm
      Depth: 75cm
      i am interested in getting the cubicle 36 but i am uncertain if my space is big enough and i have sufficient space to write.

      1. That’s a great question Liza!

        For you, we would recommend the varidesk cubicle 36 if you are concerned about space. With the dimensions that you provided, you should have room to write even with the cubicle 40 and cubicle 48 especially when they are set to standing.

    3. Hey Ryan,
      Thanks for the excellent reviews. I’m a blogger and currently working on creating some online courses. Since sitting is the new smoking I’m interested in trying something from the Varidesk line. Does the Pro Plus 30″ come in white or just black? I don’t see the white option on the website, but thought you might know if they do offer it but somehow overlooked updating the white option on the 30″.
      Thank you.


      1. Author

        Hi Kelly,

        Thanks for the comment. The Pro Plus 30″ only comes in black; I just checked Varidesk’s site as well as amazon to make sure. I’m interested to hear your feedback once you get your Varidesk. Take care!

    4. My veridesk is hard to lift. Can you adjust it? It will not raise easily and used wd-40 but it still hard. Can you adjust the tention?

      1. Author

        There’s no way to adjust the tension Gary. These may not fix your problem, but there are two things you can try:
        1) Take some items off of your Varidesk.
        2) Install a monitor arm or arms for dual monitors. It will cost a little bit but every time you change positions, you can just adjust the height and angle of your monitor without changing the height of the Varidesk. You would just need to find a height that is comfortable for typing while standing and sitting. This may not be a perfect solution, but it’s an option.

    5. I am retired and spend a lot of time playing games and cards on my computer. This was causing back pain, so i bought one of the small veridesks and now I can stand and play. I just love this desk, it works easily and now I can sit or stand and play for hours. You may want to mention that it is not just for working people, but for help playing too, Linda

      1. Linda that’s a great point! These are not just for working people. We are so happy that you enjoy your varidesk.

    6. We’re so happy that you enjoy it! That is a great idea. We will be sure to mention that on our future resources. Have a great day, Linda!

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