Best Treadmills Under $1000

Ryan Fiorenzi - Updated on June 22nd, 2023

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Best Budget Treadmills


Funmily Best Budget Treadmill Desk

Best Budget Treadmill Desk

  • Belt is 42.1" long x 15.7" wide.
  • Desk adjusts between 33.5" and 49.6", accommodating users from 4'1" to 6'5".
  • Desktop is 26.2" x 11".
  • Motor is 2hp, and silent, and the speed range is 0.6-7.5 mph.
  • Heavy duty construction and cushioning on the deck, so it's better on your joints.
  • Max weight capacity of 220lbs.
  • 3 levels of incline to increase the intensity of your walking or workout (adjusted manually via a crank on the side of the treadmill).
  • Has a safety mode for children.
  • LED display gives the basics: speed, time, calories burned, and heart rate.
  • 64 preprogrammed workouts.
  • Connect your phone of tablet to the stereo-sound speakers.
  • Folds up and can be moved via the wheels on the front.
  • Some assembly is required.
  • Assembled size is 53.5" x 26.2" x 33.5-49.6"

The main selling point of this treadmill is that it's a solid treadmill at a good price with a desk included-there aren't as many treadmills with desks attached available as in previous years.

Another unique feature is kid's safety mode where you can limit a user to only using the start and stop buttons, and the maximum speed is only 4 mph.

Best Budget

  • Belt is 41.3" long x 16.5" wide.
  • Motor is 2.25hp and maximum speed is 3.73 mph.
  • Max weight capacity of 265 lbs.
  • Item weighs only 60 lbs and has 2 wheels in the front to make it easy to move.
  • The height is only 5.5" (14 cm), so this unit slides more easily can slide under a bed.
  • Non-slip and anti-static walking surface.
  • LCD display on the treadmill with speed, distance, time, and calories 12 pre-installed training programs with the option of purchasing a corded remote control.
  • 90-day money-back guarantee.
  • No assembly-just plug and play.

The main selling points of the Maksone is the beautiful wood design, and it's a high-quality product for around $300.

This is a great treadmill for walking, and with a max speed of 3.73 mph, you could do a little jogging as well.

It's also only 5.5" tall, so it can slide under a bed and doesn't take up a lot of space.

Urevo Strol 3

UREVO best mid-level treadmill with desk

Best Mid-Level (Can Be Used 3 Ways)

  • 3-in1 treadmill that can be used with the support arm down (if you want to use it under a desk), with the support arm up, or with the desktop attached.
  • Great for for walking, jogging, and running, and you can attach the desktop to create a workstation, take it off.
  • The desktop is easily attached with 2 underside buckles and measures 26.2" x 10.5".
  • It can be used with an existing desk as it can be used with the support arms down.
  • High-quality construction.
  • The support arms fold up and down quickly and easily and the treadmill can easily be moved via the wheels on the front and stored under a bed or couch as it's only 4.3" tall when folded.
  • 3hp motor and max speed of 8.6 mph.
  • 42.5" x 16.5" belt.
  • 8 silicone shock absorbers.
  • The display includes time, speed, distance, calories burned, and is on the fold up arm supports and the remote control. You use the remote control when the desktop is attached, which blocks the LCD display on the support arms.
  • 286 lb weight capacity.
  • Total dimensions are 50.9" x 27.2" x 37.4".
  • No assembly required.
  • Occasional lubrication required but its included with the purchase.
  • Urevo has excellent customer service.

The UREVO Strol 3 is an excellent treadmill with a unique design in that you can easily attach and detach the desktop, and it stores easily by lowering support arms quickly. It can also be used with the arms lowered under your existing desk.

The size of the motor gives you the flexibility of going up to 8 mph which is very fast, and will last longer than smaller motors.

It has 4.4 stars with 429 reviews on Amazon, but our only con is that for tall people, the desktop height may be too short at 37.4". This means looking down at your screen and having to lean forward to type, which can strain the lower and upper back.

Egofit Walker Pro M1

Best Small Treadmill Ergofit Walker Pro M1

Best Space-Saving Treadmill

  • The belt is only 34.25 x 16.5", which makes it one of the smallest treadmills available.
  • 254 lb maximum weight capacity.
  • Height is 6.89" and weight is 48.5 lbs, which is significantly lighter than most treadmills, making it easier to move.
  • Has a fixed 5% incline which will burn more calories and make walking more intense.
  • 2hp motor and max speed of 3.1 mph.
  • 220 lb weight limit.
  • LCD displays calories, time, steps, distance, and speed.
  • Support arm can be raised or lowered so this treadmill can be used with an existing desk.
  • 90-day money-back guarantee.

