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Updated: August 14, 2021

The Jarvis Treadmill desk is our choice as best overall value for a treadmill desk for 2018. It's a combination of the Jarvis adjustable standing desk (which is our number one standing desk pick), and a LifeSpan treadmill. LifeSpan is one of the top treadmill producers. It's our choice for best treadmill desk because of it's beautiful bamboo tabletop with rounded edges, stability, wide range of customizations available, programmable console that tracks steps taken, calories burned, and distance traveled, as well as lift capacity. And it competes with treadmill desks that cost way more.

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  • Tabletop

    The tabletop is beautiful and has lots of customization options: 2 different shapes, 4 sizes, 19 colors, & 4 different materials.

  • Customizations

    Besides the many options you have with the tabletop, the frame is available in 4 colors, there's wire management grommets that can be upgraded to have a USB and power outlet, the desk controller can be upgraded to have 4 memory presets; even more options are available, see below for more information.

  • Incredible Warranty

    7 years on the standing desk! LifeSpan offers a lifetime warranty on the treadmill frame, 3 years on the motor, 2 years parts, and 1 year labor.

  • Free Shipping

    With some companies charging over $200 for shipping, this is an added value.

  • LifeSpan Treadmill

    LifeSpan is a leader in the treadmill industry and you have the option of the TR1200 or the TR5000- both great products with the TR500 being the model with better features and more expensive.

  • Weight Capacity

    The treadmill can accommodate users up to 350 lbs (and 400 lbs with the TR5000), and the desk itself can hold 350 lbs.

  • Speed

    The desk changes height at 1.5"/s, which is one of the fastest of any standing desk), and the treadmill can go up to 4 mph (most standing desk treadmills only go 2 mph).

  • Value

    The Jarvis competes with treadmill desks that are twice the price!


Some standing desks become unstable at taller heights, but the Jarvis rates relatively well for stability, largely due to the weight in it's legs being at the bottom of the legs. It's a great feature especially when you're walking on the treadmill and your monitor or monitors and tabletop aren't shaking much.


There are 4 different tabletops available: bamboo, laminate ($25 upgrade), powdercoated, and hardwood ($445 upgrade). You can choose a standard rectangle shape, or the contour, shown below.

Contour is a better ergonomic option because you are a little closer to everything on your desk. The general rule is that the further you have to reach, the more weight that you hold, and the longer you hold it, the more strain on your body. For more information, check out our article on proper workplace ergonomics.

There are 4 different tabletop sizes available:

  • 48" x 30" (standard)
  • 60" x 30" ($70 upgrade)
  • 72" x 30" ($120 upgrade)
  • 78" x 30" ($195 upgrade)

If you want to have your treadmill side by side so you can just step off of the treadmill and start working on your desk, you'll need one of the larger tabletops.

There are 19 different tabletop colors available! 4 of the colors require a 3-4 week delivery (dove, fog, mist, and taupe). See the image below for colors available.

You have the option of black or white for your grommet (shown below) on the desk (the hole where you can feed your cords through).


Bamboo is a sustainable material, and we love that Jarvis is environmentally conscious.

If you opt for the powdercoat top or the laminate desktop, the core is made of 100% recycled materials. The powdercoat top is VOC and formaldehyde-free (healthier), and the laminate is GREENGUARD indoor air quality certified.


Assembly isn't difficult, as demonstrated in this video by Fully:


Besides the many desktop color and desktop size options, there are several other customizations that we like.

You can get wire management grommets (the hole in the back corner of the desk where you can feed your wires through), or you can get powered grommets, which has one AC outlet and two USB ports. We recommend upgrading to one wire management grommet and one power grommet.

Upgradable Handset

You have the option of upgrading from the standard up/down switch to the programmable memory handset that will remember 4 different settings, and it will auto-dark after 10 seconds. For a single user, you can program a standing height, a treadmill height (remember the treadmill height is either 5 or 6 inches depending on which treadmill you choose), and a sitting height. Or it can accommodate multiple users.

Wire Management Bundle

You can also upgrade to have a combination of several cable management tools to help keep your cords organized:

  • 15 foot surge protector (a longer surge protector is useful with standing desks as they need more room to move up and down)
  • Two wiretamer trays to hold all of the wires; if you order a black or white base you'll receive a black wiretamer, grey bases will get a grey wiretamer
  • 10 adhesive cable mounts
  • 20 zip ties

Monitor Arms

If your budget allows it, this is a really nice ergonomic upgrade. You can order one or two Jarvis monitor arms in black or grey, or an optional laptop tray. They're VESA compliant, which is the hole pattern on the back of the monitor for attaching them to a wall or monitor arm.

