Best Standing Desks for Businesses of 2023

Matthew Rowan, BS - Updated on June 21st, 2023

Whether you’re a big or small business, you may have considered providing standing desks for your employees. Standing desks can offer a variety of health benefits backed by medical research. Their use leads to improved productivity and makes your office a more dynamic and energetic space to work. Deciding to get standing desks for your business is a big one. Fortunately, our team has extensive experience in standing desks, as well as in helping businesses make the move, and advising on what is right for them.

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Best Standing Desks for Businesses

Every business is different and we understand that. Depending on your goals, budget, and whether you want to keep existing furniture or not, some desks will be better than others for you and your employees. As a result, we have created common desk categories that are relevant to businesses searching for the right standing desks:

Vari Electric

Fully Jarvis Bamboo - Best Standing Desks For Businesses

Best Value Standing Desk

The Vari Electric Standing Desk is our top choice for many reasons:

  • It's stable even when at the highest height.
  • You can program up to 4 height settings, ranging from 25"-50.5".
  • Dual motors that are relatively quiet.
  • Beautiful 1.25" desktop (many desktops are 1") with beveled edges and several color choices: reclaimed wood, butcher block, darkwood, white, and black.
  • Quick assembly (it took us 15 minutes).
  • Vari has excellent U.S.-based customer service, a 30-day hassle-free return policy, and 5-year warranty.

This desk has a 4.8/5 stars on Amazon with over 2,100 reviews, was chosen as the best electric standing desk in 2022 by CNET and Good Housekeeping, and best standing desk overall in 2022 by Tom's Guide.

The most common complaint with the Vari is that the desktop isn't real wood. As we have owned and tested desks that are real wood, there are two main drawbacks. The first is the cost-a hardwood will usually double the cost of the desk (if not more). The second is that with the hardwood desktop that we owned, we were disappointed to find that writing would leave impressions in the wood!

This desktop is a dense compressed wood product covered with a laminate that is resistant to scratches, water, and daily wear and tear. We bought our first Vari desk over 5 years ago and it still looks and works great, check out our full review here.

FlexiSpot E5

Flexisot E5 standing desk bamboo - Best Budget Standing Desk

Best Budget Standing Desk

The FlexiSpot E5 is a great budget desk for the following reasons:

  • FlexiSpot gives you the option of a curved top, which brings you closer to everything on your desk.
  • Quiet (45 db), dual motors with a 287 lb. lift capacity.
  • There are a lot of customizations on the desktop color, size, frame, and storage options.
  • The embedded cable management tray is one of the best we've seen to keep your wires out of sight.
  • The controls have an alarm function that you can set at any interval to remind you to stand.
  • 5-year warranty on the desktop and 10 years on the desk frame.
  • Very fast shipping, and quick and easy assembly.
  • The desk adjusts from 24.4" to 50", which will accommodate most users.

See our full Flexispot E5 review here.

FlexiSpot E7

Flexispot E7 Best Standing Desk for Gamers

Best Budget Plus Standing Desk

The FlexiSpot E7 is an upgraded version of the E5 (only around $100 more), and was awarded the 2022 Esquire Gadget awards winner, and "Best Standing Desk for WFH in 2021, 2022, 2023" by Techradar. It's a winner for a lot of reasons:

  • 355 lb weight capacity.
  • Leg columns thicker than the E5 and carbon-steel legs making it very stable.
  • 15-year warranty.
  • The controls have a USB charging port and a child-lock button.
  • Very fast delivery.
  • Easy and hassle-free assembly.
  • One of the best wire-management systems with their under-desk embedded cable tray-it's easy to slide side to side to see and move wires, and easy to remove and attach the tray, keeping everything hidden.
  • A lot of customizations for the size of the desktop, color, rectangle or curved front (more ergonomic), shape of legs (T-shaped for more stability and C-shaped for more space to store your computer or other items), frame colors, as well as many others such as monitor trays, under desk storage, etc.
  • Fast speed of 1.5"/second and quiet at 45 db.

See our full FlexiSpot E7 review here.