This treadmill is unique in a couple of ways. The first is it's size - it has a shorter walking surface, which makes it great for people who have limited space. This would normally be an issue for tall people, but as it's a walking treadmill, but it should accommodate most users. We wouldn't recommend it for people with long legs or those who don't feel comfortable using a shorter treadmill. And at 48.5 lbs, it's easier to move than most other treadmills.

The second unique feature is the fixed incline of 5%. This will increase the intensity of walking, burning more calories, but it's not recommended for people with back issues as even a slight lean forward puts a strain on the lower back over time. This could be reduced by supporting your weight on a standing desk in from of you. If you like the brand Egofit, they do have the Flat Walking Pad that doesn't have a fixed incline, though it has a larger walking surface.

Budget Treadmill Comparison Table

Funmily Maksone Urevo
Strol 3
Motor (hp) 2 2.25 3 2
Max. speed (mph) 8 3.73 7.6 3.1
Belt length (inches) 42 41.3 43.3 34.25
Belt width 15.7 16.5 16.3 16.5
Weight capacity 220 265 265 220
Inclines? 3 levels no no 5% fixed
Price $399 $299 $499 $399

Can't Find What You're Looking For?

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What to Look for in a Budget Treadmill

You can get a high quality treadmill for under $1,000. It's important to know what criteria are important to you. Treadmills that excel in one area may have other criteria where they aren't as strong. For example, having a strong motor can be great for joggers and runners that want to maintain a high speed for an extended period of time. But machines that can do this tend to weigh more. If you rarely move your treadmill, weight won't be much of an issue for you.

Or maybe you never use other features like lots of programs or incline. The key is to look for a machine that doesn't have those features so you can find a treadmill that's designed with your needs.

Number of Workout Programs

Workout programs can help keep you motivated by adding variety and are designed for you to reach specific goals. Some of the most popular workout programs include fat loss. and cardio. These programs may include variations in speed and incline, as well as different scenarios on the display (such as a trail on a mountain).

Weight Capacity

Treadmills have a maximum weight capacity. Make sure that you buy a treadmill that will accommodate anyone who plans on using it.

Shock Absorption

If you have issue with your knees, lower back, or ankles, good shock absorption can be an important feature.

Console and Controls

The size of the display, ease of use, and whether it's full-color or not can be a deal-breaker for some people.


Increasing the incline of a treadmill simulates climbing a hill and increases the intensity of the workout, increasing the number of calories burned. For those with any kind of back issues, walking on an incline can cause back strain as when you're leaning forward, your muscles have to engage to keep yourself from falling forward. So it's recommended to listen to your body and limit your use of incline if you have low or upper back issues.

Track Length

Taller people and people who like to run at higher speeds require a longer track.


Higher quality machines generally have better warranties.

Ease of Assembly

Though a one-time issue, if it's too difficult, it can be a turn off for those who aren't mechanically inclined.


Some motors aren't designed to be used at high speeds for extended periods-they will burn out.

Other criteria include customer service, sound system, bluetooth compatibility, as well as special features.

With our top choices under $500, you're not getting the motor that you'll need if you want to do a lot of running or jogging, or if larger users will be using it. But with a budget of $1,000, the motor improves significantly.

Cons of Cheaper Treadmills

The most issue with treadmills under $1,000 is the motor - a lot of these treadmills aren't designed for use at high speeds or for long periods of time. The closer to $1,000 you get, the less likely this is to going to be an issue.

The following chart that we added to our review Best Treadmill Desks may be helpful in determining how much power you need in a motor for what you want to use it for:

Light Use (1-3 times/week)* Heavy Use (3+ times/week)*
Walking 1.5 hp 2 hp
Jogging 2 hp 2.5 hp
Running 2.5 hp 3+ hp

*Remember to consider if others in your household or office will be using the treadmill; and a good rule of thumb is to add .5 hp if you weigh over 200 lbs.

If you want a treadmill that can be used at high speeds for long periods of time but you're on a budget, another option is to search on Craigslist, Facebook marketplace, or garage sales to find a barely used treadmill with a strong motor. It's pretty common that people wanting to get back in shape buy exercise equipment that sits unused that they need to get rid of.