I have 2 monitor arms that I love. When I change the height of my desk I can change the height of the monitors, as well as the vertical and horizontal angle of the monitors. I don't always do it (due to laziness), but it's really convenient if there's a glare from outside, or if I ever feel like I'm straining my neck to look up or down.

CPU Holder

To reduce the amount of dust that can get into your computer, to free up space on the floor, and to make your workstation look better (so you don't have cords hanging down), Jarvis offers two options.

The Buddy ($79 upgrade, pictured below) attaches to the underside of your desk will hold CPUs that are 2.25"-4.75" wide and 9"-16.25" tall. It will hold units up to 22 lbs, and swivels 360°.

The Fully CPU holder comes in black or grey (both are $59, black is pictured below), is made of steel and will adjust to the height and width of your CPU.

Pencil Tray

This plastic tray ($29 upgrade) swivels 360° so it can stay hidden underneath your desk until you need it.

Lumen Desk Lamp

This sleek lamp has:

  • 5 different light temperatures
  • 7 levels of brightness
  • USB charging port
  • Non-flickering illumination
  • Rotating arm and lamp head
  • High-efficiency cooling properties


The warranty on the electric stand up is 7 years! This is the best in the industry. And of the users who have had their desks for several years, we have heard of very few issues.

LifeSpan offers a lifetime warranty on the treadmill frame, 3 years on the motor, 2 years parts, and 1 year labor.

Two Treadmills to Choose From

Your options for your treadmill are both LifeSpan models: the TR1200 and the TR5000. The TR5000 is around $500 more for the following reasons:

  • TR1200:

    • Supports users up to 350 lbs
    • 2 HP motor
    • Rated for use up to 6 hours per day
    • 6" step up height
  • TR5000:

    • Supports users up to 400 lbs
    • 3 HP motor
    • Rated for use up to 10 hours per day
    • 5" step up height

If you're looking to save more money on the treadmill, you could just order a Jarvis standing desk from Fully and order a LifeSpan's TR800 treadmill.

It has an 18" track, as opposed to 20" on the TR1200 and TR5000, can accommodate a 300 lb user, and is smaller than the other two-it's only 66" long and 25" wide in total.

Additionally, you could look at other desks available from Fully and match them with the treadmill of your choice: check prices on the several models of Jarvis standing desks without the treadmill.

Note for Tall Users

There is one issue for tall users who combine this desk with a treadmill. As a standing desk only, it can accommodate users up to 6 foot 6". But the TR1200 treadmilll is 6 inches high, and the higher quality TR5000 is 5 inches high, so that will raise you up 5 or 6 inches, which takes away from the height of the desk. So users of the TR1200 must be 6 feet tall or shorter, unless you get the optional casters (an additional $29), which will add 2 inches to the height. The more expensive TR5000 is 5" tall, so it will accommodate users who are 6 foot 1" or shorter, and adding the 2" casters will accommodate users up to 6 foot 3".

Is the Jarvis Treadmill Desk Right for You?

If it fits in your budget, this desk has a lot of 5 star reviews from many users. Fully (formerly Ergo Depot) is a producer of many ergonomic products with great customer service and great warranties.

I think it was a genius idea to combine their Jarvis desk with one of the leaders of the walking treadmill industry, LifeSpan, to produce a superior treadmill desk with a lot of customizations and upgrades available.

Jarvis Adjustable Standing Desk:
  • Free shipping
  • The bamboo desktop with rounded edges is eco-friendly.
  • The powdercoat top core is made of 100% recycled material, scratch resistant, VOC and formaldehyde-free.
  • The laminate desktop core is 100% recycled material, and GREENGUARD indoor air quality certified.
  • Desk has a 350 lb lift capacity.
  • Electric height adjustment at 1.5"/second
  • 4 programmable memory presets for height
  • Desk is less than 50 db when adjusting (equivalent of light traffic noise).
  • Adjustable foot levelers for uneven floors
TR1200 Treadmill:
  • Console tracks distance traveled, calories burned, steps taken
  • USB charging port on console
  • Intelli-Guard safety feature stops the belt if you step off the deck
  • Speed: .4 - 4.0 mph
  • Rated for 6 hours average daily use
  • 350 lb weight capacity for users
  • 6 compression shocks suspension
  • 2.25 HP motor
  • 6" Step Up height
TR5000 treadmill (available as an upgrade) has:
  • 2.5mm thick belt
  • Largest walking surface available in the series
  • Console tracks distance traveled, calories burned, steps taken
  • USB charging port on console
  • Intelli-Guard safety feature stops the belt if you step off the deck
  • Walking speed: .4 - 4.0 mph
  • 400 lb user weight capacity
  • 6 compression shocks suspension
  • 3 HP motor
  • 5" step up height
  • Rated at 10 hours of use per day
  • 3 year motor warranty