Vari Pro Plus 48

Vari Pro Plus 48" Converter

Best Executive Standing Desk Converter

  • The largest standing desk converter at 48" x 13.75" with room for 2 monitors (also available in 36")
  • 11 height settings that can move you 17.5" off of your desk
  • Weighted base is extremely stable, even at the highest setting
  • No assembly required
  • Vari is an industry leader and this converter has a 5-year warranty and 30-day return policy

FlexiSpot Motorized AlcoveRiser EM7

Vari Pro Plus 48" Converter

Best Motorized Standing Desk Converter

  • This converter is motorized, so raising and lowering is as easy as pressing the up/down button.
  • The U-shaped desktop allows you to place up to a 17" laptop, and it has a spacious worktop surface of 35" x 16.3".
  • It has a smooth operation that raises vertically in place without swinging towards you, forcing you to back up.
  • The X-lift design of the legs gives it extra support, making it more stable.
  • FlexiSpot is a serious competitor to Vari, and the price of the EM7 is well below the Pro Plus 36.
  • Comes fully assembled.
  • See our full review on the FlexiSpot AlcoveRiser EM7.

FlexiSpot M4 for Corners

Flexispot Corner 41" - Best Standing Desks For Businesses

Best Standing Desk Converter for Corners

  • We love that this desk raises straight up as its lifting mechanism is X-shaped, which takes up less office space (as opposed to converters that come towards you when raised).
  • Has a removable keyboard tray
  • Only requires one hand to raise and lower
  • 35 lb. weight capacity
  • Tabletop is 41.3" wide x 23.1" deep, and the removable keyboard tray is 12.8" deepx 34.3" wide.
  • Available in black and white.
  • 5-year warranty on frame and desktop, 3-years on the lifting mechanism.
  • Great customer service with a reputable standing desk company.
  • Free shipping and 30-day guarantee.

Best Standing Desk for Corners

  • FlexiSpot gives you the option of having a curved or rectangle desk on one side, with the curved being more ergonomic as you don't have to reach as far to access things on your desk.
  • You can choose a left or right configuration for the desk.
  • The bamboo desktop is 55"x76"x24" and has a 330 lb. weight capacity; the frame is available in white and black.
  • The triple-motor system is quiet-under 50 db, yet moves at 1.5"/second.
  • Height range of 22.8" to 48.4" with anti-collision feature.
  • 3 presets on the controller.
  • 5-year warranty on frame and motor, 2 years on the controls.
  • One thing that stands out about FlexiSpot is the impressive amount of customizations available: under-desk drawers, clamp power strips, 3 different cable management systems, under-desk storage, monitor stands, keyboard trays, desk organizers, caster wheels, and floating stands. There are also several other additions that don't attach tot he desk such as standing mats.
  • Free shipping and 30-day guarantee.

Converter 24"

Mount-It! Converter 24" - Best Standing Desks For Businesses

Best Standing Desk Converter for Small Spaces

  • Innovative single-arm design that doesn't take up a lot of space but still provides good ergonomics and a decent workspace area
  • Great for narrow or space-constrained work stations
  • An elegant mechanical operation that is a departure from what we see with most other standing desk converters
  • Weight capacity of 18 lbs reflects the small nature of this standing desk converter

Ergofinis Sway

Ergofinis Sway - Best Standing Desks For Businesses

Best Real Wood/Luxury Desk

  • This is the most beautiful desk we've ever reviewed because the desktop is real wood, between 1 1/8" and 1 1/4" thick, not a compressed wood with a laminate cover. You can choose from cherrywood, walnut, maple, or white oak, and can order wood swatches if you're not sure which wood to order.
  • You can choose a black or white frame.
  • Available in 24" x 48", 30: x 60", and 30" x 72", and you can add grommets for wire management.
  • The "Swipe" controls are in the desktop and only require you to slide your finger on the controls. The controls also have 2 saved positions per user, with up to 4 users.
  • 360 lb. lift capacity.
  • Dual motors with an anti-collision system that are one of the quietest desks we've ever reviewed-under 40 db!
  • 22" to 48.3" height range.
  • 3-year warranty on the wood, 10 years on the frame, 5 years n the motor and electric parts.
  • Made in Canada.
  • 30-day return policy minus the cost of the shipping.

This desk is stunning, but there are some things to be aware of with real wood. You'll want to be careful with spills-always dry quickly with a paper towel of soft cloth, and clean with a microfiber cloth with warm or room-temperature water in the direction of the wood. And Ergofinis recommends an internal humidity level of 45-55%.

Real wood is softer than a normal surface, so be careful with writing and placing metal objects on the desk. We recommend using a thick notepad without a wire binding to use when writing on the desk so as not to leave an impression from your pen in the wood.

For more information, check out our Sway review.

If budget isn't an issue for you and you want to take the desktop to another level, Ergofinis offers the "Alive" standing desk (available in walnut or maple) with live edges that is handcrafted in Quebec.

Our Process

Selecting the best standing desks for businesses requires an in-depth understanding of standing desks and how they translate to the needs of businesses. We’ve got that. Specifically, we have noticed that the following criteria and considerations become a deciding factor for choosing desks and can often be overlooked.

  • Cost: For many, business decisions often boil down to cost. Depending on the path you take you can spend a lot or a little to enable your employees to stand. It's also important to note that for businesses, costs often go beyond the desk itself. While discounts may be available for buying in bulk there may also be applicable shipping and assembly costs, as well as costs to remove and dispose of existing furniture. We point out which options offer a better overall cost of investment.
  • Durability: While you may value durability in anything you purchase, it can be even more important for your business. Buying durable standing desks is what will allow you the most ROI. Many consumer-grade standing desks just aren’t designed to hold up to 8 hours a day of continued use.
  • Furniture removal considerations - If you’re looking to replace your existing office furniture with a full standing desk then you will likely need furniture disposal services, especially if you have a large number of workstations.
  • Range of adjustment - The more employees you have the more important it becomes to have a standing desk with a high range of adjustment. Many standing desks on the market aren’t designed to facilitate proper ergonomics for people shorter than 5’ 1” or taller than 6’ 1”.
  • Corner cube spaces - If your office uses cubes or has the workspace positioned in the corner of the cube then it is important to consider a solution designed for a corner space. Square standing desk solutions positioned in a corner create a lot of dead space and can prevent your monitors from
  • Small area requirements - Sometimes depending on your office space, you may have specific depth or width requirements you’re working within. Standing desks are available in a variety of sizes but small desks can lead to stability issues. We have a few options in mind that are stable and small.
  • Multiple monitors support - It’s becoming more and more common to have an extra monitor or two paired with your laptop. For full standing desks, having multiple monitors is rarely an issue, but for standing desk converters you may run into weight restrictions as many are limited to 35 pounds. You can easily exceed this especially if your monitors are older or 23" or larger. Exceeding the weight limit can make converters difficult or frustrating to operate, leading to more sitting and less standing. Also, some desks have integrated monitor arm features that make them better for multiple monitor setups.
  • Storage - Nearly every standing desk is lacking the storage of a normal desk with integrated cabinets and drawers. For businesses the need to file and store paperwork using standing desks can suddenly create a storage problem. Fortunately, a few manufacturers have realized this and offer matching storage cabinets. Several features can be added to some desks to help with storage as well.
  • Leveling - While not applicable to standing desk converters, for full standing desks, leveling casters can be important to have. Carpet usually helps desks self-level but if your office floor is wood, concrete, or tile you will want a desk that has leveling casters. An unlevel desk can bind during operation and can be generally frustrating to use.
  • Cable management - Often the more workstations you have the more cables you have. Cable management can be a real frustration for businesses. A standing desk can either help or hurt your cable management. This is especially true if you plan to have many desks adjacent to one another. Some desks have excellent cable management that works great for business use, others not so much.

Types of Standing Desks

The first decision you’ll have to make is whether you want to use your existing office furniture or replace it. If you plan to use it, you’ll need a standing desk converter. If you want to replace it, you need a full standing desk or free-standing standing desk. While there are many different mechanical designs, price points, and aesthetics, most every standing desk falls into these two categories:

  • Full stand-alone desks - These replace existing furniture, are commonly electrically operated, and start around $400 and can exceed $2,000 for high-end models.
    • Pros: Aesthetics, stability, high lift capacity, large workspace area, easier to transition from sitting to standing
    • Cons: Cost, storage, assembly, and existing furniture removal considerations
  • Standing desk converters - These convert your existing desk, are usually manually operated, and most are available between $150 and $350.
    • Pros: Cost, ease or lack of assembly, and no need to remove furniture
    • Cons: Stability, weight capacity, small work surface area, and manual operation

Compare Tables

Because standing desks and standing desk converters have inherently different measurements we've broken them down into two separate comparison tables.

  • Standing desk converter stats: Carefully consider the height of your existing furniture when reviewing the max heights below. These measurements should be added to the height of your desk. Common desk heights are 25" to 30".
  • Standing desk stats: Max height measurements are taken from the floor to the top of the frame, usually not including the thickness of the table top.
Best Converters for Businesses Comparison
Converter Max Height Weight Capacity Width Depth Price
Vari Pro Plus 48" 17.5" 45 lbs. 48" 29.75" $524
FlexiSpot Motorized AlcoveRiser EM7 19.7" 44 lbs. 36" 16.3" $299.99
FlexiSpot M4
19.7" 35 lbs. 41" 23.1" $345
24" 18 lbs. 25" 30.5" $140

Best Standing Desks for Businesses Comparison
Standing Desk Max Height Weight Capacity Width Depth Price
Vari Electric 50.5" 200 lb 60 30


FlexiSpot E7L 48.4" 330 lb 76" 55" & 24" $799.99
Ergofinis Sway 48.3" 360 lb 60" 30" $1695
FlexiSpot E5 50" 287 lb 47.2"-80" 24"-40" $379.99
FlexiSpot E7 52.4" 355 lb 47.2"-80" 24"-40" $499.99

Getting Your Employees Started with Standing

Nothing is worse than investing in your people only to find out they don’t take advantage of it or you see no benefit. We highly recommend sharing some tips with your employees on getting started with their standing desks. This will ensure that standing is something they consider adding to their workday and can lead to a sustainable habit.

  • Advise them not to stand all day - One of the most common mistakes we see is enthusiastic employees wanting to stand indefinitely. While standing for long periods at your desk is something you can work up to, it is not advised for when just starting out. We recommend alternating between standing and sitting every 20 mins or so. This allows you to stand 50% of the time and adds considerable movement variability to your day.
  • Advise wearing good footwear - Adding standing to your day will likely reveal some shortcomings in your footwear if you do not have supportive shoes. Some business settings don’t allow for casual footwear but more and more companies are making dressier footwear that is also engineered for comfort. If this isn’t an option, having custom-made insoles can also dramatically help.
  • Review proper desk ergonomics - Many of us who spend a lot of time at a desk are guilty of bad posture. We’ve created a comprehensive guide on posture and recommend reviewing these tips with your employees.

Extra Considerations

  • Office planning help: If your move to standing desks is part of an overall vision for your office or business then you’re likely to have other needs. Many suppliers of standing desks will also be able to assist you in office planning or refer you to someone they would recommend. They can handle things like removing existing furniture, running cables and power, assembling new furniture, moving employee belongings, and even disposing of remaining boxes and packaging. Many times these services can be scheduled for before or after office hours to minimize or avoid any business downtime. Contact us if you would like our help with planning.
  • Chairs: If your employees are complaining of back pain, a standing desk will help but it's only half the problem in most cases. A quality chair can do wonders for your back. If you’re investing in standing desks, consider getting a quality chair as well. A quality chair paired with a standing desk is certainly likely to ease the back pain of your employees. Look for ones with adjustable lumbar support, armrests that raise and lower, and seats that slide forward and back.
  • Consider the savings: Investing in standing desks will likely result in higher productivity as many standing desk users report having more energy, better mood, less time-wasting, and overall being more productive. This could also reduce health-care related costs and reduce employee absences.